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DIY Soaps, Shampoo, Room deoderizers

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Untitled. Untitled. Essential Living. Homemade Non-Toxic Eye Liner. As an “all natural” mama I don’t tend to wear makeup on a daily basis.

Homemade Non-Toxic Eye Liner

More like, weekly or even monthly. I have sensitive eyes that tend to get irritated easily by mascara and eye liner. I’ve tried a few natural brands of makeup that I liked a lot, but still found that my eyes were too sensitive for them. Then I found this amazing tutorial on how to make homemade mascara from Robin at Thank Your Body!

She is a genius I tell ya! Robin has a cool new e-book called, Toxic Free: 70 Recipes for a Toxic Free Home. Robin was kind enough to let me share her recipe for homemade eye liner from her e-book. Ingredients 2 teaspoons coconut oil – where to buy coconut oil4 teaspoons aloe vera gel1 – 2 capsules of activated charcoal (for black) OR ½ tsp cocoa powder (for Brown) Directions Thoroughly mix all ingredients. 46 Penny-Pinching Ways To Save A Lot Of Money This Year. Homemade Tooth Soap Recipe: Healthy Alternative to Toothpaste. Ever since reading the booklet called, "The Perfect Prescription For Your Teeth: Three Simple Steps to Perfect Teeth and Gums All the Days of Your Life", we've been using tooth soap.

At first I thought the lady who gave me the booklet was crazy. That was five years ago. We get our teeth checked and cleaned once a year and so far none of us have had cavities. In fact, my husband's gums are in way better shape now. Before we started using this, I was getting about one cavity every year. Dr. See book for details. I've converted some of my family members and friends to using this when they've seen my how white my teeth are. It is very simple to make and inexpensive, too. Easy at Home Teeth Whitening for any Budget. If your like me, you have spent countless hours and dollars on drug store teeth whitening products, that work!

Easy at Home Teeth Whitening for any Budget

Homemade Toothpaste With Coconut Oil – and 38 other coconut oil cures. Did you know - Round Two. Quite often I come across something while browsing online that just amazes me.

Did you know - Round Two

Things that force me to wonder "Why didn't I know about this sooner!!! " It could be anything from a brilliant life hack, to a cleaning tip, or just something completely random. Today I wanted to gather a few of these amazing ideas into one place and share them with you. Save 1. Don't buy it - Make it!! The Crafty Blog Stalker: The Best Lotion EVER!! I hate dry skin and I have very dry, flaky skin.

The Crafty Blog Stalker: The Best Lotion EVER!!

My feet are gross, my legs are always dry and itchy. Yeah, I know, TMI, but it is true and maybe some of you are the same way (especially if you are one of my sisters!) About a year ago a friend made me some lotion because a friend of hers from work had given her the recipe. She loved it so much that she had to share it with me, because that is what friends do – share. Foam Soap for under $4 a year! Here is one of the ways I save money.

Foam Soap for under $4 a year!

Instead of buying a new bottle of foam soap when we run out, I refill them. I first started doing this with a pampered chef bottle that was made for this. It had two lines on it showing where to fill with soap and water. How to Use Epsom Salt in a Number of Ways. Increase your magnesium levels in your body by soaking in Epsom salt bath water three times weekly.

How to Use Epsom Salt in a Number of Ways

While it is extremely difficult to get enough magnesium in our systems through our diets, it is readily absorbs into our systems through our skin. Magnesium is needed by our bodies for many functions; however, a doctor should be consulted prior to extensive use, particularly for those with kidney problems. Magnesium works to activate many other enzymes our body needs. Magnesium is useful in the treatment of asthma, COPD, fibromyalgia, ADD, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, angina, cardiac arrhythmia, congestive heart failure, fatigue, kidney stones, migraine and tension headaches, complications due to pregnancy and premenstrual syndrome.

Our bodies cannot properly use serotonin without the assistance of magnesium.

Room scents

Dish soap. Hair. Body scub/wash. Cleaners. Laundry. Happy-Go-Lucky: Easy Candle Upcycle. How many of you have candles that look like this?

Happy-Go-Lucky: Easy Candle Upcycle

I have an entire shelf of them hidden behind picture frames! So in an effort to declutter and get a little things organized before we decorate for the holidays I decided to take these ugly things and make brand new layered candles. This was such an easy project to do. I can’t believe I never did this before. All I needed to get were these wicks from Michael’s and one new glass container. Step 1: Melt your first candle down completely. Step 2: Place the new candle wick in your clean jar. Step 3: Pour melted wax into new jar. How To Make a Clementine Candle - Apartment Therapy. Awesome stocking stuffers: Poly-fleece fille - Popular DIY & Crafts Pins on Pinterest.