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Untitled. 11 powerful methods to reduce bounce rate in Google Analytics. AI. Linux. Big Data Evento. Big Data Conteúdo. O que é o Docker Compose. Docker gabriel gomes. [ LinuxTips ] - Docker Tutorial #1 - Docker, Containers, Images e muito mais! Comandos essenciais do Docker e monitoramento de containers. Email Deliverability & Management Solution. Localização. Preços e tarifas - Iugu. Para negócios com volumetria mensal de até R$ 300 mil ou até 1.000 boletos pagos por mês: Para negócios que possuam mais de R$ 300.000 de volume ou mais de 1.000 boletos pagos:

Preços e tarifas - Iugu

Join Cloud Academy to learn cloud computing and get a cloud job. Which data warehouse should you use? When setting up an analytics system for a company or project, there is often the question of where data should live.

Which data warehouse should you use?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution here, as your budget, the amount of data you have, and what performance you want will determine the feasible candidates. This post will go over the categories of databases available, and hopefully give you a rough map of the choices. Your application database The simplest option by far is to just use whatever is currently storing your application data. README. v0.16.1 / Table of Contents In-depth Guides Users Guide This is the go-to guide on asking questions and sharing answers using Metabase.


You’ll learn in depth about how questions are expressed, how to chart answers, as well as how to share questions and create dashboards. Woopra. RazorSQL - Purchasing Page. The secure order processor for RazorSQL is FastSpring.

RazorSQL - Purchasing Page

RazorSQL Upgrade Licenses: For licensed users who are no longer eligible for free upgrades, click the "RazorSQL Upgrade Licenses" link to upgrade to the latest version of RazorSQL or to check whether your license is eligible for a free upgrade. For purchase orders, please click the following: Buying Via Purchase Order RazorSQL can also be purchased via one of our Resellers. The Buy Online Now link above provides the following payment options: Credit Card, PayPal, Check (US Only). For alternative payment options such as wire transfer, open invoice, etc., please click the following: Alternative Payment Options Additional Ordering Information - Common questions about ordering such as purchase orders, tax information, order lookup, receipts, etc.

Licensing RazorSQL is licensed per user. Licenses include free upgrades for 1 year after the date of purchase. License Agreement. Como elaborar uma visualização de sua rede no Facebook usando Gephi. Graph database – Neo4j on AWS – SocialTrendly Tech Blog. For our new product, we need to build a social graph.

Graph database – Neo4j on AWS – SocialTrendly Tech Blog

I started looking for appropriate data structure, databases to do that and came across the graph database, something that is being used by Facebook’s new graph search and Google’s KnowledgeBase. The most exciting part was there are open source graph database available, i.e. you can build something like graph search or KnowledgeBase for your own app on top of those graph databases. Here is one example of using graph database for product recommendation system, and here is another recommendation engine. The first challenge is to pick the graph database to use. After doing some research, I decided on Neo4j: The reasons being: very popular and many support, e.g. instructions on integrating on AWS (details below), python wrapper ( – I am using py2neo), etc.very good documentation and tutorials. Given the background, the rest of the post are some instructions to get Neo4j up and running in the cloud (AWS).

Setup Environment in 1. 5 Free Alternatives to Microsoft SQL Management Studio. Using Amazon DynamoDb with the AWS .NET API Part 5: updating and deleting records. Introduction In the previous post we saw how to insert records into an Amazon DynamoDb table.

Using Amazon DynamoDb with the AWS .NET API Part 5: updating and deleting records

We looked at two distinct programmatic ways to build our objects to be inserted: the loosely typed Document model and the strongly typed, more object oriented Data model. In this post we’ll see how to update and delete records using the two models. As a reminder we inserted the following records into our DynamoDb People table in the previous post: Exercises in .NET with Andras Nemes. Introduction In the previous post we went through our strategy to save the longitude-latitude coordinates in DynamoDb for our geo-spatial queries later on.

Exercises in .NET with Andras Nemes

We said that we would save the records in DynamoDb in a way so that it fits queries according to a library designed by AWS which in turn uses a geo-library from Google. In this post we’ll finally see some action. We’re ready to format an upload the IP range to DynamoDb. Actually we’ll show the techniques using only a small subset of the MaxMind raw data source. Meteor.

Exercises in .NET with Andras Nemes.


ProjectSend. C.iugu. Papertrail - cloud-hosted log management, live in seconds. Editoras - Hotmart. AceitaFone - Pagamentos in-app de forma rápida e simples. EDUCACAO HOSPITALAR. Aws-missing-tools/ec2-automate-backup at master · colinbjohnson/aws-missing-tools. Smartbill All In One - Solução em Cobranças Recorrentes. O Smartbill é a única plataforma do mercado brasileiro que atende todas as necessidades de empresas que trabalham com cobranças recorrentes, das mais simples às mais complexas.

Smartbill All In One - Solução em Cobranças Recorrentes

Composto por módulos que podem ser usados em conjunto ou individualmente, o Smartbill é flexível, escalável e facilmente integrável aos sistemas existentes na sua empresa. Data Analytics, Consultoria e Marketing. Top 5 Canais para aprender Inglês no Youtube. Hoje em dia aprende-se de tudo um pouco pelo Youtube: como se maquiar, construir máquinas, instalar programas no computador e também aprender inglês.

Top 5 Canais para aprender Inglês no Youtube

Existem muitos canais que ensinam a língua usando o recurso visual do vídeo como facilitador do aprendizado, usando imagens ou mesmo ambientando uma sala de aula. Assim como os cursos online, cada um dos canais tem um perfil e uma abordagem de ensino, mas são os canais que tem mais assinantes no youtube. Alguns são de professores nativos, outros com professores brasileiros, que misturam o inglês e o português nas aulas.

{brad-oyler} Uploading an image with AWS SDK for .Net (C#) I recently started using cloud-based hosting ( for my latest project ( and I needed a remote storage solution for the images that would be uploaded by users.


Tutorial: Using Amazon ML to Predict Responses to a Marketing Offer — Amazon Machine Learning Developer Guide. With Amazon Machine Learning (Amazon ML), you can build and train predictive applications and host your applications in a scalable cloud solution. In this tutorial, we show you how to use Amazon ML to create a datasource, build a machine learning (ML) model, and use the model to generate batch predictions. Our sample exercise in the tutorial shows how to identify potential customers for targeted marketing campaigns, but you can apply the same principles to create and use a variety of machine learning models. To complete the sample exercise, you use the publicly available banking and marketing dataset from the University of California at Irvine (UCI) repository. Interesse do consumidor em serviços relacionados a viagem pela intern… Object Caching - .NET 4. As a developer, we need to use all the tools at our disposal to develop faster and more robust applications.

One of the ways we can achieve this is by using caching. Caching is the process of storing frequently used data on the server to fulfil subsequent requests. Where the world meets DevOps. Azk. IO - Analytics for Developers. Zenodys - Internet of Things IoT development platform. Migrating from Amazon AWS to Openstack. Companies large and small are utilizing the agility and ease of use found in the public cloud. However for large enterprises the public cloud is expensive at scale and availability is not guaranteed For smaller SME's experiencing rapid growth, every day is one step closer to a call from the CFO regarding another rapid growth... cost. Como agem empreendedores de sucesso em 3 estudos — Liderar é difícil. Reconhecer oportunidades. Trezentas Coisas Gratuitas e Sensacionais para Empreendedores e Startups — Medium Brasil.