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Pink Penguin: Tutorial: Lunch Bag

Pink Penguin: Tutorial: Lunch Bag
Thank you for encouraging me to write up a tute on this lunch (bento box) bag! I really like this bag pattern because this bag, measuring approximately 9"(width) x 7 1/2"(hight w/o handles) x 5 1/2" (depth), can be used not only for bento boxes of any kind but also for carrying little crafty projects like yarn + needles. It has a cover inside that can give nice privacy for whatever in there and the cover can also prevent it from getting dusty in a windy day. It is much sturdier and larger than the fabric basket, so if you found that your fabric basket was too small or too floppy as a gift bag, this might be a good alternative..?! As usual, I have tons of images to share each step with you, so bare with me! There you go!! We'll need these pieces of fabric, As usual, all the measurement includes 1/4" seam allowances unless otherwise noted. Then press seam open. I am fusing it onto the wrong side of the outer bag piece. Boxing corners. Then cut off the corner. Now let's move onto the handles.

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Bento Bag ~ Lunch bag sewing tutorial from RebeccaMaeDesigns Modern Quilting by Sherri Noel Sew Mama Sew and Spoonflower put together a fabulous Kitchen Linens Challenge! The challenge was to choose a kitchen fabric from Spoonflower and make anything kitchen related… I made this fun Bento Bag! I think selecting the fabrics was almost harder than making the bag! Tutorial: Patchwork Wristlet Thank you to many of you who requesteda tutorial on this pouch. This wristlet,measuring approximately 6 3/4" x 5",has some fun features including three insidepockets for cards and a chap stick and a littleloop outside the pouch that holds a key chain.I have been making tons of these pouches justbecause this project is simple, easy, quick, fun,and quite addictive, so I hope you enjoy this tutorial. We start off with twenty four 2 1/4" squares.(Once again, seam allowance of 1/4" isincluded unless otherwise noted.)Twelve of them will be one side, andthe other twelve go to the back side. We now take the twelve squares that come toone side of the pouch.

Square(ish) Bottomed Hobo Lunchbag Tutorial Necessity being the mother of invention, I first made this bag because I wanted something that would have all the features of a plastic bag, except I wouldn’t want to throw it out. The features I really wanted were: ability to hold a square container in an upright position, tie-able, light, washable and squishable. Also cute. And so the Square(ish) Bottomed Hobo Lunchbag was born. how to downloads - Sewgirl This page is devoted to those who want to 'make it' in your own fabrics. For free 'Make Your Mother Proud' patterns to print off, please scroll down to bottom of the page. All patterns are suitable for beginners, they are fun to make and adorable too! All the items here are available as downloads as a PDF zip file and consist of A4 pages including templates, instructions and diagrams.

Project Bag Tutorial I've had a bit of a craze lately of making project bags. They are a quick and satisfying sewing hit, and they are also really useful to keep small crochet and knitting projects in, especially things like socks which is my other obsession at the moment! So I thought I would show you here my method of making the bags. a craft blog: A Very Simple Bento Bag Tutorial : The Math Hello All ~~ I came across a very, very simple drawstring bento bag pattern; thinking it would be a delightful project to share as a tutorial. However, when the bag was complete, it seemed a bit small, barely fitting my 4.5" square bento box.

Kissed by the Sun: The Art of Solar Dyeing Spend some time outdoors with beautiful colors and harness the power of the sun! Artist Caitlin ffrench explains how to dye yarn or fiber with natural materials and solar energy; hence, solar dyeing! Originally published in knitscene Summer 2013. Organizing Tote Basket {tutorial} Organizing Tote Basket Tutorial (Allow 3-4 hours to complete) Materials Needed: * cotton fabric about 1 yard *fat quarter of flannel fabric or light weight stabilizer Fabric Box Patterns and Sewing Directions  1. Download Patterns:Click on picture to enlarge on your screen.Right click on picture. Click on "Save Picture As"Save to your computer. Print at 100% scale in any photo/picture software.

Tabi boots for Tim Drake Robin - The League of Heroes - The Original Comics/Sci Fi/Pop Culture Fa Favorite costuming links and a wealth of DIY information. Don't forget your LOH Library card. Joined: 05 Aug 2008, 19:32 17 Mar 2009, 01:17 #1 I have a book called Make your own Japanese Clothes that shows how to make tabi boots aka ninja boots. I noticed that the Tim Drake Robin wore the split toe design, Does any one want me to post the instructions on how to make? Thirteenth Doctor pattern by Anni Howard This pattern is available as a free Ravelry download The Thirteenth Doctor scarf was inspired by the colours in the scarf worn by Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor Who. I chose 15 colours from Stylecraft Special DK range which sounds like a lot of money but actually they are very cost effective at less than £2 per 100g ball. I had lots left so you can make multiple scarves from most of the shades - the only colour you will need to buy for a second scarf is the N (mid blue shade) as it takes over half the ball. To make it even more cost effective, work only 18 rows instead of 30 in this shade, to get two scarves from one ball.

Anniversary sewing: picnic placemats 7 May It is a really ugly day here, with intermittent rain and constant gray skies — no way to spend a Friday, in my mind. (Especially because I was planning to plant the basil seeds that have been sitting on the kitchen counter for at least two weeks, now.) So I’ll look forward to brighter, more picnic-worthy days by showing you these placemats I made for Pete’s and my one-year anniversary. Pattern of kimono doll Preparation on Japanese doll making. See also About materials. Materials for doll Cloth for bases. Stretch fabric for skin.