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Turn an Old Computer into a Networked Backup, Streaming, or Torrenting Machine with FreeNAS

Turn an Old Computer into a Networked Backup, Streaming, or Torrenting Machine with FreeNAS

welcome julia and how to make a repeat pattern hello hello. thank you Grace for having me this week! I am very excited to be here. Besides introducing you to some cool artists, giving sneak peeks and before and afters of some friends homes, and sharing my favorite new product finds, I thought it would be nice to share some of the things I have learned along the way of being a illustrator/pattern designer. One of the questions I frequently get emailed is -how do you make a repeat pattern? I thought it would be fun today to do a little tutorial showing you how simple it is even with a very complex drawing. On a clean piece of paper draw a design in the middle of your paper without letting any of the drawing touch the edges- this is very important. Once you finish the middle space as much as you want you are going to cut your drawing in half- scary I know- but that’s why computers are helpful. Next you are going to cut your drawing in half again the other way- (yikes!) And here’s my finished design:

The Best Alternative File Browser for Linux You won't find a commander-like interface here, nor will you find a built-in terminal, but it's a very solid file manager nonetheless. This stuff, along with some other nice features, is hidden by default in Dolphin to keep it clean for new users, but KDE isn't GNOME - advanced features are generally hidden, not removed. There is a toolbar button that says "split" (also enabled by F3), and pressing F4 opens an embedded terminal. Shfit-F4 opens a terminal as a new window. There's also a filter bar (ctrl+i) that's extremely useful. Everything can be resized or rearranged in the window so it looks and acts like you want it to, including always showing the terminal or hiding some of the extra information. Sorry if I sound like a jerk about it, but this stuff isn't exactly hard to find, and I expect better from LH (and you, Whitson) than to just look at a program on first start and decide it has no features.

Lingzhi mushroom Taxonomy and naming[edit] Names for the lingzhi fungus have a two thousand year history. The Chinese term lingzhi 灵芝 was first recorded in the Eastern Han Dynasty (25–220 CE). Botanical names[edit] There are multiple species of Lingzhi, scientifically known to be within the Ganoderma lucidum species complex and mycologists are still researching the differences among species within this complex.[4] Chinese names[edit] In the Chinese language, lingzhi compounds ling 灵 "spirit, spiritual; soul; miraculous; sacred; divine; mysterious; efficacious; effective" (cf. Since both Chinese Ling and Zhi have multiple meanings, Lingzhi has diverse English translations. Japanese names[edit] Japanese language Reishi 霊芝 is a Sino-Japanese loan word from Lingzhi. Reishi synonyms divide between Sino-Japanese borrowings and native Japanese coinages. Korean names[edit] Korean language Yeong Ji or Yung Gee (영지,灵芝) is a word from hanja of lingzhi. Vietnamese names[edit] English names[edit] Description[edit]

How to Turn Your Computer Into the Ultimate Remote Access Media Server Golf clap for this article. "clap, clap." Nicely done. Key points to be emphasized: a) Running a server on many "home" ISP connections may be against the Terms of Service in your ISP contract. b) Using plain FTP (port 21) is crazy even with a password, unless you are publishing all the content for the world to have. c) VNC (any form) is not encrypted. d) If you are using HTTP, you probably plan to allow the world access to your files. e) Only ssh/sftp (port 22) out of all the choices in the article above, should be used externally. f) If you do open any external ports, make your life easier and on the outside, use a non-standard port and let your router forward to the internal "standard port" for your.

Scratch Markup Language (.sml) SML (Scratch Markup Language) is a new file format for recording and replaying turntablism. We’ve developed open-source tools for accurately capturing the record and crossfader movements of a scratch DJ, allowing us to analyze, transcribe, and recreate scratch performances. We want to do for turntablism what Graffiti Markup Language has done for tagging — especially teaching giant robot arms how to scratch. At Art Hack Day we collaborated with other artists and programmers to develop the first prototypes of ScratchML. Scratch data was saved to disk as .sml and broadcast as OSC, which allowed other Art Hack Day participants to build visualizations based on what the DJ was scratching during the exhibition. Our goal is to make capturing, replaying, and sharing a scratch performance accurate and easy. Throughout the week here on FAT we’ll be publishing ScratchML projects created during Art Hack Day, data specs, source code, hardware modification details and more. Want to get involved?

PlayOnLinux Installs Windows Games and Programs on Linux Hassle-Free Depends on the game. Some games run about the same speed in both, some are noticeably slower, and sometimes a game will be faster in wine. Depends on the game, what features it uses, and how it's made. Console-to-PC ports, which often have problems even on Windows, tend to run like crap in wine. Older games are often better-supported in wine than in windows itself because you can set wine to pretend to be windows 98, which makes things like Thief, Undying, and System Shock 2, which don't run properly in XP or 7, install and play properly. I know that's not a simple, clear answer, but that's because the question is too general to give a better answer. Even if there is a performance hit, it's not normally enough to be worth rebooting for me, especially when wine has some nice tricks Windows doesn't.

Fitness Equipment, Exercise Equipment, Exercise Machines, Weight Equipment, Home Gyms How to Automatically Download TV Shows as Soon as They've Aired (or Turn Your PC into a TiVo) - Lifehacker Kinja is in read-only mode. We are working to restore service. Is there anyway you can explain further on what to do, this has gotten me intrigued. Flagged Sure. Past this, I'll have to go from memory since I don't have uTorrent here on my work computer, but if you right click on the feed, you can go to the RSS Downloader. Anyway, let's say I want to download How I Met Your Mother, which comes on monday nights. Let me know if you need anything else. [] Regardless if you use their RSS, this FAQ is what I used to setup my RSS downloader. Have at least a dozen shows plugged in, usually gets the show about 30-40 minutes after the episode airs . So I was just referring back to this article to set up a new media center at home and I came across this posting of yours. Do you happen to have any invites to your private tracker?

Ergonomic Input Devices and Accessories for Canadians - Online Resource and Store Strength of Canadian Dollar Translates into Big Savings A good portion of our pricing on is based on the list price in US dollars direct from the manufacturer. With the recent increase in the strength of our dollar against the US dollar, many of the products on the site have been reduced in price, in some cases by as much as $25! Take this opportunity to stock up on products for your home or office workstation, or buy that product that was slightly out of reach of your budget. Flextend Therapeutic Gloves FLEXTEND is used for the prevention and rehabilitation of carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive strain injuries of the upper extremities. FLEXTEND helps provide relief from symptoms associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome by exercising the extensor muscles in your forearm. To insure you order the correct size, measure from the base of the hand (first wrist crease closest to palm) to the tip of the middle finger. Mouse Manager LP Now Comes with Fixed Tenting Mechanism

Turn the Back of Your Monitor Into a Workspace Utility Belt You've missed the absolute no.1 best space saver, here: If you're using a desktop PC, and your monitor stand isn't one of those stupidly deeply-sloped ones like on the iMac... Put the desktop sideways on the desk itself, and put the monitor in front of it. Frees up an absolute ton of space - particularly if you have a slightly bulky tower case, and are using a desk that hails from the days of chubby pizza-box cases and CRT monitors, so it's deep but doesn't really have anywhere for a tower to be slung underneath. Means you have nice easy access to the DVD drive, USB ports (both front AND back), etc. Plus, with a sufficiently large case and/or small enough printer/scanner/all-in-one, you can put that on top of it and free up even more desk space... for... like... I dunno. What else do you want to put on your work desk that means you need space behind the monitor anyway?

Get fit with get fit fitness websites How to play Nintendo 64 on your PC Install the emulator Download and install the free emulator Project 64. Get some games Games for emulators are called roms, and there are a lot of websites supplying them. Games I highly recommend for N64 are (in order of priority): Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Super Mario 64 Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Master Quest Diddy Kong Racing Banjo-Kazooie Once you have your games, open up Project64 and go to File > Choose Rom directory, and select the location of your roms. Set up your controller You can use any USB controller to play with this emulator. To set up your controller, plug it in and then open Project 64. Save states One of the main benefits of using an emulator is being able to use save states. To more quickly save and load, you can set buttons on your controller to F5 and F7. Texture packs Another huge benefit of using an emulator is the ability to use texture pack mods which replace the original lo-res textures with improved hi-res textures. Tips

  How to Land a DJ Sponsorship Have you always dreamed of having boxes of gear shipped to your front door? Your first sponsorship is within reach if you put your best foot forward and approach the company with an enticing pitch. Here’s my advice on how you can make it happen. Formulate Your Game Plan It’s a good idea to have a specific project that a potential sponsor could be involved in, especially if you’re just starting to rack up sponsors. Before you begin to make any cold calls, you’ll need to decide on exactly what type of project you are working on. Once you know what your project is, you’ll need to think of what companies would be a good fit for you and your Idea. Make a list of the potential companies you would like to work with; aim high and shoot for the stars! How Can I Help You? Now you need to formulate the pitch for your Great Idea that will gain you allies. A Game of Numbers Think Win Win Make sure your Idea is mutually beneficial to both the company and yourself. Go Fishing You’re a Hustler, (Baby)