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Nothing to download or install. No applets or activex. All editing is done via your browser! Resize - Scale - Rotate - Flip - Crop - Add Text - Add Clipart - Color Correction - Grayscale - Colorize - Set Transparency - Photo Optimizer - Reduce File Size - Edit Photo Dimensions - More! Upload JPG / GIF / PNG image file formats Images saved as JPG or PNG (including transparent PNG) Maximums: 4000 x 4000 pixels, 6 MB EASY - Drag-n-Drop tool windows, clipart, and text to position as needed MISTAKE PROOF - Use "UNDO" function if ever not satisfied with changes OPTIMIZATION - Decrease photo file size with minimal loss of quality ATTENTION: I've had to disable the online image editor due to its high CPU usage because of its overwhelming popularity. In the meantime, Creating Online Recommends: the free and Free Online Photo Editing & Effects

Free Online Photo Editors and Painting Software. Also free photo editing software for PC and Mac Free Online Photo Editors and Free Painting Software You can also find Commercial Image Editing & Painting Software HERE C an't afford one of the high end image editing or photo manipulation programs? Artweaver is a Freeware program for painting. Creating Online is an on-line image editor where all editing is done via your browser. Fauxto is a new web-based image editor, still in beta testing. GIMP - the GNU Image Manipulation Program is a freely distributed program for photo retouching, image composition and image authoring. ImageForge provides you with a set of tools for painting and editing images, photos or other graphics. Krita is a free painting and image editing application for KOffice . is a free on-line image editor. Orange Photo Editor is a free program that allows you to view, manage, and publish photos on your website. Paint.NET is free image editing and photo manipulation software designed for Windows. Picasa lets you crop, edit, organize & more.

The Animator Welcome to Aviary Art Games Free online photo editor with printing and slideshows flauntR flauntR is a free online suite of digital photoediting tools that provides a range of features that are typically only been available in expensive photoediting software. RIA Application build on Adobe Flex The FlauntR RIA (Rich Internet Application) application has been widely cited as an example of intuitive user interface design and use of cutting edge technology. Social Network Integration and Facebook Application flauntR features extensive and indepth integrations with over 16 social networks and Web2.0 applications including Facebook, Bebo, Flickr, Picasa, Open Social among others.flauntR is available as an application on Facebook, Bebo and will also be integrating with a range of other sites. J2EE Architecture The flauntR server side is based on a J2EE technology stack that has been engineered to meet the high traffic requirements demanded by a digital photo community.

45 sites pour créer son avatar Si vous suivez régulièrement ce blog, vous savez déjà que les avatars sont pour moi une source d’inspiration récurrente. La possibilité de créer en quelques clics un personnage à son image dans des styles très différents est plutôt sympa, non ? Je vous ai présenté de nombreux services de ce type. Voici un récapitulatif accompagné de quelques nouveautés. Edit : ajout de 15 nouveaux sites. Skaaz Skaaz vous propose de créer un personnage qui dialoguera avec vos visiteurs en votre absence. La présentation complète Gizmoz Uploadez votre photo, le site vous créera votre avatar en 3 dimensions. La présentation complète Voki Dans un style proche de Gizmoz, Voki vous permet de créer un personnage en mouvement qui parle. La présentation complète Créer son Simpson A l’occasion de la sortie du film des Simpsons, un site spécial avait été mis en ligne. La présentation complète Magixl Ce site vous propose un générateur de caricatures. La présentation complète Face your manga Faut-il encore le présenter ? Osoq

Phixr - Online Photo Editor Create My Picture Avatar Generator... Create cool avatars! Make Email your funny avatar to friends, family or just about anyone using the email box above - Simply enter yours or a friends address and click the 'email' icon. The box: 'from your name or address' will say who the avatar is from - Simply enter your name or email address if you are sending it to someone else. Check Your 'Junk' box if you don't receive your Perfect for use on Facebook profiles, Twitter and more. Avatars are growing in popularity these days. Lately, the use of these small graphic designs seen a sharp rise on sites like Facebook, Myspace, Twitter. One of the biggest reasons for the need to create avatars is associated with the rising use of social networks. The uses of avatars are endless, they aren't just for kids, many grown adults use them and like-wise enjoy designing them too. These days, not always easy to find a simple yet effective avatar generator. To create an avatar you don't need too much imagination.

Pixenate - Edit photos online, fast and easily - No plugins required. Online Drawing Tools & Free Online Painting & Sketching Tools Free Online Drawing Tools, Online Painting Tools, and Online Sketching Tools and Programs As Graphic Designers, we are all creative individuals. I thought that most of you would love to know about all of the fantastic online drawing and painting tools that are available online. Not only are they fun, but they are also quite useful for sketching out some of our ideas. Some of these tools can also be used as design collaboration tools to use with your co-workers, clients, friends, teachers, and family. Enjoy and don’t hesitate to send me links to online drawing tools that I might have missed. Art Pad I think that Artpad is my favorite online drawing program. All My Magic Sketching Tool AllMyMagic is an online drawing tool that allows you to draw, paint, upload image, use provided graphics and even add music to your one-of-a-kind WizCards. Ajax Sketch AjaxSketch is a web-based drawing tool that provides a familiar environment for diagramming, creating flow charts, free hand drawing and more.

ResizR - Easy online image resize