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Les tremblements de Soleil induiraient bien des éruptions solaires… C'est à l'occasion du douzième anniversaire de Soho, lancé en 1996, que l'équipe lui a offert un collier... © Soho/Esa/Nasa Les tremblements de Soleil induiraient bien des éruptions solaires… - 2 Photos Comme la Terre, le Soleil serait parfois secoué de puissantes secousses. TechEBlog The Museum of Unworkable Devices Physics Gallery Perpetual motion machine inventors do have principles. Unfortunately the physical principles they assume are often ones not obeyed by nature. Let's examine just a few. The principle of unlimited possibility. Anything is possible in nature.

Espace Archives - Source Le Sud-Ouest de l'Information spatiale régionale Nature by numbers. The theory behind this movie We can find interactive sites on the internet (like this) to draw points, move them, and check how the structure becomes updated in real time. In fact, if we have a series of random dots scattered in the plane, the best way of finding the correct Voronoi Telesación for this set is using the Delaunay triangulation. And in fact, this is precisely the idea shown on the animation: first the Delaunay Triangulation and then, subsequently, the Voronoi Tessellation. But to draw a correct Delaunay Triangulation is necessary to meet the so-called “Delaunay Condition”. This means that: a network of triangles could be considered Delaunay Triangulation if all circumcircles of all triangles of the network are “empty”.

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