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Over 50 Wood Pallet Projects

Over 50 Wood Pallet Projects
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God Save The Pallet! Reclaimed Pallets Revamped Used in the shipping industry, wood pallets are typically a low end commodity. Usually, pallets will get reused a few times and then they will either be scrapped as trash or used as firewood. Most often made from inexpensive junk species of lumber (whatever is most widely available), wood pallets are the perfect candidate for upcycling. Check out these creative examples of upcycled pallets and I think you'll agree! DIY garden pallet fence (above and below) from Camelot Art CreationsA great way to hide trash cans or air conditioning units! Painted wood wall art by Inspired by Charm Pallet headboard Wonderful wine storage in the kitchen pallet stairs lead to loft On a final note: A word about safety and wood pallets Be advised that some pallets are chemically treated and could actually be hazardous to your health. What's your favorite pallet upcycle? Pin this post! Enjoy your day! Love, Laura

How To Make A Clementine Candle (Awesome!) Please Share This Page: Google + stumbleupon tumblr reddit How To Make A Clementine Candle (Awesome!) We found a great video by Apartment Therapy TV which you are sure to love! Clementines are a variety of a mandarin orange. A candle works by vaporizing the wax/oil and drawing it up the wick where it burns. After cutting, removing the fruit of the clementine, the white part is exposed. You can make this candle with other citrus fruits but clementines are ideally better because they are much easier to peel. You can also use these candles as decorations: You can beautify your house with these during Hallowe’en, the Christmas season or at any other time. If all else fails, you can also “cheat” by using tealights. Try making your own clementine candle at home and impress your friends with it! One last thing – please be VERY SAFE and diligently follow guidelines for candle safety. Okay, here is the video:

DIY Woodworking Plans and Projects Saved By Love Creations Upcycling DIY home decor, woodworking and Crafts DIY Woodworking Plans and Projects Pin167 Tweet Share3 Stumble101 Share Reddit Email Powered by CGView Categories Meet Johnnie Topics chalk paintDistressing furnitureDIY outdoor decorDIY storage containersDIY terrariumDIY weddingDollar store craftDollar store craftsFabric Wall PanelsFeatured ArtistGifts for All OccasionsGuest Postshealthy eatingHopsInspirationmarathon 26.2 giftsmason jar craftsmason jar decorPainted Vasesreclaimed wood projectsRecovery GiftsRecycled aluminum can craftsrecycled bottle craftsrecycled craftsrepurposerepurposed wood palletsRevamp Old Picture FramesSaved By Love Art Printssizzix projectsSpiritual Jewelryspray paintt-shirt craftsupcycleupcycle craftsupcycled home decorUpcycled jewelryupcycle wine bottle craftsUpcycle Wine Bottleswashi tape craftswine bottle craftswine cork craftsWood Pallet Craftswood pallet projectswood pallet upcyclewreath DIY Recent Printables SBLC Topics 50+ Roundups 271 Total Shares

Pallet Hacks - ScrapHacker Cheap’n'Chic Pallet Sofa Posted by on juli 13, 2012 · 12 Comments Been busy hacking around the house the last couple of days! Among other things, I’ve hacked the crap out of yet another discarded pallet, now enjoying a blissful afterlife as a neat little sofa in my kitchen with some equally neat magic storage, check it out: The project is really an easy-peasy D.I.Y, and hope [...] Pallet Hack 2.0? Posted by on januari 25, 2012 · Leave a Comment These hacks might not be the most D.I.Y friendly ones, but I´m thinking they could plant some small seeds of inspiration… Featured above here is the art by Vancouver based artist Aaron Moran (born 1986) who has a trademark hacky, and amazingly cool style (scroll down for some more glorious creations of his). Top 20: D.I.Y Spool Hacks Posted by on december 21, 2011 · 6 Comments Top 15 Pallet Bed Hacks Posted by on november 24, 2011 · 5 Comments Top-15 Pallet Sofa Ideas ScrapHacks @ the office

miss flibbertigibbet: Spoon Lamp Today I wanted to show you one of the decorations I’m doing for the upcoming art show my church is hosting. I’ve been working with art shows for several years and they are such fun! I can think out of the box for fellow artists and really do something funky if I want to. I saw a lamp made from plastic spoons last year on Pinterest. I didn’t belong to Pinterest at the time so I just copied the picture and didn’t worry about where it came from. So, I can’t tell you where the original is located. You’ll need: A large plastic jug A LOT of plastic spoons (I bought a pack of 600 at Costco and I used more) Something to cut the handles off the spoons ( I used garden clippers) A pendant light kit Hot glue Here’s the finished product: So, let’s begin. These run about $5. First, eat the cheese balls…….. Wash out the jug and remove the label….I didn’t worry about getting all the sticky residue off but I didn’t want the label seen when people were looking up at the lamp. Here’s a couple layers done.

Bedroom Makeover: Reading Lamps Guest Bedroom Makeover Day 8: Reading Lamps **Note: This is part of a 12-step bedroom makeover series. Find the previous steps at the bottom of this post.** (channel your inner Osmond before singing) I'm a little bit viiiiintage...I'm a little in-dus-tri-alllllll... I've been loving a slick industrial vibe mixed into highly textural organic elements lately. (On a totally unrelated note...apparently we can't go three meals without doing the dishes around here. It should come as no surprise, then, that I went with this same look for reading lamps in the guest bedroom: I bought two $7 clamp lamps from Lowe's, taped over the electrical inside, spray painted the inner side gold and the outer side blue. Apparently these babies can "only" handle 200W bulbs. I'm pretty happy with them...and the <$20 total price tag, of course. And also? Check out the previous steps to this bedroom makeover: Featured!

Quick And Simple Life Hacks – Part 2 Please Share This Page: Google + stumbleupon tumblr reddit If you are a first-time visitor, please be sure to like us on Facebook and receive our exciting and innovative tutorials and info! There’s something about life hacks that always leaves me speechless. Deodorize Your Shoes – Our feet tend to become stinky because of the sweat and dirt. Rolling Your Clothes For Packing Technique – I remember packing for a trip in highschool and I filled up a large luggage trolley and another sleepover bag (not to mention the fact that I was also carrying my handbag). I suggest that if you plan on buying a lot of stuff during your travels, allow some space for your new purchases. How To Open a Stuck Jar Lid – Quite often it is the vacuum seal, not just the physical tightness of the lid, that causes it to be hard to open.

Creative Ways To Use Pallets Outdoors & In Your Garden In my previous blog post, God Save The Pallet: Reclaimed Pallets Revamped,I shared many ways to rebuild and repurpose pallets into furniture and home decor. Now check out some creative ways to use pallets in your outdoor landscape. Enjoy! I love the sunny yellow paint On a final note: A word about safety and wood pallets Be advised that some pallets are chemically treated and could actually be hazardous to your health. Aside from chemicals, pallets can also harbor bacteria, insects, and mold. Keep these things in mind when considering your pallet project. 1001 Pallets: Repurposed Pallet Ideas

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