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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Repeat - Mason Jars

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Repeat - Mason Jars
Yes, they are everywhere. Yes, I have posted on them before. And yes, I am still smitten! How could I not be? I should note...I'm a little obsessed with how the matte black came out and have more outside drying as I type this. Then, in my Pinterest crazed obsession, I found this little DIY image. This led me to trying my own version with a milk jar, fabric marker and glue gun.... She's not perfect, but I love that about her. For all you DIYers with questions on how to or the materials used for this project...I did a follow up post that can be found here. Related:  Room

Colored Mason Jar Tutorial Today's DIY project is painting mason jars your favorite color! I made mine turquoise. I love mason jars! They have an endless amount of uses and really just add an extra cuteness to everything. My favorite are the aqua Ball jars, but they are always so hard to find at thrift stores and shipping prices when buying them off Etsy or Ebay are not friendly. What you'll need: Vitrea paint in the color of your choice Paint thinner (optional) Paint brush Mason jar Small dish Squirt a pea-sized dab of the Vitrea paint onto the small dish. Put your mason jar on a paint-friendly surface. Once the jar is completely painted it needs to dry for 24 hours. After the jar cools you can add some pretty lace and twine if you'd like, and it's ready for flowers, or anything else you want to store in a pretty jar. Enjoy!

Thai Fried Garlic (Gratium Jiew) Recipe and a DIY Mason Jar Spout When I eat at my parents house, my mother always brings out a small jar of fried garlic. These little morsels of heaven have a very distinct garlic flavor (more mellow than raw garlic, but more bite than roasted garlic). They also add a nice crunch to "kao thom" (a thai rice porridge), noodle soup or Hainan chicken. I asked my mom for the recipe to share with you. There are two versions of this recipe. The images below show the dry version where the oil is strained out. Ingredients: 1 head of garlic pealed and minced 1/4 cups oil (canola or vegetable) Place both garlic and oil into a medium sized saute pan or wok (do not preheat). To create a pour spout for your mason jar cut out the top of a salt carton.

Glass jars turned vintage Lately I've been intrigued by those lovely vintage blue glass jars you see on the tables of chic outdoor weddings. I did a little bit of research on these, to see how economical they were in bulk, and found that they can range anywhere from $5-$15 per jar, depending on how rare they are. I was a bit surprised by this, and thought there had to be a better way to achieve the same look, so I went in search of a way to "dye" a regular quart sized jar, to mimic the look of the old Ball Perfect Mason Jars. Here's my photo recap: I used a product called Vitrea 160, which is a transparent color for glass, in a shade called turquoise. I flipped my jar upside down and placed it into another plastic tupperware container, then brushed the outside of the jar with the mixture in thin, even strokes from top to bottom. The best part of this project (besides the fact that it's super easy) is that it's cheap. NOTE: This project is best suited for use with flowers and water, rather than with candles.

Organize Your Hair Accessories Now that we have found a solution for organizing your girls hair bows, what are we going to do with all the little barettes, bobbers, and hair elastics you have floating around…? Use a craft box. A couple of years ago I was fed up with trying to find a matching barette or pony tail holder when I needed it. So I bought a craft organizer box and used it for our hair acessories. The important thing to remember is to put them away again at night. 53stumbleupon DIY Centerpieces Made Out of Egg Cartons and Vintage Buttons Posted on June 2, 2009 by Christina I made these whimsical DIY centerpieces from egg cartons and vintage buttons. My Blue Box is nearly always overflowing with egg cartons. I’m always dreaming up ways to turn them into craft projects – and this is one of my latest. These were inspired by my post last month on Cute as a Button weddings. If you are looking for DIY centerpieces that are super cheap and easy to make (albeit a bit time-consuming), give these a whirl. Cost: $2 – $3 per dozen (Assuming you already have acrylic paint and buttons on hand.) Materials: One paper egg carton 12 pipe cleaners 24 gauge wire Buttons Acrylic paint in your choice of colors Floral tape Scissors Paper clip Varnish (optional) Glue (I used wood glue, but regular white glue should do the trick.) Find a paper egg carton. Remove the egg carton cups using scissors. Cut the egg carton cups into various flower shapes. Paint the cups using acrylic paint. Glue the triangular shape to the middle of the flower and let dry. Presto!

| Young House Love Email Answer: Inspiration Wrangling? Q: I am wondering how you keep all your decorating ideas and images organized. Do you keep all the magazines and catalogs with good design ideas (if so how do you organize them?). Do you cut out images? Do you keep everything electronic or scan in images? A: Good question! We also keep an inspiration folder on our computer desktop (with many of the same categories as the binder) for all of the virtual rooms and projects we love (blogger tip: we rename them with the source so if we ever want to use them on the blog we can properly credit them). … and we keep all of our favorite House Beautiful issues stacked on the pedestal table in the den… …and we stash a bunch of Cottage Living mags that we covet in various leather and woven baskets near little reading zones in the sunroom and the den (see the little basket next to the white armchair?). So that’s how we keep the stream of never ending inspiration in check around these parts.

My yarn-holding coffee can cubbies! Well I know I said last week that my studio series would be this week, but I still haven’t been able to get in a good photoshoot of the whole room because there hasn’t been any freaking sunshine since last Thursday! Damn Portland, don’t you know it’s Spring already?! So, here is my coffee can cubbies yarn holder thing that I made, and I’ll probably do more studio posts spread out over the next couple weeks or something… The unit is made with 14 Trader Joe’s coffee cans, covered in faux bois contact paper, glued together with contact cement, then screwed into the wall… The idea came from a project in Readymade a few issues ago – they covered Pringles cans with contact paper, and made a desk organizer – it looked awesome! I carefully cut pieces of contact paper to size, covered all the cans, then cemented them together – this was easier said than done. View from the bottom: And straight on, with my new Ikea magnet board underneath, yay orange!

first home project. | peace, love, and crafts i actually had the energy to do a project around the house! there are tons of projects to do but clearly i tackled the bathroom first. actually it was the closet :) which was fun but nothing to post about. here’s the before pic in the bathroom. i’m an organized person but just didn’t have the time, and husband was not happy about that section. it is right in front of the main mirror in the bathroom so there’s no escaping it’s craziness. so i made the super long field trip to ikea and bought these simple yet useful canvas organizers. they’re 2 for 3 bucks. i wanted to decorate them somehow since white was a little boring. got some felt and glued the words on them. hair=head bands, wraps, etc. skin=lotions, perfumes, face=face wash, lotion, neck=necklaces, wrist=bracelets….you get the point :) here’s the after! peace and love xox