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Des milliers de Tunisiens quittent la Libye - Monde

Des milliers de Tunisiens quittent la Libye - Monde

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LIBYAN PROTESTERS ATTACK S.KOREAN & CHINESE COMPANIES Resentment over the comfortable life-style of foreigners working in Libyan projects as compared to the poverty of Libyan workers seems to be playing a role in the current turmoil in Libya. This resentment has led to a number of attacks on South Korean and Chinese companies in Libya. 2. Even before the unrest began in Egypt, there were reports of attacks on South korean construction sites. Pope Benedict silences child abuse conspiracy theorists on Portu Pope Benedict with Lisbon Archbishop D Jose Policarpo, left, and priest Jose Manuel dos Santos Ferreira during the official welcome ceremony in the Jeronimos monastery, Lisbon. Photograph: Miguel A Lopes/EPA The following correction was printed in the Guardian's Corrections and clarifications column, Monday 31 May 2010 The story below spoke of papal criticism of a 2007 Portuguese law allowing abortion. To clarify, what the 2007 law introduced was abortion on demand up to the tenth week of pregnancy.

Another mass die-off: Millions of fish found dead in China (NaturalNews) Two days before the massive 9.0+ magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Japan, millions of dead fish were found mysteriously blanketing waters at King Harbor Marina in Redondo Beach, Calif. ( And in a similar turn of events, millions of dead fish were recently discovered floating in China's Minjiang River -- just a coincidence, or a sign of worse things to come? What's on Xiamen, a Chinese news source, reports that countless millions of dead fish were found floating on a large portion of the Minjiang River stretching from Huangtian in Gutian County, to Shuikou, an area that represents the largest grass carp breeding region in China's Fujian Province. As many as nine million fish have reportedly died in Huangtian alone, thus far.

WikiLeaks Hacker Friends Claim MasterCard Attack Updated at 2:11 p.m. ET Hackers rushed to the defense of WikiLeaks on Wednesday, launching attacks on MasterCard, Swedish prosecutors, a Swiss bank and others who have acted against the site and its jailed founder Julian Assange. Special Report: WikiLeaks So-called "hacktivists" operating under the label "Operation Payback" claimed responsibility in a Twitter message for causing severe technological problems at the website for MasterCard, which pulled the plug on its relationship with WikiLeaks a day ago. "MasterCard rules prohibit customers from directly or indirectly engaging in or facilitating any action that is illegal," spokesman Chris Monteiro told's sister site CNET.

Israeli naval force intercepts Iranian weapon ship 4-Nov-2009 (Communicated by the IDF Spokesperson) On Tuesday (November 3, 2009) a special naval force detained and boarded a merchant ship carrying the flag of Antigua about 100 miles west of the coast of Israel. Interception of the Francop (IDF Spokesperson) Following an initial inspection, which determined that it was carrying a significant amount of weapons disguised as civilian cargo, the weapons-loaded ship was directed to an Israeli port so as to enable further searches on board and a detailed inspection of the cargo. The IDF Spokesperson said that after the ship was boarded and checked, it was taken into Israel to conduct a detailed inspection of the cargo.

Middle East News, Iraq, Iran current affairs THE ROVING EYE Gaddafi goes Tiananmen By Pepe Escobar "The unity of China was more important than the people of Tiananmen Square." "It's impossible for the youth to follow anyone else. Keeping the record straight on Benedict and the crisis Intense scrutiny is being devoted these days to Pope Benedict XVI's history on the sex abuse crisis. Revelations from Germany have put his five years as a diocesan bishop under a spotlight, and a piece on Thursday in The New York Times, on the case of Fr. Lawrence Murphy of Milwaukee, also called into question his Vatican years as prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.Despite complaints in some quarters that all this is about wounding the pope and/or the church, raising these questions is entirely legitimate. Anyone involved in church leadership at the most senior levels for as long as Benedict XVI inevitably bears some responsibility for the present mess. My newspaper, the National Catholic Reporter, today called editorially for full disclosure about the pope's record, and it now seems abundantly clear that only such transparency can resolve the hard questions facing Benedict.

Grandmother Has Lucky Escape As Huge Sinkhole Appears Under Bed In Guatemala City A grandmother in Guatemala City has had a lucky escape after a huge sinkhole suddenly opened up under her bed as she slept. Inocenta Hernandez woke up on July 18 to discover she was lying just inches above a 12m (40ft) deep sinkhole. Mrs Hernandez was startled by a large booming sound which she thought was a gas explosion outside. The sound was actually the earth under her bed imploding to create a deep and almost perfectly circular hole. If the pit had been a few metres larger it may have swallowed the pensioner as she slept. The 65-year-old said: "My son was crying because you never expect something like that in the bedroom.

Cyberattackers Focus on Enemies of WikiLeaks’s Assange Within 12 hours of a British judge’s decision on Tuesday to deny Mr. Assange bail in a Swedish extradition case, attacks on the Web sites of WikiLeaks’s “enemies,” as defined by the organization’s impassioned supporters around the world, caused several corporate Web sites to become inaccessible or slow down markedly. Targets of the attacks, in which activists overwhelmed the sites with traffic, included the Web site of MasterCard, which had stopped processing donations for WikiLeaks;, which revoked the use of its computer servers; and PayPal, which stopped accepting donations for Mr. Assange’s group. was also affected by the attacks, as were the Web sites of the Swedish prosecutor’s office and the lawyer representing the two women whose allegations of sexual misconduct are the basis of Sweden’s extradition bid.

Iran to inspect Gulf ships if sanctions used on cargo Tehran: Iran will inspect ships in the Arabian Gulf and Strait of Hormuz in retaliation for any action against its own shipping stemming from the latest United Nations nuclear sanctions. "If only one Iranian ship gets inspected, we will take the necessary measures," Hussain Ebrahimi, a member of the parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Committee, was cited as saying on Friday by the state-run Mehr news agency. "We will inspect several of their ships in return for one ship they would inspect." The UN Security Council on June 9 approved a fourth round of sanctions against Iran in an effort to curb its nuclear development.

Libya unrest: UN urges mass border evacuation 2 March 2011Last updated at 07:58 The BBC's Jim Muir: "There are thousands upon thousands of people waiting desperately to cross that border" The UN has called for a mass humanitarian evacuation of people fleeing Libya for Tunisia, saying the border situation is at "crisis point". Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said thousands of lives were at stake.

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