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Se hungern! - Play - NE

Se hungern! - Play - NE

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Killer Core Workout While we love a good ab workout, a killer core isn’t just about a flat stomach. Whittling your middle also means paying attention to your sides, or, more specifically, your obliques. Strong obliques will make your waist appear slimmer, improve your posture, support your lower back, and make your clothes fit even better. What is Corruption? How do you define corruption? Generally speaking as “the abuse of entrusted power for private gain”. Corruption can be classified as grand, petty and political, depending on the amounts of money lost and the sector where it occurs.

Indigenous Place Names - Classroom - BTN Have you ever wondered how places got their names? Like, why is Sydney, Sydney? Who is Kimberley anyway? Was this place just really great at sweeping? Trump and trickle-down press persecution Illustration by Chelsea Beck It’s become clear in recent months that Donald Trump’s growling at the national press has, in many ways, backfired. The New York Times and The Washington Post are producing exceptional and indignant stories about the new administration. Subscriptions have surged.

In a Heartbeat – Film English This lesson plan is designed around a short film titled In a Heartbeat and the theme of love. Students learn and practice expressions using the word “heart”, watch a short film trailer, predict and write a story, watch and discuss a short film, and watch and discuss a video in which elderly people give their reactions to the short film. Language level: Intermediate (B1) – Upper Intermediate (B2) Learner type: Teens and adults Time: 90 minutes Activity: Practicing expressions using the word “heart”, watching a short film trailer, predicting and writing a story, watching and discussing a short film, and watch and discussing a reaction video

8 Moves for Flat Abs That Aren’t Crunches! Are you bored of doing the same old ab routine and not seeing any results? First of all, I will point out that ab exercises alone are NOT going to give you the abs of your dreams, it is a scientific fact. Many people get trapped into the mindset that sit ups = abs. Geography in the News Dollar street is a new way to look at families around the world. It puts every family along a street with poorest family on the left from the left and the richest family on the right. The income for each family is in United States Dollars. Where Dollar Street is different however is that it doesn’t use numbers or writing to show the differences between people it uses pictures. Indigenous Australian Flags The Australian Aboriginal Flag History The Australian Aboriginal Flag was designed by artist Harold Thomas and first flown at Victoria Square in Adelaide, South Australia, on National Aborigines Day in July 1971.

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