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Hair and makeup

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DETANGLING MADE EASY. Photos/design: Kristin Ess article: Sarah St.


Lifer Whether you have long hair, short hair, curly hair, straight hair, fine hair, thick hair, wavy hair, natural hair or fake hair, you should own this brush. Many others boast the ability to glide through dry hair like NBD, but we’ve been hard-pressed to find a brush that eliminates tangles without the inevitable Advil dosage post-styling. Short + thick bristles barely get the job done, leaving paddles looking like a stray strand graveyard. GUEST POST. Photos by: Kathleen Bly post designed by kristin ess Mad love for our first guest post winner, Taylor Nick!!!


I am fully obsessed with this bohemian-inspired-braided-goodness! Even though Taylor had some SERIOUS competition, there’s no doubt that this little lady took the cake in our hair tutorial contest. She created a beautiful, textured, easy hairstyle that will work with almost any hair type. Congratulations Taylor, and thanks to ALL of you who entered this post contest.

Xx Kristin “My look is inspired by all of the bohemian braids on the 2011 runways. Tools: 2 Claw clipsBobby PinsHair tie, preferably matching your hair colorFine tooth combHairspray Steps: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. XO Taylor Tags: congrats, congratulations, contest, hair, kristin ess, lauren conrad, taylor nick, the beauty department,, tutorial, tutorial contest, win, winner Related posts: She Lets Her Hair Down: Samantha Hahn. I'm so excited to share this tutorial with you today.

She Lets Her Hair Down: Samantha Hahn

It was the look I taught at my first Wanderlust workshop and it looked so lovely on all of the students. I had students with kinky curls, a few long bobs, some long thick hair and fine hair and even some severe cowlicks were thrown in the mix. I loved that because it proved that you can do just about anything with all hair textures. Another big reason why I'm excited to share this tutorial is because a lot of great people came together to put these workshops and tutorials together. A FINE FRENCHY. As many of you already know, Alison Sudol (AKA: A Fine Frenzy) is an incredibly talented musician with the voice of a SPARROW ANGEL!


My favorite songbird beauty just released a new single from her upcoming album “Pines” called “Now is the Start”. It’s such a fun, happy song! Click here + listen! The photoshoot for this album was such a blast and was shot by our good friends Angela+Ithyle. Ali and I wanted to do something timeless with her hair– something that wouldn’t distract from all the pretty lights, stripes, and um- giant SAILBOAT!! Top photo by tutorial photos/post/design: Kristin Ess First things first, click play on “Now is the Start”. Adding texture to the hair before you start is really important with this ‘do. Pull out some pieces around the front to soften this look. Now dance!! Related posts: Infinity-symbol-bun.jpg (512×1672) Beauty-department-wedding-updo.jpg (512×1088) DIY Custom Makeup Palette. There are two reasons you need to make a custom makeup palette.

DIY Custom Makeup Palette

One, you've got a dozen eyeshadow compacts and a handful of brushes and can never find the ones you need when you need them. You likely got some of these from your mom, for free with your latest makeup counter purchase, or for a specific event. Or two, you're a masterful makeup maven and need access to the whole color wheel every time you get your face on. Either way, this easy how-to is about to make your life way easier and possibly more beautiful. ;) First, get all your materials ready. Now the tricky part (but it's actually really easy!) Once you've popped it out, hold it gently over the flame of a tealight. Repeat with your next shadow. And your next one. Best Places to Get Free Beauty Product Samples Online. Gather 'round, ladies: We're talking about free stuff.

Best Places to Get Free Beauty Product Samples Online

Want to try amazing new beauty products, but don't want to shell out major ducats? (No brainer, right?) We've rounded up the best places to score free beauty products online, including skincare, makeup and fragrance samples. How To: Retro Curls. 1.

How To: Retro Curls

Start by creating a deep side part. 2. Starting off of your part, curl your hair forward using a 1" to 1 1/2" curling iron. L'art du Chignon. Maddie The Coonhound Photographer Theron Humphrey was at a crossroads in his life so he embarked on a documentary project called This Wild Idea, which involved traveling to 50 states and photographing one person a day for a year.

L'art du Chignon

To keep […] Izziyana Suhaimi. 15 Easy Hacks For Perfect Eyeliner. Everyday Vintage Cat Eye Make up. Hey there girls :) Today I was inspired by the BEAUTIFUL Dana from Wonder Forest's easy and gorgeous make-up tutorial for Everyday Smokey Eyes.

Everyday Vintage Cat Eye Make up

I thought I'd show you my everyday make up and maybe give you a little inspiration too to try something new with your make up! I just love this make up style! I hope you like it too :) Jess xox. Herbal Marshmallow Root Detangler. Mommy Monday on a Wednesday?

Herbal Marshmallow Root Detangler

Yes, but it couldn't wait til next week! (See note at very bottom of post). Marshmallow Root is supremely amazing for hair! It's mucliganous properties softens the hair naturally while providing easy slip when combing. Beautiful Snake Hairstyle Tutorial. Hairstyles For Girls - Hair Styles - Braiding - Princess Hairstyles. An Elegant Braided Updo Featuring Braided Roses If you follow us on Facebook you may have seen a photo of this hairstyle (which was actually done on a mannequin head) posted last week. I'm not sure of the origination of the photo, and I wish I knew who the creator was to give them credit, because obviously their work is amazing! We have noticed this beautiful hairstyle floating around on Pinterest, and Instagram quite a bit lately. We have also received several requests, so I thought we would give it a try! This hairstyle is really not that complicated as long as you know how to lace braid, although it is a little more time consuming than some of the styles we have done.

Hairstyle tutorial – Half crown braid. The Art Of The DIY Updo: Only 8 Bobby Pins Required. Updos can be costly and keep you in the salon for hours. Not every occasion requires such posh styling. What you didn't know is that most updos can be created with a maximum 8 bobby pins. True story!