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Made in K-town: Little Spring Mandala

Made in K-town: Little Spring Mandala
Pattern: Made in K-Town by Barbara Please respect my rights as designer: do not sell, share, translate, or publish any parts of my patterns (including pictures) online or elsewhere without my permission. Do not claim this pattern as your own. Feel free to sell the finished items you’ve made from my pattern! Material: As usual, I used small amounts of Catania by Schachenmayer and a 2.5mm hook. Some general notes: For this pattern I use US crochet terms. I did NOT write down the chains at the beginning of each round: for the first stitch in every round, work chains (e.g. 3 chains for the first dc) OR start with a “standing stitch” i.e. join the new color with a slip knot or a simple loop ON YOUR HOOK and just work the first sc or dc as usual. I hope I haven't lost you already :) Here we go: 1st Round: start with a magic ring and work (1dc, ch1) 12x inside the ring, fasten off (12 ch1-spaces) 2nd Round (new color): work (1sc, ch2) in every ch1-space, fasten off (12 ch2-spaces) Related:  Crochet Mandalas, Blocks, MotifsStick och virkmönster

The DIY Crochet Mandala Wall Hanging Kit You Need Now - Interweave I love this new kit! And if you love crochet mandalas, you’ll love it too! The DIY Crochet Mandala Wall Hanging Kit includes the book Modern Crochet Mandalas with more than 50 colorful motifs to crochet as well as the special mandala issue of Love of Crochet Spring 2017. The issue features so many innovative ideas for using mandalas (you’ll love the Labyrinths Cardigan!). Love of Crochet Spring 2017 also includes the articles “10 Ways to Use a Mandala” and “How to Read a Chart”—both fantastic tools for your mandala-making marathon. Joining a mandala to an embroidery hoop is easy and really helps to show off your project. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. TIP: If you want your mandala to stretch further and fill more of the embroidery hoop, try attaching it to the embroidery hoop while it is still slightly wet from blocking. And that’s it! Have so much fun with this project. Happy mandala making! —Sara Dudek Associate Editor, Interweave Crochet Make Many Mandalas!

Fleurs au crochet Je vous présente des Fleurs au crochet que j'ai eu le plaisir de réaliser ! Vous trouverez pour ce modèle , mon ouvrage terminé et le tuto qui va au schéma. Voici 5 fleurs roses et mauves , auquelles j'ai rajoutées une perle pour la finiton ! J'ai trouvé le tuto sur le joli blog de " Katty " , les explications sont ici , elles sont données rangs par rangs! Dans la série des Fleurs au crochet, voici des nouveaux modèles trouvés sur le net . Voici des magnifiques fleurs au crochet , trouvées sur le site de " Passion-crochet " , les explications sont ici ! Il y a en tout 13 modèles de fleurs , les explications sont données rangs par rangs . Voici des jolie fleurs accompagnées de leurs grilles gratuites , trouvées sur le net ! Voici un choix important de magnifiques fleurs , trouvées sur , ici ou si vous êtes inscrites sur Facebook , sur la page d'une amie , ici ! Voici des belles fleurs et ses grilles gratuites , et de nombreux modèles supplèmentaires , trouvés sur la Galerie Picasa

Made in K-town: African Flower Square Tutorial Pattern: Made in K-Town by Barbara Please respect my rights as designer: do not sell, share, translate, or publish any parts of my patterns (including pictures) online or elsewhere without my permission. Do not claim this pattern as your own. Material: For my square I used small amounts of Rico Essentials Cotton DK and a 3.5mm hook. Some general notes: For this pattern I use US crochet terms. I did NOT write down the chains at the beginning of each round: for the first stitch in every round, work chains (e.g. 3 chains for the first dc) OR start with a “standing stitch” i.e. join the new color with a slip knot or a simple loop ON YOUR HOOK and just work the first sc or dc as usual. 1st Round: start with a magic ring and work *2dc, ch-1* eight times inside the ring (8 dc-2 groups, 16 dc's). 2nd Round: with a new color work *3dc, ch-1* in each ch1-space around (8x3 dc's) 3rd Round: with a new color work *2dc, ch-2, 2dc* in every ch1-space (8 shells) Enjoy!!

Patriotic Crocheted Stars Today is June 14th! It's my birthday! AND it's a national holiday: Flag Day! I was actually due to be born on the 4th of July but ended up entering this world a few weeks early. Either way, it seems as thought I was destined to have a patriotic birthday :) So I am celebrating with some patriotic crocheted stars. Materials: - Lion Brand Vanna's Choice (worsted weight) yarn in Red, White and Blue - Size H Crochet Hook - Tapestry Needle Abbreviations: Magic Ring = Tutorial HERE SC = Single Crochet HDC = Half Double Crochet DC = Double Crochet TR = Triple Crochet Surface Slip Stitch = Tutorial HERE Patriotic Crocheted Stars Pattern:starting with color A Magic ring, chain 1, make 10 SC in magic ring, join to first SC (10 SC)change to color BRound 2: Chain 1, 2 SC in first stitch, SC in next stitch, repeat around, join to first SC (15 SC)change to color CRound 3: Chain 5, SC in second chain from hook, HDC in next stitch, DC in next, TR in next. Rounds 1, 2 and beginning of Round 3 Finished Star

Colorful Flower Mandalas Mandala Pattern Finished Size: 9 inches (23 cm) Crochet Hook: G (4mm) Yarn: Pink flower: Drops Paris yarn #14 Strong yellow, #33 Medium Pink, #06 Shocking Pink, #11 Opal green and Acaucania Ulmo Solid #767 Blue flower: Acaucania Ulmo Solid #767 and Drops Paris yarn # 11 Opal Green, #06 shocking pink, #02 light turquoise, and #14 strong yellow Purple Flower: Drops Paris yarn #11 Opal Green, #14 strong yellow, #45 dusty orange, #8 dark purple, and #31 medium purple Stitches used: slip stitch (ss), single crochet (sc), half Double Crochet (hdc), double crochet (dc) treble or triple crochet (tr) Special Stitches: Back Post Double Crochet (BPdc)-Yo, insert hook from back to front to back around the next double crochet, (Yo, draw through two loops on hook) Twice, Puff stitch- *yo, insert hook into stitch indicated and pull up a loop,* repeat from * to* two more times, yo and pull through all 7 loops on the hook, ch1 to close the stitch Notes about pattern: U.S. Start with a magic circle

interweave I have always felt a lot of stress and anxiety. A ludicrously disproportionate amount, in fact to the amount of actual hardship in my life. It may not be my favorite aspect of my personality, but I’ve learned to find the advantages. One of them is a deep appreciation for the power of busy hands, especially the newest craft in my arsenal, crochet. There are countless stories of the very real healing powers of crochet; stories of crocheting combat veterans, crocheting through long-term illness, and using crochet to help those in need. Don’t get me wrong: I love my other fiber arts too, for a wide variety of reasons including their impact on my mental health. In particular, I have lately become obsessed with crocheting mandalas. I recently decided to sit down and make a deliberate practice of stitching an entire crochet mandala in one night. 1. I chose a night when my roommates were both out of town and I decided to devote some time to the wall hanging I’ve been envisioning for weeks. 2.

Nesting Rainbow Owls | Moji-Moji Design Here’s a set of wide-eyed Rainbow Owls and a mossy nest for them to snuggle up in. Of course you don’t have to stick with the rainbow theme. These little guys would look good in any color combinations. The owls and the leaves that decorate the nest are made with light worsted weight/DK yarn (worsted weight would work just as well) while the nest itself is crocheted up in lightening fast time with super bulky yarn. I like the contrast between the two different weights of yarn. The heavy yarn looks kind of like bark so the nest really did end up looking like it was straight out of the forest. I’ve nicknamed the green owl Kevin as he definitely enjoys being home alone! For the English Language version click on the button below. If you would like to download the French translation, click on the button below. Have fun with these patterns but please don’t re-publish them in any way. Like this: Like Loading...

Colorful Chevron Afghan There are currently no images from other crafters. close Terms & Conditions You must enter into this Agreement if you want to submit digital images or other content to Prime Publishing through Sharing Customer Images (the "Service"). As used in this Agreement, "we" or "Prime Publishing" means Prime Publishing, LLC. and "you" means the individual or entity submitting materials to Prime Publishing. Any individual or entity that wants to use the Service must accept the terms of this Agreement without change. 1) Eligibility. 2) Definitions. 3) License Grant for Materials. 4) Removal of Materials. 5) License for Name, Trademarks and Likenesses. 6) Specifications and Guidelines. 7) Representations, Warranties and Indemnities. 8) Restrictions. 9) No Obligation. 10) Changes to Agreement. 11) Prime Publishing Intellectual Property. 12) Communications. 13) Waiver. 14) Disclaimer. 15) Miscellaneous. Sharing Your Own Images Who can share images? You! What should I share? What shouldn't I share?

Crochet Star Making - A Tutorial. Hello. I have been making crochet stars this week. For no good reason really, just because they're fun to make. So I thought some of you might like to have a bit of crafty fun too. These stars use up tiny amounts of wool, so get your scraps box out! I used a mixture of hot colours.... .....and a nice mix of cool colours. You need to make 10 star 'points' or diamonds ( 5for the front and 5 for the back). You can make your stars bigger or smaller by varying the number of rows or by changing the yarn weight and hook size you use. (leave a long tail at the beginning so you can use it to sew up later) Ch 2 row 1: 2sc into 2nd ch from hook, turn. row 2: Ch1(turning chain) 1sc into first st, 2sc into 2nd st, turn. row 3: Ch1, 1sc into 1st st, 1sc into 2nd st, 2sc into last st, turn. row 4: Ch1, 1sc into 1st st, 1sc into each st across until last st, 2sc into last st, turn. Start decreasing. The decrease pattern is as follows: Ch1, sk1st st, sc into next st and each st across, turn. (see photo above).

beckycafe crochet I recently saw a similar mandala from a German crochet artist and created this tutorial. I am crazy about these colors, and am so pleased at how it turned out. I've just painted a 12 x 12 inch canvas to mount the mandala on so that it can be a piece of crochet wall art! This is my first attempt at a tutorial, so please feel free to comment or question if something doesn't make sense. I'm using US terms. Here goes . . . Create a magic ring, there are lots of great tutorials on the web so I didn't take photos - just google. Round 1: ch 3 (this counts as first dc) then 1 dc, ch 2, then 2 dc. Round 2: slip stitch into the first ch 2 space, ch 3 (counts as frist dc), then 2 dc, chain 2, then 3dc. Round 3: change color, join in any ch 2 space, ch 3 (counts as first dc) 2dc, ch 2, 2 dc, ch 1, then in next space, 3dc,ch 2, 3 dc (you are stitching 3 double crochet cluster, chain 2, 3 dc cluster in each space around, totaling 6). Round 6: Join new color. Round 7: change colors. Ta-Dah!

Mosaic Ripples - Crochetville Mosaic RipplesCopyright KatiDCreations, 2016 Materials:Lions Brand Vanna’s ChoiceBlack – CARose Shocking – CBWhite – CCI/5.5mm Gauge:15 SC x 13 Rows Stitches:CH – ChainSC – Single Crochetsl st – Slip StitchBlo – Back Loop Onlyst(s) – Stitch(es)sp – Space Special Stitches:Invisible Join – Tutorial by Look at what I madeFl – Front Loop only – Tutorial by Moogly BlogDrop DC – Working in the Fl of the indicated Row you will work a Double Crochet With CA, Magic CircleR1. R2. With CCR3. R4. With CBR5. R6. With CAR7. R8. With CCR9. R10. With CBR11. R12. With CAR13. R14. With CCR15. R16. With CBR17. R18. Note: If you square does not currently measure about 11 1/2 inches you may want to add this additional row prior to the Edging. EdgingWith CAJoin in both loops in any SC after CH2 space, CH1, SC in same as joining and in next 34 sts, work 2SC in each of the CHs,* SC in next 35 sts, work 2SC in each of the CHs; repeat from * around.

Stickade halvvantar - gratismönster Storlek: S/MGarn: Soya garn från Netto (70% ull, 30% soyabönsfiber) eller liknande. 50 g/ 120 meter, 18 m x 26 v.Garnåtgång: 1 nystan Soya garn från Netto gick åt till halvvantarna med tre "åsar" och drygt 1 nystan till de med fyra.Stickor: 3 mmAvmaskningsnål/Garnstump i avvikande färg till tum-maskorna Vill du göra mindre storlek, prova byta till mindre stickor och tvärtom om du vill göra dem lite större. am - avigmaskor rm - rätmaskor Lägg upp 45 m Varv 1-5 stickas i mosstickning så här: varv 1) *1 rm, 1 am* upprepa *-* till slutet på varvet. varv 2) *1 am, 1 rm* upprepa *-* till slutet på varvet. varv 3) som varv 1. varv 4) som varv 2. varv 5) som varv 1. Skrynklor/ åsar: varv 6) *4 rm, 1 am* upprepa varv 7) *3 rm, 2 am* upprepa varv 8) *2 rm, 3 am* upprepa varv 9) *1 rm, 4 am* upprepa varv 10) am varv 11) am varv 12) *4 am, 1 rm* upprepa varv 13) *3 am, 2 rm* upprepa varv 14) *2 am, 3 rm* upprepa varv 15) *1 am, 4 rm* upprepa varv 16) rm varv 17) rm Sticka slätstickning i 3 varv.

איך מכינים חוט לסריגה מחולצת טריקו | סורגות בזמן מה צריך? חולצת טריקו, ישנה ומוכתמת, כזאת שממילא אין בה שימוש, זוג מספריים טובות עיתון מניחים את החולצה על משטח ישר וגוזרים את הקצה שלה (זה שיש בו תפר) אנחנו לא הולכים להשתמש בו מקפלים את החולצה כמו בתמונה, עד שנשארים שוליים של בערך 7 סנטימטרים מהחצי התחתון שלה עכשיו אנחנו מתחילים לגזור. מודדים בערך שתי אצבעות, וגוזרים רצועות עד אחרי הקיפול. ממשיכים עם הגזירה הזאת, עד שמגיעים לקו של השרוולים כשמגיעים לקו הזה, גוזרים את החולצה עד הסוף, בחלק של השרוולים אנחנו לא משתמשים. עכשיו יש לנו מעין "חצאית אינדיאנית" ואותה אנחנו הולכים לגזור בצורה ספירלית ולהפוך, למעשה לחוט, צמר-מחולצת טריקו. "מלבישים" את החצאית האינדיאנית הזאת מעל העיתון, הוא הולך להחזיק אותה (על משטח העבודה) בזמן הגזירה. מתחילים לגזור מצד שמאל. התמונה הזאת ממחישה את המשך הגזירה והנה החולצה גזורה כולה, וכל שנותר הוא למתוח אותה ולגלגל לכדור צמר ככה נראה החוט שגזרנו כשהוא "מבולבל" על הרצפה אוחזים בקצה החולצה ומותחים אותה בקטעים קטנים. מגלגלים לכדור קטן עכשיו אפשר להתחיל לסרוג!

Heart Bunting Super cute heart bunting, just what every home needs! I searched around the internet for a heart shape I liked, round and perfect and hearty enough. Alas I couldnt find one… so I made one up instead. These hearts are made with 8ply cotton and a 4mm hook. 1. 2. Double crochet once into each of the next three stitches, 5 double crochets into the next stitch. So this round goes: 5dc into first stitch, 1dc, 1dc, 1dc, 1dc-1tr-1dc into next stitch, 1dc, 1dc, 1dc, 5dc into next stitch, ss into last stitch, when you are done it should look like this: Join your next colour into the ss and chain 1. Repeat as many times as you desire… Cute aren’t they?? If your hearts don’t sit as flat as you would like give them a gentle iron on the reverse side (use a hanky or tea towel between your heart and the iron) To make the bunting; chain 20 attach chain to your first heart using a ss, chain 6 attach with ss to the other side of your heart. Hang and enjoy… Hope you are having a great week! Like this: