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YeOldMapMaker - The RPG GameMaster's best friend!

YeOldMapMaker - The RPG GameMaster's best friend!

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Using the geomorphs Here's a quickie example of using the geomorphs I've posted with this blog and those available at Stonewerks, Risus Monkey and A Character for Every Game. This isn't going to be a complex step by step just an overview. I selected geomorphs from all 4 sources that I felt could flow together well enough and slapped them down together in a paint program. I rescaled them to fit together and rotated the tiles till I got an arrangement I liked. From there I joined some sections with connecting corridors that I drew in with the paint program. fastcoexist All ideas change the world in some small way, but not all ideas are "world changing." At Co.Exist, we like to consider the ideas that are tackling the big problems that face our society and the planet—a better term might be "world-fixing ideas"—at the moment they're sitting somewhere between science fiction and the possible. We work to look at the brave thinkers, inventors, and entrepreneurs who are slowly, painfully proving their value. The ideas that work, catch on, and take off might very well improve the way everyone on the planet lives—or help ensure that we get to keep living on the planet at all. So here we've collected 14 of the most audacious, most potentially transformative ideas that are starting to reshape the world today.

The 25 Best Websites for Literature Lovers It’s an interesting relationship that book lovers have with the Internet: most would rather read a physical book than something on an iPad or Kindle, and even though an Amazon purchase is just two or three clicks away, dedicated readers would rather take a trip to their local indie bookstore. Yet the literary world occupies a decent-sized space on the web. Readers, writers, publishers, editors, and everybody in between are tweeting, Tumbling, blogging, and probably even Vine-ing about their favorite books. In case the demise of Google Reader threw your literary Internet browsing into a dark void, here’s a list of 25 book sites to bookmark. Just another weblog I have been watching the whole 5-Minute map thing lately, and decided to have a go at it. Man, 5 minutes is not very much time, but it is kind of fun to draw against a timer. This one was done in exactly 5 mins, I set the sharpie pen down when the timer went off. I did erase the grid lines, and did an anisotropic diffuse of the image in photoshop to smooth out the lines (something I always do with my maps and geomorphs). I did another 7 of these things, some are ok, some not so good. I’ll post those as well.

Why Young North Koreans Are Daring to Wear Skinny Jeans 24-year old North Korean refugee Danbi was a smuggler in North Korea's black markets. Here she gives us a tour of a market in South Korea, which reminds her of the markets in the North. Credit: Heidi Shin. Used with PRI's permission Ten Obvious Truths About Fiction The following essay was previewed in the class that Stephen Graham Jones taught for LitReactor, Your Life Story Is Five Pages Long. 1. The reader should never have to work to figure out the basics of your story. Who’s whose wife or husband, what the time period is if that matters, why these people have broken into this house, and on and on, just the basic, ground-level facts about your story.

geomorph It's time for pools of water or other liquids. I did a batch of four F-Series geomorphs this time, because I'm trying to finish 18 of the F and G series quickly and move on to a different geomorph topic entirely. Geomorph F12 starts out the series with a couple simple pools that act as obstacles. The corridor on the left has a pool 10 feet across, almost certainly jumpable by the unencumbered, but trickier for those carrying a lot of gear or otherwise at a disadvantage (like dodging thrown rocks.) A chamber on the right is divided diagonally by another pool; it's a bit wider, so it may be a problem even for the unencumbered. Either pool may contain ordinary water, brackish or tainted water (no effect on swimmers, but not fit for consumption,) or something entirely other than water: acid (does damage,) alcohol (stings the eyes, but may be drinkable,) poison (deadly if ingested, perhaps even damaging for those who try to swim or get dunked.)

Why A Snakebite Victim In An Indian Village Won't Walk Through A Door : Goats and Soda When a young boy in a village in Jangjir, India, came home with a snakebite, his family needed to get him to a clinic. But they didn't dare take him out through the front door. Instead, a handful of men dismantled the thatch roof of his home.

Set up Your Story in the First Paragraphs by Jodie Renner, editor, author, speaker I receive several first chapters (and synopses) every week as submissions for possible editing, and I always read the first page. Some are clear and compelling and make me want to read more. But too often, two main problems emerge: Either the author spends too much time revving his engine with description or backstory before we even care (boring); or we’re plunged right into the story but have no idea where we are or what’s going on (confusing). There are three cardinal rules of successful novelists: Dyson’s Delve (Last Updated: December 25th, 2010) Dyson's Delve - Level 1 Dyson’s Delve was started as a bunch of small dungeon level maps in my Moleskine reporter’s pad style notebook. Then I started stocking it and posting the levels as one-page-dungeons to the blog.

9 Beautiful Illustrations Explain The Coming Food Crisis The world faces serious problems as it tries to feed itself. Climate change, population growth, decreasing "agrobiodiversity"—these are all dynamics that could make it more difficult to put food on people's plates. At the same time, possible solutions to food insecurity, like genetic modification or reducing food waste, are either controversial or difficult to achieve.

50 Pieces Of Writing Advice From Authors Writers – well, good writers anyway – understand words. They have this uncanny knack of knowing which one to use and when – and just think, there are thousands upon thousands upon thousands of the blighters. So, when a writer writes about writing, it’s worth taking note.

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