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Mobile Web @ W3C Quick menu: W3C Mobile Web Initiative | Site navigation Combining the power of the Web with the strengths of mobiles devices. W3C’s mission includes ensuring that the Web be available on as many kind of devices as possible. Different Ways To Infinity - Félix Luque Sánchez Different Ways To Infinity Focusing on the limits between scientific modelization and reality, theory and perception, the installation plays with different meanings of the endlessness. D.W.I gathers experiments as fictional strategies to generate infinity: The complexity of chaos, the space filling capacity of the rhombic dodecahedron, the replication of motorized mechanical systems as clones, or a machine’s effort to raise a pendulum against gravity. Circulating Film & Video Library Established in 1935 to collect films that illustrate the historic and artistic development of motion pictures and to establish the medium as a major art form, the Circulating Library initially included a circulating collection available at reasonable rates to colleges, museums, and other educational institutions. This has since been expanded to include regional and international film festivals, individual collectors, and other film organizations. The Circulating Library also provides the unique service of offering access to works by important independent filmmakers, works that would otherwise not be readily available. Although the Circulating Library has always had a widely varied collection, including early silent films, important documentaries, avant-garde and independent works, animation, and video art, an effort has been made in recent years to strengthen certain areas and to make more titles available to a wider film community. Titles and Price Lists Contact

Googler Turns Censored Images Into Meta Art Google's Street View-style cameras are giving Googlers one more thing to ogle at. That's right, not just the great outdoors — now you can scope out museums, too. With the Google Art Project, you can take a gallery or collection tour and peruse through more than 45,000 pieces of art by approximately 10,000 artists. Google's 15-lens camera contraptions — the ones used for Street View — are again to thank; however, because of certain copyright restrictions, some paintings are blurred. One artist, Phil Thompson of the UK, has decided to flip the censorship on its head and create meta art out of the blurred boxes. Your way to custom Hangout graphics Create your own Google+ ID card! Red Blue Green Yellow Enter your Profile ID

The making of Arduino Arduino Due board (credit: Randi Silberman Klett) Arduino recently unveiled the Arduino Due, a board with a 32-bit Cortex-M3 ARM processor that offers more computing power for makers with complex projects such as FM radios, 3-D printer kits, or drones. Google has also released an Arduino-based developer board that lets an Android phone interact with motors, sensors, and other devices. 11 Net Artists You Should Know “Internet art” has been around as long as long as the Internet itself. A renegade thing, it’s always on the edge of new technology, with its medium functioning as its own platform. GIFs, CAPTCHA codes, found imagery, experimental social networks — the manifestations and run-off of our daily online experience is all ripe fodder for the net artist. There has been some exciting new work floating around lately, so instead of taking you back to some ’80s cave drawing era of net art, we’ll introduce you to a few fun recent net artists, ranging from the tongue-in-cheek early Internet throwbacks to the user-friendly art “tools” anyone can enjoy. Disclaimer: If you think art is pretty paintings of pretty things, this little primer isn’t for you.

Artists in Their Own Words: The MoMA Oral History Program Posted by Jeanmarie Theobalds, Oral History Program Manager, 2011-2012 Artist Oral History Initiative The transcripts of the Oral History Program have long been a central part of The Museum of Modern Art Archives, known to many in scholarly circles as an unrivaled primary source for the collective memory of MoMA’s history. The collection of Oral History transcripts has been meticulously and diligently maintained since 1991. Being an oral historian, it is hardly a surprise that I harbor a certain affection for the transcript; the transcribed words and language lend a texture and vibrancy to any bare historical fact.

Archer (typeface) Archer is a slab serif style digital typeface designed in 2001 by Hoefler & Frere-Jones for use in Martha Stewart Living magazine. The face is unique for combining the geometric structure of twentieth-century European slab-serifs but imbuing the face with a domestic, less strident tone of voice. The typeface has been used for, among other things, branding for Wells Fargo and is a main font for the San Francisco Chronicle and Wes Anderson's film The Grand Budapest Hotel. Archer dbCinema Binary Meditations Videos of dbCinema in action are screen recordings of dbCinema sessions I've done using the desktop version of dbCinema. The Full Meal Deal is dbCinema itself. With all the interactive controls. You are first prompted to specify the concept. dbCinema then does a Google image search on the concept and retrieves images somehow related to the concept. Then dbCinema uses those images as 'paint'. The Interactive Series are powered by dbCinema itself, though in a much simpler interface than the above version.

The Making of Arduino For Banzi, this is perhaps the most important impact of Arduino: the democratization of engineering. "Fifty years ago, to write software you needed people in white aprons who knew everything about vacuum tubes. Now, even my mom can program," Banzi says. "We’ve enabled a lot of people to create products themselves." Not all engineers love Arduino. List of new media art festivals The following is an incomplete list of art festivals dedicated to new media art. International Festivals[edit] The ISEA International Symposium on Electronic Art is an annual event consisting of a symposium on issues related to electronic art and an exhibition in a festival format.[1] Each year, the symposium is hosted by a different organization and country. The most recent festivals were: ISEA 2015 in Vancouver,[2] ISEA 2014 Dubai,[3] and ISEA 2013 in Sydney.[4] Africa[edit]

Art on Screen Database an international compilation of bibliographic information about moving-image productions on the visual arts © 1985-1997 by the Program for Art on Film, Inc. Subjects covered Fine arts (painting, sculpture, drawing), architecture, archaeology, photography, decorative arts, design, costume, crafts, folk arts, and related topics such as aesthetics and creativity. Media formats included Film, video, videodisc, multimedia and CD-ROM productions. Coverage More than 25,000 records, representing productions from some seventy countries. The majority of these productions date from 1970 to the present, with selective coverage of earlier productions from 1915 through 1969.

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