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All the Latest Movie Posters

All the Latest Movie Posters
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Batman and Star Wars Posters Take Propaganda to a Whole New Level One of the nice things about being the Internet’s Foremost Batmanologist is that over the past six years, I’ve managed to build up a readership that thinks of me while they’re browsing the web. It’s like the Shadow’s network of undercover operatives, only instead of mystical powers and intimidation, I operate with jokes about the KGBeast. That was the case this weekend, when Sean Hollenhors ran across the art of Tom Whalen and figured it was something I’d like. And he was right. Batman Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back G.I. Ghostbusters The Goonies Shaun of the Dead The Wizard of Oz Monster Squad Heavy Metal Jaws 80s Cartoon Villains There are more awesome pieces at Whalen’s website, Strong Stuff, as well as on his DeviantArt page.

Movie Poster Addict Notre cinéma Zoe Ministries Welcomes You Do Not Underestimate the Power of Fanart | What The Flux To gear up for the Houston Symphony concert featuring music from Star Wars (and an excuse to have more geekiness for today), we’ve collected a series of fan made posters that are all about the Force — whether its the light side or the dark side. To make things more interesting than just your average guy with a light saber, these featured artists’ work are stylized in solids, minimalism, or with a retro theme. Let’s start things off with this incredible piece of Boba Fett paying homage to The Rocketeer:

Penguin Books Australia Logo History Looking for a ‘dignified but flippant’ symbol for the new business in 1935, it was Allen Lane’s secretary who suggested a penguin. As with any symbol, the Penguin logo has appeared in many versions over the years. Drawn initially by Edward Young, the company's First Production Manager, there were versions for both the front of books and general publicity use, as well as narrow versions for the spines. Now the mark has been sensitively adapted for the digital age, so that it reproduces equally effectively in print and electronically, at all permitted sizes. Usage The Penguin logo must never be altered or recreated without the prior permission of Penguin. The logo should only be reproduced from master digital artwork supplied specifically for this purpose by Penguin's Marketing department. For permission to use the Penguin logo contact the Marketing department on: Penguin Logo (Print) Logo direction Minimum size Minimum clear space Logo with text Logo Colour Logo Uses With Partner Logos