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The Alphabet 2

The Alphabet 2

Jessica Hische orem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec mauris lorem, luctus nec imperdiet a, porttitor eget erat. Quisque suscipit congue neque id adipiscing. Vivamus ornare nisl id lacus egestas quis varius dolor vehicula. Cras ac lacus in massa sagittis sollicitudin quis in lorem. De l’image animée à la production audiovisuelle (ressources, outils, jeux…) Anim 2.0 est un site dédié au film d’animation : il comporte un serious game, un module créatif et des compléments pédagogiques (en cours). Créé par les Rencontres Audiovisuelles, cet outil permet de découvrir le film d’animation et d’aborder la création et le langage audiovisuel de façon souple et ludique ! Le site Web : Et aussi à découvrir le logiciel (payant) Images 2.0 a la forme d’un jeu vidéo, avec une trame narrative qui permet d’aborder les différentes notions d’éducation à l’image. Dès le lancement du jeu, deux options sont proposées : le mode enfant (à partir de 8 ans), ou le mode adolescent/adulte. Les textes (consignes, définitions) et les contenus (extraits de films par exemple) sont adaptés aux âges des publics.

Akatre – Bizarre Photography There’s absolutely no information that we’ve found on the artist Akatre other than his or her Tumblr page. However, the works on the page are awesomely strange. Looks like mainly portrait photography work with some serious flare. We’re sure you’ll enjoy it. Like this:

Neil Duerden Today I have a great project created by Neil Duerden. Neil had interest in computer generated type recently, so decided to take it upon himself to try and create the alphabet within a two week period. The idea was simple, each letter to be created and be recognisable as that letter from childhood times. Chad Wys, Tumblr Anonymous asked, “What music do you like to listen to while you art?” Answer: "German death reggae and Halloween sound effects records from the 1950s." And an awful lot of classical/film scores. Anonymous asked, “I like almost everything you post.

41 creative alphabets Dripping chocolate alphabet - a tasty idea by Kimberly Reynolds. Toilet paper roll alphabet - Artist, Unknown. via Central St. Martin Revealing and concealing parts of a single chair form an unconventional alphabet chart. By Amandine Alessandra. Butterfly wing alphabet by Kjell B.

JUXTAPOZ Nashville-based photographer Giles Clement’s sophisticated, retrograde style of photography. Roman Laurent and the GIF. Juxtapoz contributor and hip-hop star Aesop Rock’s music video for “Kirby” directed by Toben Seymour. Gifs by Jaime Martinez inspired by ‘70s and '60s aesthetics. essays on reality chapter II - “Nobody does modern, minimalist surrealism quite like Greg Barth. His “Essays on Reality” might just make you question yours.”Vimeo Stay tuned for the next episodes on: Facebook