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Free HTML to PDF Converter, Web to PDF Converter

HTML5 video and audio tags in all major browsers Social Watch org Google Hangouts Now Rolling Out in Gmail INTERNET SERVICES GIANT Google is removing the video chat function from Gmail and replacing it with a Hangouts style video feature as seen in Google+. "Unlike the old video chat, which was based on peer-to-peer technology, Hangouts utilise the power of Google's network to deliver higher reliability and enhanced quality," Google's product manager Fred Brewin said in a post in the firm's blog on Monday. "You'll be able to chat with all the same people you did before and with Hangouts you'll now be able to reach them not only when they are using Gmail but also if they are on Google+ in the browser or on their Android or iOS devices." Google said all Gmail users will benefit from the upgrade, but in what has to be a bid to get more people using its flagging social network, those Gmail users who are also on Google+ will be able to take advantage of additional features. Google said it has already begun rolling out Hangouts in Gmail and will continue to do so gradually over the coming weeks. µ

2012 FREE SEO TOOLS | Online SEO reports, Keyword tools | DiY SEO tools This is Oracle Internet Marketing company‘s selection of easy-to-use, online, instant results tools with instant results via our Online free SEO tools library. Scroll through our large collection of do-it-yourself Internet Marketing resources which are completely FREE! iProSEO Online is a web-based SEO software application that provides you with a comprehensive set of tools for website optimization and promotion. It meets the demand for SEO with all possible consumers – from webmasters and standalone SEOs to large SEO and marketing agencies. Here’s a reference list with links to all of the important iProSEO tools and features. Top Web SEO Tools by SEO PARTNERS Keyword Checker (Majestic SEO) A lot of good tools to help you learn many things about any website. Backlinks Analyzer ( This tool is a mix of the Backlink Watch tool and the Backlink Check tool. Majestic Site Explorer Explore internet backlinks and domains, discover new links and view anchor text. SEMRush (Toolbox)

MEGA MOVIES MANIACS 15 Online Tools that You Will Come to Love as a Tech | I have compiled a list of 15 free online tools that will help you greatly as a tech. I’m sure that there are other good ones that I have left out so please feel free to post the ones that you like as well. IPTools offers a wide variety of online networking tools. With this site you can look up IP address information, check spam databases, run pings, run traceroutes, lookup WHOIS information and much more. BugMeNot allows you to find and share logins for sites that require you to register. allows you to test your Internet connection speed. is a social bookmarking site that allows you to bookmark sites and view them from any computer. Omnidrive is an online storage service that allows you to upload large files, access them from any computer, and share them with other people. 10 Minute Mail allows you to create temporary email addresses that expire after 10 minutes. Free Password GeneratorFree Password Generator generates very strong and unique passwords.

Serial Key Code Top 5 Websites To Learn How To Hack Like A Pro You might be surprised to learn just how many people want to learn how to hack. The stereotype is that of the young college guy – a computer science major for sure – who spends his evenings and weekends writing up intricate hacking scripts to break into whatever computer system he can get his hands on. The truth is that what was once a male-dominated community is fast changing into one that includes folks – men and women – from many walks of life, from many countries and with many backgrounds. This is the natural evolution of such communities, and in time the scales will balance and men and women will hack side by side – but when searching for places to go online to learn how to hack, it’s important to remember that because demographics and the world itself is changing, what you’ll find at most of the hacker websites are also changing significantly as well. There’s a caveat that I have to share before diving into these sites. #1 – Hacking Tutorial: Tech Tips and Hacking Tricks

Dimdim Free Tools | Internet Marketing Solutions If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my Newsletter & Download My Special Report using the form on top left and/or RSS feed for the latest updates. Take some time to leave comments too :-) Thanks for visiting! Free Downloads Internet Marketing Tools, Softwares and eBooks Here are some Free Internet Marketing Tools, softwares and ebooks that you can use for your online business. I have chosen the best reports, and tools for you, they are written by Internet Marketing experts in their field. You may also find some that I already purchased the rights for you to download at no costs: You may read this Download Instructions if this is the first time you are downloading a product. For the latest Free Downloads, please see the bottom of the page for the latest posts or click on the Free Ware Downloads category. If you want to be kept updated of the latest downloads, remember to subscribe to our Free newsletter by filling in your email in the form provided on the top left.

10 Free Websites to download any video off the internet I wrote earlier about how you can convert your youtube videos easily online. Recently I came across at least 10 more websites where you can download ANY video off the internet. Keepvid is definitely one of my personal favorite websites where I download all my videos from. KeepVid supports just about any video sharing site out there. Another great thing about Keepvid is that it displays the most famous videos on the web so you can quickly download the most watched videos. Vixy allows you to convert your youtube video into MPEG4,AVI/MOV/MP4/MP3 and 3GP file online. If you’re looking to covert your videos specifically into mp3 then you can use Flv2Mp3 for best results. It’s is an amazing online video encoding web service that allows you to encode videos into different formats that includes High Quality [HD] very quickly. VideoDownloader is the best Firefox extention for video lovers. One of the most easiest website to use that supports most of the major sites.

3 Free Tools to Help You Nail Your Next Presentation Let’s face it. Solid, dynamic, well-planned and creatively executed presentations are what really sell ideas. Whether you are preparing for a meeting with a potential investor or pitching your service to a prospect, taking the time to create a memorable presentation can tip you over the edge to success. Unfortunately, as entrepreneurs, there are two factors that always seem to get in the way of developing presentations that generate tremendous results: time and money. While it may be hard to eliminate both factors in your quest to create a presentation that fuels a sale, there are three free tools savvy presenters are starting to take advantage of that are beginning to generate more compelling, interesting, persuasive messages than Microsoft PowerPoint ever could. Prezi Created with the intention of ridding the world of boring, linear presentations, Prezi offers a very dynamic and rich method of presenting information on a large canvas. Animoto Daytum