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The Logos of Web 2.0

The Logos of Web 2.0
The Logos of Web 2.0 There is no official standard for what makes something “Web 2.0”, but there certainly are a few tell-tale signs. These new sites usually feature modern web technologies like Ajax and often have something to do with building online communities. But even more characteristic among these brands is their appearance. Web 2.0 sites nearly always feel open and friendly and often use small chunks of large type. The colors are bright and cheery — lots of blue, orange, and what we jokingly call the Official Color of Web 2.0: lime green. You can see some of these striking commonalities in Ludwig Gatzke’s compilation of nearly 400 Web 2.0 logos. The Softies A clear trend in new identities is the use of soft, rounded sans serifs dominated by VAG Rounded (AKA Rundschrift), but also including Helvetica Rounded, Arial Rounded, Bryant, and FF Cocon. Oct. 2008 Update — New and underused fonts in this category: Foco, Tondo, FF Netto, Estilo Text, and FF Unit Rounded. The Futurists


Sites to Create Cartoon Characters of Yourself If you are not comfortable using real photos to represent yourself in any online profiles and avatars, why not create a cartoon characters of yourself? It’ll definitely be fun and unique to others when you are representing yourself in a cartoonized way in your online profiles. 10 Websites to Create Your Very Own Avatar Handpicked Typefaces Archive Discover Typographica’s “Our Favorite Typefaces of 2013” This early morning (local Belgian time) the news finally came in – Typographica announced it published their annual Our Favorite Typefaces. A fine gathering of type users and type creators each selected a typeface released in the past year and reviewed it. Free up half a day and take the time to read through it [...] Read more Interactive FF Mark Specimen Minisite

80 Beautiful Typefaces For Professional Design Advertisement You don’t like to scroll? Be prepared. Bowfin Printworks - Finding Just Your Type - Serif Font Identification Guide - Search Page - Identification Tool Your selections will be saved after each search. Click here to change. Remember: Skip attributes that are unclear choices Shape of serif Flash, Design, Vector, Photoshop, Adobe Tutorials Web Designing tools are very handy and useful, if one can use the proper tool at a proper place where it is required. Sometimes, it is difficult for a designer to opt for the best tool to use which really suits his/her needs. Although there are more tools than the listed below, web designers can depend on the following 40 selected tools to imrpove their work and make it much easier and more professional. In addition to the following collection, you can find here more resources for design in general including web design. If you like the below collection, you may like to check the following links as well:

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Massive Collection of Elegant Thin Fonts Typography is one of the most crucial design elements, and as such, finding the most appropriate fonts for your project can be a challenging task. Today we’re making it easy for you, with a collection of 70 free thin fonts that we gathered from the web and that you can download to use right now. Most of them are sans-serif although there are a few serif options as well. Thin fonts are becoming extremely popular these days; their clean lines are perfect for logos and headers.

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Design d'intérieur For Mad Men fans, the hit TV series is not just a show. It's a form of lifestyle. From the fashion to home decor, each episode is packed full of inspiration to use in your own life. The Drapers' boudoir consists of a luxurious tufted velvet headboard. I love the use of an unexpected color to pop against the white sheets. Urban Outfitters ($348) has several colorful versions to choose from, including aubergine, pewter, and bella lichen.

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