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How to have the world’s smoothest legs

How to have the world’s smoothest legs

Frugal Beauty: 11 Household Items You Can Use As Beauty Products (photo: stuartpilbrow) A $25 face mask may be cheap enough to make it onto a magazine’s “bargain” beauty buys list, but there are less expensive and more effective head-to-toe pampering products to be had in your fridge and pantry. Even professional aestheticians and stylists turn to household staples like lemons, baking soda or yogurt when it’s time to clear skin of acne, soften rough patches or keep teeth sparkling. “What better way to achieve a natural glow, then from natural products?” asks Lily Morgan, the founder of Lily Organics Fresh Skin Care. Post your own tips below, and try these beauty uses for common household goods: Avocado * Scott-Vincent Borba, the author of “Skintervention: The Personalized Solution for Healthier, Younger and Flawless Looking Skin,” suggests mashing an avocado with the oil from one vitamin E soft gel, a dash of cayenne pepper and a tablespoon of honey. * Gently rub the inside of an avocado peel on your face, says Morgan. Baking soda Coffee Cucumbers Eggs Honey

Homemade Sugar Scrub Recipes for your Face, Body & Feet Homemade sugar scrub recipes and homemade face mask recipes can not only make great gifts for any occasion, but a sugar scrub is one of the best ways to achieve glowing skin. I particularly love homemade sugar scrubs in the winter when my skin begins looking dull. If you are a sugar scrub junkie like me, you’ll love this list of homemade sugar scrub recipes. If you’re a sugar scrub newbie — trust me — you have to try it! Homemade Sugar Scrub Recipes 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Have you ever made a body scrub, facial scrub, or foot scrub based on a homemade sugar scrub recipe that you found online? More posts about skin care: Facial Mask RecipesOil Cleansing Method Dry lips? If you liked this post, say thanks by sharing it:

YES/NO Sometimes you wake up feeling great and you're willing to say "YES" to just about anything. Other times all you want to do is say "NO" leave me alone! Now you can just let your shirts say it for you. (1 "Yes" shirt/ 1 "No" shirt) 100% supersoft ringspun cotton. Manufactured and printed in the USA. /collections/clothing-all Homemade Skin Care Recipes Everyone’s life needs a bit of organization – so why not do it with a bit of fun and whimsy? For a new way to get organized, think charming, unique … think chalkboard paint. That’s right, the old-school chalkboard is making a stylish comeback. And with a bit of hands-on creativity, your home can be organized, stylish and enjoyable. Smoked Pulled Pork When it comes to authentic ‘southern barbecue’, low and slow is the name of the game, say grilling specialists at Broil King. Things You Can Do To Live A Self-Sufficient And Simple Life A person who is addicted to country life or one who lives in urban or rural communities both can adopt various measures to have self-sufficient and simple living.

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Dorm Room Spa: 3 Easy DIY Beauty Recipes to Try Photo Credit It’s that taxing in-between time of the semester again – spring break is over, papers and projects are coming due, and finals are looming ahead. It’s clear that college students are stressed right now, and with that stress comes the need for relaxation. And what better way to unwind than by pampering yourself and indulging in some me-time? Of course, as college students, we can’t all afford to shell out for a trip to a high-end spa. So how do you get all the benefits of a spa treatment without the hefty cost? 1. Photo Credit Olive oil isn’t just for cooking — it’s great for your hair, too! To give your hair a conditioning treatment, massage about 2 tablespoons of olive oil into your hair and scalp. Next, take a warm, damp towel and wrap it around your head and treated hair (“turban” it). Finally, rinse out the olive oil with shampoo. 2. The secret? To create the mask, mix 2 tablespoons of honey with a teaspoon of cinnamon and a teaspoon of nutmeg. 3. Photo Credit

Edible Sugar Lip Scrub: Husband Approved It’s date night. Kiddies are home with the sitter and you are all dressed up with your man at dinner. He leans in for a smooch on the lips, then quickly jerks away with surprise and horror in his face. The offender? Nothing says “Kiss me” more than dry crackling lizard lips! I don’t know about you, but during this time of the year my lips have the most difficult time staying soft. No joke. But it got even worse! Don’t hide your eyes with what I am about to reveal to you… this is real. Yes, these are how horrible my lips were getting. The solution? So here is an at home remedy to exfoliate and condition your smackers with ingredients you have around the house. Grab some coconut oil, brown sugar, and honey. Combine 1 tsp. of each. I added a little almond extract just because the smell makes me happy. Mix them until you get a paste-like substance. Note: I found these little bead containers work perfect for keeping my scrub in the fridge. And what did I use? We all know how fabulous it is (why? xo

Granma's Attic ...Old Time Beauty and Health Tips Two tablespoons of sesame oil, one tablespoon olive oil, two tablespoons avocado oil, two tablespoons almond oil, 2000 IU vitamin E (D-Alpha Tocopherol), 100Thousand USP units vitamin A, a drop or two of your favorite perfume.(optional) Pour the oils into a small jar or empty bottle. Take 10 gelcaps of vitamin E (200 IU ea) and 4 caps vitamin A (25,000 units ea). This formula is especially useful for those who have badly deteriorated complexion and prematurely aged or dry lifeless skin.

15 Ways to Be Irresistibly Attractive Be true to your values. Be honest. Do your best. Do things that bring you closer to your dreams. Take care of yourself, your family, and your friends. In other words, invest love into your life. Do the right thing. – Never be afraid to do what you know in your heart is right, especially if the well being of another person’s feelings is at stake. Photo by: Lina Hayes Related 18 Ways You’re Making Your Life Harder Than It Has To Be Life is not complex. July 27, 2014 In "Happiness" 15 Ways to Live, and Not Merely Exist As Jack London once said, “The proper function of man is to live, not to exist.” March 19, 2012 In "Aspirations" 10 Signs it’s Time to Let Go Holding on is being brave, but letting go and moving on is often what makes us stronger and happier. April 2, 2012

Home Remedies For Stretch Marks - Skin Care Below I have mentioned some home remedies which can help you get rid off stretch marks: Punch a small hole on the Vitamin E capsule and rub on stretch marks. Give it a little time to absorb and start working on the affected area. Then wash or wipe off. Applying Aloe Vera gel on the marks would initially lighten and finally, remove the marks from the body. Ground coffee into a powder and just mix it with regular hand lotion. One of the simple and good home remedies for stretch marks is applying lavender oil on the marks thrice a day will fade up the marks soon. Put half cup virgin olive oil, quarter cup aloe vera gel, the liquid from 6 capsules of Vitamin e and liquid from 4 capsules of Vitamin A (avoid if pregnant) into a blender and store mixture in fridge.Apply it on stretch marks. Include lots of green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, liver and dairy products in your diet. Rub the affected area with apricot scrub. For more information please visit: