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Getting Started with Mozilla Firefox

Welcome to Firefox! We'll show you all the basics to get you up and running. When you're ready to go beyond the basics, check out the other links for features you can explore later. Choose the page that opens when you start Firefox or click the Home button. Open a tab with the webpage you want to use as your home page. Drag and drop that tab onto the Home button . Click Yes to set this as your home page. More options can be found in the home page article. Pick your favorite search engine with Firefox's built-in Search bar. Just start typing into the search bar and pick the search engine you want. Learn more search tricks with the Search bar article. Save your favorite sites. To create a bookmark, click the star in the toolbar. For more information, see the bookmarks article. We like to call Firefox’s address bar the "Awesome Bar" because it quickly finds places you've visited before. Start typing in the address bar and you'll see a list of pages from your browsing history and bookmarks.

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Greenhouse Horticulture & Plant Factory Exhibition/Conference - Lighting Museum-AKARI-Lighting Greenhouse Horticulture & Plant Factory Exhibition/Conference(GPEC) of the Japan Greenhouse Horticulture Association sponsorship was started on July 21, 2010 in Tokyo Big Sight until 23rd. We see and hear informations about the plant factory recently. For example, we bring up lettuces for salad with artificial lighing and no pesticide in a restaurant. In addition, we exported container-shaped plant factories to the country of the desert. Use of the LED increases, and it begins to be adopted as lighting of the plant factory. It is a thing by the next reason. @* The LED has much optical power per the unit area, therefore, plants are easy to get necessary illumination. @* The LED has little heat radiation, and an anti-heat measure of the plant is not necessary. @* We set the output of RGB of the LED individually and can make favorite light energy.

jQuery jQuery is a cross-platform JavaScript library designed to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML.[2] It was released in January 2006 at BarCamp NYC by John Resig. It is currently developed by a team of developers led by Dave Methvin. Used by over 80% of the 10,000 most visited websites,[3] jQuery is the most popular JavaScript library in use today.[4][5] Get to know Mozilla — Learn more about our projects, products and principles designed to help people take control and explore the full potential of their lives online. Play video The Mozilla mission What drives us and makes us different Career center Want to work at Mozilla? Apply today! Mozilla blog News, notes and ramblings from the Mozilla project Mozilla style guide Logos, copy rules, visual assets and more Locations & contacts Addresses, emails, support and feedback forms The Mozilla Corporation A corporation that serves the public good.

Taiwan Review - A Production Line for Plants By creating a self-contained environment, plant “factories” are offering new possibilities in agriculture. Last November, a batch of newly harvested leafy vegetables hit the shelves of a campus market at National Taiwan University (NTU) in Taipei. The vegetables were guaranteed to be pesticide-free and could even be eaten without washing. Yet absent were the little holes in the leaves commonly found in vegetables from organic farms, the evidence of damage by bugs. Crossfilter Fast Multidimensional Filtering for Coordinated Views Crossfilter is a JavaScript library for exploring large multivariate datasets in the browser. Crossfilter supports extremely fast (<30ms) interaction with coordinated views, even with datasets containing a million or more records; we built it to power analytics for Square Register, allowing merchants to slice and dice their payment history fluidly. Since most interactions only involve a single dimension, and then only small adjustments are made to the filter values, incremental filtering and reducing is significantly faster than starting from scratch. Crossfilter uses sorted indexes (and a few bit-twiddling hacks) to make this possible, dramatically increasing the perfor­mance of live histograms and top-K lists.

Gamify Your PhD: The hack days Gamify Your PhD took an innovative approach to communicating science: it brought together researchers and games developers to create new games that explored the latest developments in biomedicine. The project invited applications from biomedical and medical humanities PhD researchers and from game development companies, selecting six of each and pairing them into teams for the hack day. Wired took a look at the creation of the project. Researchers who applied needed to submit one or more games ideas based on their area of work.

Japan reconstituting plant factory concept Japan reconstituting plant factory concept In Japan the previously developed concept of a plant factory again receives attention and in contrast with previous attempts it appears that the concept will be successful now. This is also thanks to the worries of Japanese customers regarding food safety and the low level of self-sufficiency. The plant factory is a closed growing system, in which throughout the year a constant production of high quality vegetables can be achieved. Artificial control of growing conditions, such as light, temperature, moisture, carbon dioxide concentration and the possibility to add culture solutions are added advantages because of this growers can plan their production better. A planting room directly behind a small shop

Creating Sparklines A sparkline chart is characterized by its small size and data density. Typically displayed without axes or coordinates, sparklines present trends and variations associated with some measurement, in a simple and condensed way. Whereas the typical chart is designed to show as much data as possible, sparklines are intended to be succinct. PDF to JPG online converter - Convert PDF to JPG - 100% FREE Convert PDF to JPG online with our free service Want to convert PDF to JPG? Submit your PDF, we convert it to JPG, online! You will also have the opportunity to download the pictures as a zip file. Our free PDF to JPG online converter is the simplest way to convert PDF to JPG. Nothing to download and to install, the whole process takes place online.

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