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15 summer hairstyles you can create in 5 minutes. Summer is a great time to experiment with your style. But when the weather is really hot, girls prefer to braid their long hair or wear an ordinary ponytail. Unleash your creativity — you can look gorgeous even in the scorching heat! Bright Side collected the most interesting hairstyles that can be done in just a few minutes. A romantic hairstyle with a headscarf 1960s style A tender hairstyle A French twist in loose hair A high fishtail bun A Celtic knot A horseshoe braid An easy-to-do top knot A cute twist ponytail An elegant side-parted ponytail A knot bun A charming hairstyle A knotted ponytail A twisted ponytail A chic hairstyle for naturally curly hair We’d love to hear your views on this…

Braids Hairstyles Guide - Braids Inspiration | British Vogue. 15 summer hairstyles you can create in 5 minutes. 11 Tricks to Get the Perfect Hairstyle. Sometimes, even the smallest thing can prevent your hair from looking as perfect as you want it. A single hair sticking out or lying askew can be really annoying. Everything, of course, depends on the technique you use and the style you want. To make sure you never have another bad hair day, here are 11 simple but really effective tricks to get the perfect hairstyle. Getting the perfect hair bun You can sculpt a truly perfect hair bun if you make use of a sock when you’re twisting it into position. How to get the perfect curls Try this method if your hair never stays curled for long. Using salt water Curly locks often look a bit of a mess by the middle of the day, but if you try to sort them out with a comb, you can lose your curls entirely. Using a headband You can fix up your long hair stylishly using a headband before putting in another accessory.

Getting the ’thick hair’ look Apply eye shadow of the same colour as your hair on the area you want to appear thicker. Raise up your ponytail. 15 incredibly simple hairstyles that even a child could do. There are plenty of ways to style your hair that are so simple you’ll be able to save yourself a whole lot of time. Here are 15 that we at Bright Side found for you. A twisted back fringe using a hairpin How to draw your hair away from your face How to make a loose bun and braid combo A braided fringe Twisting back your fringe Using a clasp or hairpin A butterfly in your hair Restyling your fringe One more gorgeous way to draw back your hair A unique and eye-catching way to braid your hair A beautiful hair bun made from two plaits The ideal hair bun in no time at all Another great way to use hairpins The ideal style made with three braids We’d love to hear your views on this…

10 easy hairstyles in 5 minutes. Five minutes isn’t a lot of time, but it can be enough for a short walk around the house, a cup of tea or a chic hairstyle that will definitely catch the attention of your friends. has some fast and beautiful hair hacks we have tried and want to share with you. They take only 5 minutes! The knotted chignon The fetching curl The braid-decorated ponytail The rounded bun Three boho-chic braids The bobby pin hairstyle Tied-in-a-bow hair Braiding with a bun The catchy ponytail A Game of Thrones inspired hairstyle Photos source: beauty-proceduri.

How to Get Beach Waves Without the Fuss. The ocean has great hair. In fact, I’d like to go so far as to make the bold, sweeping statement that when it comes to beach waves, oceans definitely win. But the reality is that I am not an ocean. You are probably not either. However, just because we are not oceans doesn’t mean we can’t get beach waves. So let’s go surfing.

(Note: this works best on long, straight/straight-ish hair. For curly hair tips, see Rita Ora’s guy.) You’ll need: – Some hair – Sea salt spray — I like these ones the best: Turn off your ad blocker to view content Note: You can also DIY the spray by adding a handful of salt to a cup of water and then putting that very scientific mixture into a clean spray bottle. Timing: If you want to wake up with waves, do this before bed with towel-dried hair. Now Let’s Do This: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Let it marinate. 6. Voila! Rumor has it that if you hold a seashell up to your ear, you can hear yourself. Photographed by Krista Anna Lewis Want more on hair twirling? Rainbow Pastel Hair Is A New Trend Among Women. Rainbow hair, a cool and colorful response to granny hair, is becoming a more and more popular trend. While previously the domain of punk rockers, celebrities like Nicki Minaj, Christina Aguilera, and Katy Perry have now embraced this style as well.

Women aiming for senior roles in big companies and firms, however, should stick to their natural color, reports dnainfo. But if you'd like to see how you'd look in fuchsia, this neat web-app can be your magic mirror. Or, you can vote on your favorite photo below. h/t: elitedaily Show 100 more Add Image Recent submissions to this list Retro Rainbow Elise These Are My Rainbow Hair Bows! My Unicorn Hair My Rainbow Hair In Natural Light Rainbow Fishtail Piggy Tails Drag Image Select File Rules: 1) no ugly watermarks 2) no borders 3) no low quality images Ooops! Flapper|Daisy Buchanan & Gatsby Halloween Tutorial! (Hair,Makeup&Outfit) Dip dye hair. Rainbow ombre ro spice up your style.

Many people tend to shy away from color tones of the rainbow when it comes to their tresses. On the other hand there is a new fun way of incorporating some edges without a color commitment that is total: Rainbow Ombre Hair. Trendsetters of beauty have taken this look and made it more popular with gradual multi colored hair that is dip dyed. Having rainbow ombre hair is a great way of spicing up your total image plus it is fun to change your hair color. Pre-Bleach Ends For shades of whimsical green or blue to show up, brunettes will need to go through pre-bleaching their ends before anything else. If you refuse to add additional chemicals to your hair, purples and reds can show up nicely on hair that is darker with no drastic measures first taken. Textured Rainbow Hair With colors of the rainbow hinting throughout your hair, textured and wavy hair is preferred rather than styles that are stick-straight for this style of ombre.

Begin Past Your Chin Use Aluminum Foil The Sky is the Limit. Ergebnis für. Ergebnis für. z9034838X,Madame-Julietta---Juliett-K---MAFFASHION.jpg (JPEG-Grafik, 640 × 429 Pixel) Dip Dye with Colourful Hair Ends.