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www.howdoesshe It’s date night. Kiddies are home with the sitter and you are all dressed up with your man at dinner. He leans in for a smooch on the lips, then quickly jerks away with surprise and horror in his face. The offender? Your sandpaper-crackly lips. Nothing says “Kiss me” more than dry crackling lizard lips! DIY Wedding Hair: A Modern Bun - Blog - Destination Wedding Blog, DIY Wedding Ideas - Jetting to the Wedding Inspired by Hilary Duff's wedding hair, this is a fun and easy style for the big day. It is a little more structured than the previous DIY wedding hair post we did a few months back, and I think it is the perfect modern bun- not too fussy, yet not too messy. 1. Take a section of hair at the crown of the head, use a ton of hairspray and backcomb. 2. Pull your hair into the highest ponytail you can.

Beauty Tips - Beauty Secrets from Around the World at When it comes to beauty routines, the grass is always greener. Japanese women have it made with their long, glossy hair and Greek women’s olive-toned complexions are always luminous. But how do they do it? Put down your passport—you won’t need to go anywhere to find out. Manicure Trick - Wrap Your Tips Apparently I can’t get enough of teal, turquoise and aqua at the moment. As much as I try not to latch onto trends, you can only see so many gorg blue-green brights before getting sucked in. There are so many in my office right now that you’d swear I’m adopting a Caribbean theme. One of the shades I’ve been dying to try is from American Apparel’s Summer Collection called Malibu Green so I decided to use it for this tutorial.

Secrets learned at makeup artist school You could say that I have a love/hate relationship with makeup. Some days I enjoy playing with all the different colors and get excited when my smoky eye turns out perfectly. But then there are those days when my liner refuses to go on straight, my bronzer makes me look like an Asian Snookie, or my lashes refuse to curl. The Freckled Fox : Hair Tutorial: The Bouffant Bun Here we are and its Tuesday!! Not only that, but its the second-to-last day of the month, and then its August! Okay what's with all the exclamation points.. Anyways, I have another hair tutorial for you today, and this is one that I've been doing a lot lately! I've worn it out on hot dates and just to run errands with my hoard of children, and no matter where I go people compliment me:) So! I decided that i really needed to do a tutorial for it so I can send all those lovely people here to see how its done!

Bubble Butt Exercises By KRetroK | If you are trying to shape that derriere you need to check this bubble butt exercises. Pick the ones you feel suit you and of course there is nothing better than combine it with a healthy diet according what you body needs. This fantastic article from Share it Fitness will show you what exercises you can do to get amazing results. You have to check their workout videos by clicking on the name of the exercice, easy enough. How to Get More Energy: 10 Habits That Are Making You Tired If you’re always wondering how to get more energy, the answer’s (literally) right in front of you: Change your everyday habits. Even though your brain’s on auto-pilot you’re still burning energy. Many of us blindly assume we’re tired because of something specific that happened last night or last week, when it’s likely because of things we’ve been doing for years. Break the monotony and learn how to get more energy!

DIY Lengthening Mascara There are oodles of haircare products available. Between oils and deep-conditioners, it's really easy to keep our manes in tip top shape. But what about our eyelashes? They are technically hair as well, and although we love falsies, wouldn't it be nice if your real lashes were super long? If you want long and healthy lashes, look no further, because we've created a DIY lengthening mascara that'll do just that! What You'll Need

How To Use A Sock To Get Beautiful Curly Hair Without Heat If you are a mom on the go with long hair you HAVE TO try this. It will knock your socks off and have you wrapping your hair up in them! This is all about how to make your hair beautiful with no heat and no time. Curl your hair in your sleep with a sock. Yup, you heard me right.

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