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The Occult Arts of Music: An Esoteric Survey from Pythagoras to Pop Culture - David Huckvale - Google Books. Magic of Radionics. ~~~ CAST BLACK MAGICK SPELLS WITH YOUR PC AND SEE RESULTS THE NEXT DAY ~~~ Coercive Radionics | Are you a beginner in dark arts, and you have the urge, or need, to wield your power right now?

Is there an urgent challenge pressing you that requires immediate forceful action now? Are you a seasoned dark artist ready and willing to expand your power? Wait no longer, because... BY NOW YOU CAN! The answer is technology that enables you to ACT NOW! THE DARK ARTS MANIFESTATION PROGRAM is the first program of its kind that is exclusively designed for the dark caster. The Dark Arts MANIFESTATION PROGRAM goes much further than any other radionics program. . (1) A setting that is designed to represent the basic supporting energy that you use.

For all these reasons, the dark arts Manifestation Program is the ultimate weapon for the Dark Magician. This extraordinary computer program comes with a selection of magical symbols, for increased power:: While it is strongly possible, we do not recommend the use of this program for any nefarious plans against individuals. SPECIAL!! Home Page. Full Moon Circle )0( Greetings Mortals, For those of you who do not know me personally I'm MerlinRavenSong. I'm a African American Witch and Progressive Rock Musician living in the Metropolitan Detroit area. I read tarot cards professionally along with teaching guitar at my home studio. I'm a member of several well known occult organizations; some of which are known while others remain private. I'm best known for running the occult group Full Moon Circle (FMC) while I attended Wayne State University (WSU). Full Moon Circle started out as a student organization on the campus of WSU but soon grew far beyond that.

When I ran FULL MOON CIRCLE we were one of Michigan's longest running occult student organizations. So what is MERLINRAVENSONG.COM? I consider myself to be Pre-Gardenian and have a more earthy approach to The Craft. Please note that if you join my e-group I expect everyone to act like mature adults, I do not tolerate rudeness of any kind. Thomas Karlsson. Therion[edit] Karlsson is the lead vocalist of the symphonic death metal band Shadowseeds along with fellow Dragon Rouge member Tommie Eriksson, who also was Therion's guitarist and drummer.[3] The lyrics reflect the Order's teachings and rituals. The band is currently on hiatus. Books[edit] Notes[edit] External links[edit] On the Obeah Tradition: An Interview With Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold. Nicholaj De Mattos Frisvold is an anthropologist, psychologist, and author of several works of occult lore, including Obeah: A Sorcerous Ossuary: Of all the Living Traditions, Obeah has remained the most elusive.

Whilst Vodou and Santeria have had both academic and occult treatment in tomes widely available to the seeker, Obeah has stayed uncompromisingly rooted as a sorcerous tradition veiled in obscurity. Aonie Anfa: Thanks for your time. You are a very well-respected occult author and I really wanted to highlight your upcoming book Obeah: A Sorcerous Ossuary.Your research is very spot on and valuable to the modern occult and scholarly communities. Could you also give a brief explanation of the research trail and how you were led to Obeah? Nicholaj De Mattos Frisvold: Thank you, you are very welcome. So my research has been largely personal as a student of one man only. My rama is Culumba Batalla Vence Guerra, but mediated with Changani. Hidden in Opposition – Observations on Obeah, Santa Muerte and the Veiled Potency of Folk Practice | ?!

“Obeah is notoriously difficult to define for those searching for a coherent system by this name. Obeah is, like witchcraft, a sorcerous art exercised by the one who possesses the ‘obi’ – or power. The Obeahman or woman inherits a particular power that aids effectively in enhancing the potency of their spellcraft, duppy-catching and sorcery.”- From Obeah: A Sorcerous Ossuary, by Nicholaj De Mattos Frisvold It was Santa Muerte who lead me to Obeah, or rather lead me more deeply into the question of Obeah after I had touched on it earlier while researching the cultural influence of mail-order occultist L.W. de Laurence.

In searching out the popular streams, occult ephemera, and urban materia magica that attend to La Nina Bonita’s contemporary public emergence I encountered a deeper understanding of Obeah, an Afro-Latin spirituality that shares with Her a similar confusion in terms of practice and public persona. Kaliedescopic Images Attend to the Atmosphere A Personal Account Neutral Powers. Obeah: A Sorcerous Ossuary | Hadean Press. Hadean Press announces the release of Obeah: A Sorcerous Ossuary Text by Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold, cover art by Kyle Fite. Of all the Living Traditions, Obeah has remained the most elusive. Whilst Vodou and Santeria have had both academic and occult treatment in tomes widely available to the seeker, Obeah has stayed uncompromisingly rooted as a sorcerous tradition veiled in obscurity.

In Obeah: A Sorcerous Ossuary, Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold teases open this Caribbean mystery and reveals a crooked path into the hidden world of Papa Bones and Sasabonsam with a short monograph concerning the history of this incoherent cult and the ways in which power is bestowed upon and wielded by the Obeahman. This book is currently available in trade hardback and digital editions. The Azrael Project Online-Westgate Necromantic.