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Ortohographe et grammaire

Ortohographe et grammaire

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Teaching Foreign Languages K-12 Workshop Workshop 1. Meaningful Interpretation This session looks at how the interpretation of texts (including documents, paintings, movies, audio recordings, and more) can go beyond literal comprehension and tap into students' background knowledge while fostering critical-thinking skills. Go to this unit. Workshop 2. Person to Person Focusing on interpersonal communication, session participants discuss how students use language to make themselves understood and to understand others. The session also explores how different teaching approaches encourage or discourage meaningful student interaction.

1 - COD, COI ou COS ? Exercice de grammaire en ligne French Grammar Lesson . - The complément d'objet direct (COD) is the word or group of words that joins the verb without preposition, to complete the meaning.- The complément d'objet indirect (COI) is the word or group of words that joins the verb with preposition. Questions are asked to whom, what, from whom, from whom, what, for whom, for what...- The complément d'objet second (COS) is called like that because the sentence already has a direct object complement and it is the second one. (sometimes referred to as indirect second complement) J'unis un cœur COD/ de neige à la blancheur des cygnes. COS/ (Baudelaire) Je hais le mouvement COD/ qui dérangent les lignes. COD/ (Baudelaire) Je me souviens des jours anciens COI/ et je pleure.

6 Digital Tools for Differentiated Instruction As educators, we are always looking for ways to address the numerous academic needs of our students within the classroom. There are students who need more help, students who need to be challenged more, and those students somewhere in the middle. Technology can help both assess what students need as well as challenge them to grow. So keep reading to discover six digital tools you can add to your repertoire to help differentiate instruction within your classroom, in addition to Schoology of course.

funEZcrafts - Easy Angel Crafts - Doily Paper Angel Save Make this Easy Angel Crafts Doily Paper Angel quickly using a few simple materials and tools. A whole choir of angels can stand on a table or sideboard. Learn French Online Learn French for Free French Vocabulary by Theme Greetings, Alphabet, Numbers, Food, Time, Videos with Ratounet...Many exercises and games, all the vocabulary comes with audio files to improve your pronunciation in French. French Grammar Definite Demonstrative Pronoun The definite demonstrative pronoun is a compound of the demonstrative adjective ce (this, that…[noun]) and the third-person tonic pronouns lui (he-him), elle (she-her), eux (they-them, masc.), elles (they-them, fem.), thus: The ce part makes the forms demonstrative (= pointing); the lui, etc. part makes them definite, i.e., having a definite gender (masculine or feminine) and number (singular or plural), which is to say that these forms stand for a specific noun, while pointing to a particular case of it. Of a plurality of persons or things, which one or ones do you mean? Answer: “The one(s)…” It is the nature of these forms that they cannot not appear alone. They have to be immediately followed by a modifier, which can be one of three kinds:

Tips and Tricks: Some Essential Basic Tools any 21st Century Teacher should Know About. Do you know how to download a video from youtube or convert a PDF or a website into an editable Word document? Do you know where to find free images and videos to use in your projects or how to record audio and create a QR code to share with your students and colleagues? Did you know that long URLs can be easily shortened so that they can be shared more easily? If you don’t, then this post might be for you! I’m not a digital native. Far from it.

Articles for complete beginners in French (Fle A1) "You have been a fantastic teacher and a friend. My move to France would have been positively awful had I not had such a wonderful tuition by you. You are truly an energetic, interesting person who makes people at ease and comfortable in your company. 1000 Most Common French Words - Top French vocabulary Written by Administrator Friday, 19 February 2010 10:29 When starting to learn French, it is always a good idea to memorize the most common words first. This will enable you to understand many more situations than if you were leaning your French vocabulary from random sources. Here's the list of most common French words along with their English translation. Note that some words in the list perform a similar function and can be grouped into a single entry with a higher combined rank.

Tying It All Together: 23 Transition Words for Seamless French Choppy French is a recipe for disaster. Okay, so maybe it’s not that bad… But nobody wants their French to sound choppy, right? Luckily, the French language has quite the catalog of transition words to help hold it all together. And let me tell you, the French love their transition words!