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  Free K-12 Educational Materials for Teachers and Students

  Free K-12 Educational Materials for Teachers and Students

The ESL Commando Welcome to Crickweb Tutoring Business: Starting a Tutoring Business: Seven Important Lessons The Tutoring Business is pleased to present By Tony Aitken, President The Wealthy Tutor, Specializing in Tutoring Business Startup Sytems and Resources After working in the telecom industry for 15 years as a marketing consultant, I started looking around for new challenges. Although exact numbers are hard to come by, I would estimate the current tutoring industry in North America to be upwards of $10 billion annually and growing at a healthy pace. In September, 2003, I started a tutoring business by hiring university students on contract and sending them to people's homes to tutor their children in Math, Science & English. Seven Important Lessons I Have Learned Starting My Own Tutoring Business Do a Self-Assessment Ask yourself why you want to start a tutoring business. Write a Business Plan If you don't know where you're going then you will probably get there! What services will I offer? Implement Your Plan Don't Sell Yourself Short Get It Up Front Don't Waste Money © Copyright Tony Aitken.

Liste de sites utiles pour les enseignants d'anglais Un article de Wiki Agreg-Ink. La page est en cours de réorganisation. Les rubriques seront classées par ordre alphabétique et non par ordre d'importance. Compréhension orale (Listening) Compréhension écrite (Reading) ESL short stories Expression Orale ( Speaking) Logiciels pour la prononciation : Text To Speech Expression Ecrite (Writing) Language Learning Resource CenterETC clipart : Cliparts éducatifs et gratuits. Il existe aussi des listes de discussion académiques. Le Café Pédagogique, toute l'actualité y est et vous pouvez vous inscrire à la lettre mensuelle pour les profs de langue ou aux flux RSS!

50 Brain Facts Every Educator Should Know January 27th, 2010 By Pamelia Brown The brain is perhaps the most fascinating organ in the human body. It controls everything from breathing to emotions to learning. If you work with children, here are some facts that you might find helpful, from how the brain affects learning to facts about memory to interesting facts about the brain that you can share with your students. Brain Development and Learning Read on to learn interesting facts about how the brain develops, what can affect that development, and how learning is impacted. Read aloud. Memory Learn about the way short-term memory differs from long-term memory, how scent affects memory, and more. Different types of memory. Brain Trivia From how the brain helps while blinking to early brain surgery, these bits of trivia might come in handy the next time you are teaching about the brain. Blinking. The Physical Brain With this list, you’ll be prepared the next time you need to whip out fast facts about the make-up of the human brain. Water.

Collège Cours De Profs vous recommande le nouveau site de construction en ligne de votre cahier de bord personnel sur mesures. Dans cette nouvelle version, vous trouverez les calendriers spécifiques suivants : Corse, Guyane, Martinique, Mayotte, Nouvelle Calédonie, Polynésie française, La Réunion, Saint Pierre et Miquelon, La Guadeloupe, ainsi que Wallis et Futuna. Puisez parmi les miliers de pages, leurs variations de formes et de couleurs, et ajustez-les en quelques clics... Découvrez les nouveaux modèles de pages disponibles comme les agendas, plannings et calendriers mensuels puis adaptez-les à votre propre style en modifiant leur présentation : orientation, colonnes, jours, horaires, couleurs et les polices de caractères, ect. Remplissez de manière automatique les noms de vos classes et de vos élèves, choisissez un calendrier ou un agenda adapté à votre zone scolaire et commandez une version imprimée et livrée par courrier.

How to Become a Life Coach Your rating: None Average: 4 (2 votes) If you’ve found this article from a Google search, I assume that you are already familiar with what a life coach is. Even if you are, reading my article "What is a Life Coach" will provide you with valuable information on what exactly a life coach does, how coaching contracts work, what typical coaching formats look like and how you might want to focus your business as you consider becoming a coach. This article is geared towards the logistics on what you can do to become a life coach and start your own business. What Credentials do I Need? At the risk of turning people off to life coaching in this article, I am going to give you the facts about people that are calling themselves coaches. Lets take a bit of a closer look here. Lets look at some other examples of similar professions that might fall into the same category. Before Calling Yourself a Coach… What Background do I need? This is an interesting question. What Education if any Should I Get? Welcome to Coach U Important 2016 Note: The most up-to-date program and course information for Coach U and Corporate Coach U can be found at We are transitioning from this site. Please visit for updated information. As a 1998 graduate, my longtime coaching career is a testimony to the strength, durability and excellence of the program. Coach U is the leading global provider of coach training programs. Since 1992, Coach U has offered the most comprehensive coach training programs with 95% of faculty members that are professionally trained, experienced, ICF certified coaches at the PCC or MCC level. For many coaches, supporting others in building terrific lives is the most fulfilling work they have ever done. Click on the following links to learn more: First, download our complimentary 150+ page Becoming a Coach e-book Introductory Coach Training Q&A Sessions, Becoming A Coach TeleClasses, or Building Your Personal Foundation™ TeleClasses.