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powtoon Enter your email address below, and we'll send you an email allowing you to reset it. Forgot your password? We have sent you an email. If you do not receive it within a few minutes, please try again or contact us at CLIL (Content and Language Intergrated Learning) Something big is happening in the small country of Uruguay (with a population of approximately 3.5 million, it comes in at number 134 in comparison with other countries – remember, China has 1.3 billion inhabitants!) But Uruguay has always ‘punched above its weight’ – think football, music etc, and in the world of English language teaching, it’s doing it again. Many of you will know about OLPC (one laptop per child) in which the government (backed with large charitable dontations) has given every child in the country a free little laptop which is hooked up (for free) to broadband all over the country. The heartwarming intention behind this initiative is to remove, at a stroke, inequality of access to information; to ensure that no child – even those from less economically prosperous rural areas – is left behind in the modern world. I have blogged about this before. Or is it?

10 Photos That Aren't In History Books But Really Should Be 1. Footprint on the moon -- 1969 On July 20 1969, Neil Armstrong became the most famed astronaut in the world by being the first to step foot on the moon. Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and the other astronauts aboard Apollo 11 spent the next few hours collecting samples before returning to earth. 2. Hubble Ultra Deep Field -- 2003 Comments President Obama just nominated the first Muslim to be a federal judge. Redon Kurtaj Nice democracy you got there. The 50 best websites to learn English online Hundreds of free exercises to learn English online: grammar, verbs, songs vocabulary, listening,reading, and videos. Teachers and students resources. adele's esl Exercises for Students of English as a Second or Foreign Language. autoenglish Adverbs of frequency, indefinite pronouns, To Be, comparatives and superlatives, have got ...

Brain-friendly CLIL #1 Endorphins, dopamine, cortex, synapses, amygdala, brain-friendly learning… Over the last two decades, science has revealed more and more about the developing brains of adolescents, how they work and what stimulates learning. So what might these insights mean for Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), and how can you instigate brain-friendly strategies in your CLIL lessons? Teacher trainers and consultants Rosie Tanner and Liz Dale return to discuss insights into brain-friendly learning. First, some questions for you: Do you… 1. … play games with your students? 10 Bad Ideas That Were Super Popular During The Victorian Era 1. Victorian Gym Rats Spending all your time at the gym may seem like a more modern part of culture, but plenty of middle and upper-class men and women in the Victorian era spent much of their time developing the "Grecian ideal" of the body. 2. Many Uses For Arsenic

Clinton Just Eviscerated Trump on Abortion During Debate At tonight's final presidential debate in Las Vegas, host Chris Wallace asked Donald Trump whether he would like the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade, the 1973 decision that legalized abortion in the United States. Trump evaded the question, reiterating his promise to appoint pro-life Supreme Court justices and said that the question of legal abortion should be left up to the states. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, used the moment as an opportunity to offer a stirring defense of a woman's right to choose. "We have come too far to have that turn back now," Clinton said, reminding the audience that Trump has "said women should be punished; that there should be some form of punishment for women who obtain abortions.

Regular Plurals of Nouns 1 Choose the correct form of the plural for each noun. Click on the button beside the correct answer. The plural of "line" is lines linies lins linsesThe plural of "key" is keys keyies keies keyesThe plural of "wish" is wish wishies wishs wishesThe plural of "church" is churchs churchies churches churiesThe plural of "show" is showes showies showers showsThe plural of "loss" is loss lossies losses lossysThe plural of "enemy" is enemys enemies enemyes enemesThe plural of "box" is boxs boxies box boxesThe plural of "way" is waies wayes wayses waysThe plural of "baby" is babys babies babyes babyses

SoYouWantTo/Write A Zombie Apocalypse The dead have risen, and they're hungry. Consumed with a ravenous desire for human flesh, they are everywhere. All they do is kill, and the people they kill? Moments later, they get up and start killing themselves, infected with whatever it is that is causing the newly dead to rise. Society is crumbling. Native American Council Offers Amnesty to 240 Million Undocumented Whites The Native American National Council will offer amnesty to the estimated 240 million illegal white immigrants living in the United States. At a meeting on Friday in Taos, New Mexico, Native American leaders weighed a handful of proposals about the future of the United State’s large, illegal European population. After a long debate, NANC decided to extend a road to citizenship for those without criminal records or contagious diseases. “We will give Europeans the option to apply for Native Citizenship,” explained Chief Sauti of the Nez Perce tribe. “To obtain legal status, each applicant must write a heartfelt apology for their ancestors’ crimes, pay an application fee of $5,000, and, if currently on any ancestral Native land, they must relinquish that land to NANC or pay the market price, which we decide.

7 Reading Techniques for Increasing Learning & Knowledge Reading is a method of communication that enables a person to turn writing into meaning. It allows the reader to convert a written text into a meaningful language with independence, comprehension, and fluency, and to interact with the message. 7 Reading Techniques or Styles are the following: 5.2 What is an Interculturally Competent Person Like? — Moniviestin Effectiveness is a term often used with the competence concept. For instance, Canadian psychologist Daniel Kealey, who has extensively studied and tested expatriates (people sent by their organizations to work abroad on a temporary basis), talks about "overseas effectiveness". In his work during the 1990s, he defined intercultural effectiveness as an ability to live and work effectively in a overseas assignment in an intercultural environment (Vasko, Kjisik & Salo-Lee 1998). According to Kealey (1990), effectiveness consists of at least of three central areas: professional expertise, interaction and adaptation. In his later studies Kealey has specified the concept of effectiveness. In addition to personal attributes, effectiveness is greatly influenced by organizational and environmental issues.

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