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English Grammar Exercises

English Grammar Exercises

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10 Best Grammar Resources for Students - Grammarly Blog Something great happened on March 4, 2008. Martha Brockenbrough, through The Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar, established National Grammar Day in the United States. It’s a day to celebrate all that grammar does. Would you like to wish your friends a Happy Grammar Day? Make sure you don’t have any errors in your messages! US Presidential Election Background 2016 presidential candidates Basic details of each candidate’s backgroundWhere the Candidates Stand on 2016’s Biggest IssuesWhat happens when … and how The important dates, Feb-Nov, listed and explained2016 Primary Results and Calendar Quickview of the results so far by NYTimes Warm-up What do kids want in a president? (1:20) Kids talk about what kind of person they think the next president should be like.

Wanna learn? Yes! In a week you are going to write the last part of your national exam (NP). Let’s check the criteria for the different grades (E, C and A). You still have time to revise some grammar topics at the back of your Workbook. Use your time, be prepared for the exams. Listening exercises you can find under “Hörförståelse” (on the left side of the blog page). 100 Essential iPad Tips and Tricks Change the way the default apps and the operating system behave, to make them suit your particular needs. You’ll also discover ways to squeeze more functionality out of the default apps. The guys over at have put together another great article on the iPad. Where many articles before have focused on the settings and technical aspects of getting the most from your iPad, this article is really about customising your ipad.

English Tests: Test your English Here you will find tests on all topics of our grammar section that are explained in more detail. English Test: Tenses Present Progressive: Level 1 • Level 2 • Level 3 100 English Synonyms to Expand Your Vocabulary – Espresso English A synonym is a word with the same or a similar meaning as another word. For example, the words big and large are synonyms. Buy and purchase are also synonyms – although we tend to use “buy” in a more informal context, and “purchase” in a more formal context. Keep in mind that some synonyms in the list below might not be “perfect” synonyms – there may be slight differences in meaning and connotation. For example, the words smart and wise.

Picture dictation Submitted 16 years 6 months ago by admin. This is a low preparation fun activity that works well with large classes, especially with young learners and teens. All your students need is a blank piece of paper and all the teacher needs is a little bit of imagination. Procedure englishforeveryone_worksheets "Although I really like all of your worksheets, these analogies worksheets are a hit in my class. Just thought I'd let you know :) Thanks, and keep up the great work!" -- Tracey H., Winston-Salem, NC, 02/18/12 Like these materials?

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