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Inspiration sites et web et webdesigns

Inspiration sites et web et webdesigns

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Findspire, une nouvelle plateforme de streaming multiculturelle pour la musique, les arts visuels, le cinéma et la mode Contrairement aux plateformes axées uniquement sur le son ou la vidéo, Findspire propose de réunir la crème de l'innovation artistique mondiale dans quatre domaines : la mode, la musique, le cinéma et les arts visuels - rien que ça ! Lancée en version béta depuis le mois de décembre, la plateforme Findspire est depuis le 26 janvier accessible au public dans sa version stable. Les deux jeunes trentenaires Florent Defay et Philippe Bridant ont appelé leur startup Findspire, - soit “find your inspiration” (trouvez votre inspiration) - pour lancer une plateforme de streaming particulière. Findspire annonce une offre artistique qui regroupe la musique, le cinema, la mode et les arts visuels et ce au niveau mondial.

Les 30 sites les plus populaires pour réaliser une veille efficace Vous êtes nombreux à effectuer une veille quotidienne dans l'univers du web design afin de trouver des inspirations, astuces et des ressources pratiques. Découvrez dès maintenant les sites les plus populaires pour vous aider au quotidien. Des sites variés et riches en informations ! Cet article se base sur notre dernier sondage réalisé il y a quelques semaines (Etude sur la veille et les ressources en web design), où vous étiez plus de 870 personnes à répondre et partager votre quotidien, un grand merci à tous pour votre participation. plateforme communautaire entre professionnels de l'art et artistes indépendants Grâce aux services de Self-Artworks, donnez-vous l'opportunité de découvrir de nouveaux talents. Soyez à l’origine du rayonnement d’un artiste sur la scène française et internationale. L’aura internationale de la communauté Self-Artworks vous apporte un champ illimité d’artistes et d’œuvres correspondant à vos attentes.

18 great parallax scrolling websites Today's advanced web technologies make it possible to create remarkable effects in the browser. While these effects can be gimmicky, when employed in the right way they can result in a distinctive and memorable website. One fairly recent web design trend is parallax scrolling, which involves the background moving at a slower rate to the foreground, creating a 3D effect as you scroll down the page. It can sometimes be overwhelming, but when used sparingly it can provide a nice, subtle element of depth. You'll find more advice in our pro tips for building parallax websites post. Everyone deserves a perfect world! rosebud2 Real love is not based on romance, candle light dinner and walks along the beach. In fact love is based on respect,compromise,care and trust. DIY Christmas jaime My favorite kind of [conversations, meals, sex acts, epiphanies, creative urges, adventures] typically take place between 12 am and 4 am someday...

18 web design trends for 2017 As we look forward to 2017 — a year that hopefully won’t be plagued by the passing of so many of the world’s greatest artists and performers — the big question on every designer’s mind has to be: what will define design in 2017? So with that in mind, I decided to ask Webflow’s own designers what trends they think will dominate the world of digital design in 2017. (And wrote up a little commentary on their thoughts.) First, let’s hear from Webflow’s Chief Design Officer, Sergie Magdalin. 1. The best new portfolio sites, September 2016 Welcome, readers! It’s time to look at portfolios again, and boy did minimalism make a comeback. Well, it would have, had it really gone anywhere. But where the past month or so have brought us a brutalist, almost post-modern style of web design, I’m seeing other forms come back into play.

Top 10 Creative Resume Templates for Web Designers Resumes are very important because they represent your professional abilities, education and qualification. A creative Resume / CV is very helpful for getting the recruiters’ attention. The first impression is always the most important so a great and attractive resume is definitely a plus. 10 Amazing Responsive Image Galleries Responsive web design is a hot topic right now, and if this is a design concept you’re in to and practice then you may have run in to a problem with needing to incorporate an image gallery in to a project, but not knowing how to make it responsive. Let’s keep things simple and check out a few open source responsive web galleries that are available. Elastislide Elastislide is a responsive jQuery carousel image viewer.

10 Incredible Examples of Responsive Web Design With more people surfing the web from their mobile devices, designers and developers have been trying to figure out the best way to cater to visitors on both mobile devices and computers. When internet capable phones first began gaining popularity the method was to have two separate sites, a mobile site and a “full” site. But that would limit the mobile viewers experience because the site would be so basic it would cause you to wonder if it was coded by chisel and stone. That was then, now everyone is jumping on the “Responsive Web Design” bandwagon and finding it to be a rather happy median. Responsive web design refers to a site that is developed to degrade nicely across multiple screen sizes and resolutions, from the largest Mac display down to the minutest mobile device.

20 Creative Grid-Based Sites Designs for Inspiration Lately grid-based layouts become really popular in web design. In this particular design, there are horizontal and vertical lines that determine the place of design elements. It’s easier for both designer and developer to work on this kind of design. It also helps users to better understand how to navigate a site. This grid style gives an order to the design elements. 30 Grid-Based Websites Recognition and prestige for Web Designers and Agencies 30 Grid-Based Websites February 22 By awwwards-team In Web Design Grid-based layouts have become very popular in web design The best new portfolio sites, June 2016 Greetings, readers! Summer is here. It’s time to beat the June heat by staying inside where the air conditioner is. While you’re there, have a look at our latest collection of portfolio sites. This month brings a lot more minimalism of the aggressive, low-on-color variety.

The Future Draws Closer: 9 Design Prophecies for 2019 3. Millennial Responsive Design In my award winning article, The Future Is Near: 13 Design Predictions for 2017, I forecasted a number of brilliant predictions. Among them was the notion of Age-Responsive Design, where platforms adapt to the age of the user. The idea of Millennial-Responsive design builds upon this idea, except this time platforms will adapt to the very specific proclivities of the notorious “millennial” generation.