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Moneychimp: learn Stock Investing, Index Funds, Valuation Models, and more.

Moneychimp: learn Stock Investing, Index Funds, Valuation Models, and more.
Why index investing makes sense... What indexes and index funds are... How to build a simple portfolio... ...and a tiny list of index funds and ETFs. Tax Calculator ... Capital Gains Calculator Payroll Tax Calculator (Social Security and Medicare) Tax Brackets Roth IRA basics, income and contribution limits, investment suggestions, and a Roth IRA calculator.

Investment Valuation: A Little Theory Investment Valuation: A Little Theory We'll start with a little theory before we get to the calculators. A company is valuable to stockholders for the same reason that a bond is valuable to bondholders: both are expected to generate cash for years into the future. Company profits are more volatile than bond coupons, but as an investor your task is the same in both cases: make a reasonable prediction about future earnings, and then "discount" them by calculating how much they are worth today.

Word Tree Word Tree Shift-click to make that word the root. Obama’s Inauguration Speech The Cat in the Hat Alice in Wonderland Financial Investing Tutorials Ponzimonium After Bernard Madoff's $65 billion Ponzi scheme was revealed, many new (smaller-scale) Ponzi schemers became exposed. Ponzimonium ... Quarterly Earnings Report A quarterly filing made by public companies to report their performance.

5 things that destroy a company’s value Imagine this: You build a tech company with lots of happy customers and an enterprise value of 1.0 times revenue. So you challenge the sales team, the company doubles its top-line revenue and achieves an enterprise value of .75 times revenue. Or less. This may sound ridiculous. But it happens all the time. Take a look at Cisco over the last decade. Economics Revision Notes AS, A2 & IB Economics Revision Notes This is a new, comprehensive collection of free revision notes to support core topics on your AS, A2 or International Baccaleaurate Economics courses. Click on the relevant tab to find suitable notes. Click here for a comprehensive range of economics revision presentations Digital Magazines

10 Blogs Entrepreneurs Need to Be Reading See the 2012 edition: 10 Must Read Blogs for Entrepreneurs (2012 Edition) #1. The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur How the Stock Market Works For a new investor, the stock market can feel a lot like legalized gambling. "Ladies and gentlemen, place your bets! Randomly choose a stock based on gut instinct and water cooler chatter! If the price of your stock goes up -- and who knows why? -- you win! If it drops, you lose!" Starting a Business: Advice from the Trenches If you’re like thousands of other designers, programmers and other creative professionals out there, at one point in time you’ve considered starting your own business. Unlike most, you’ve gone against common sense and decided to open shop for yourself. And not just freelance full-time, mind you, but file for the company name, get some stationery, and wade through the legal mumbo-jumbo. Maybe even get a real office with a water cooler. This article offers real-world advice from the trenches of a small start-up, and is applicable to designers, web developers, copywriters, usability experts and all manner of service providers. Freelancers take heed: there are several items that are just as pertinent to your profession.

Gold & Inflation As the story goes, someone asked an economist how his wife was doing, and the economist answered "compared to what?" Joking aside, this is one of the most important questions one can ask when dealing with many economic problems. In recent times, with gold reaching all-time highs, we have seen people question the valuation of assets in dollars.