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Room EQ Wizard - REW Home Page

Room EQ Wizard - REW Home Page

Music Acoustics, Physics, UNSW Physics and music have been related for millenia. The art and science of music acoustics are presented here, in musician-friendly format, as is our research in music science. Navigate using the headings and images above, the site map or 'search'. News Summer scholarships and Honours scholarships are available for Australian students. Featured projects An unusual interaction between timpani and horns.

Screenshots | Hydrogen Main Window New audio file browser with sample preview New sample editor New sound library web import interface Hydrogen and qjackctl on windowsXP jazz chord substitution chord substitution concepts Harmonic substitution is simply about replacing one chordal sound with another, or as I need to think of it, as one color for another. Whether it is in the written harmony from sheet music or the harmony implied by the melody, the theoretical concepts behind chord substitution becomes "search" tools for the learner. The coolness here is that we can create different shades of color, allowing for a variety of ways to blend the melody and harmony of a song together. Through chord substitution we can create different pathways to the same emotional, tonal and artistic destinations. Theory / practice. Stylistically, substituting harmonic elements is not something that folk players or the rockers tend to do, although changing the color of chords in these two styles is not uncommon. So, where do the cool chord substitutions come from? So why is substituting one chord for another potentially important for the creative musician? Chord type. Tonic chord substitutions.

UMIK-1 setup with REW With the miniDSP UMIK-1, you have an easy way to get started with acoustic measurement: to optimize and equalize your subwoofer, to correct for room effects, or even to design your own loudspeakers! In this application note, we'll show you how to get up and running with the UMIK-1. 1. Get connected Mount the UMIK-1 into the small stand supplied with it, or if you like, you can use any other microphone stand. Connect an audio output from your computer to your sound system. 2. Go to the UMIK-1 page and enter your microphone's serial number. The calibration file ensures that your microphone is as accurate as possible. "Sens Factor =-16.273dB, SERNO: 7000343" 20.396 -0.376769317 22.242 0.434645133 24.255 0.819522375 26.4503 0.869646823 ... 3. Download Room EQ Wizard from Home Theater Shack. Once installed, start REW. Answer Yes to the next question about the calibration file, and then locate the file that you saved above. 4. Now open the REW SPL Meter. 5. What's next?

Acoustic Sound is conveyed through waves in the air. Waves that exist between a pair of surfaces can create standing wave resonances whenever the distance between the surfaces is any even multiple of one-half of the wavelength. At resonant frequencies (tones), the sound is louder and decays much more slowly than at non-resonant frequencies, causing uneven tonal quality and interference with clarity. Resonant frequencies occur mainly in the bass range, due to the relationship between the wavelengths of low-frequency sounds and the typical sizes of listening rooms. Every room has its associated resonant frequencies. Room built with angles walls or ceilings have more complicated resonant modes than typical rectangular rooms and the resonances can be potentially less severe. But, no matter what the size or shape of the room, resonant frequencies can be controlled through the use of Bass Traps.

:: Integra Live – Interactive audio made simple Piano Chord Dictionary Online Piano Chords Creating a combined instrument | Instruments | Multi Channel measurement software | Classroom With the Multi Channel oscilloscope software, you are not limited to number of channels of one oscilloscope. It is possible to combine two or more oscilloscopes to form a combined instrument. Once the instruments are combined, the resulting single oscilloscope works just like a normal oscilloscope. There is no limit to the number of channels in a combined oscilloscope. Combining is possible with the following instruments: The Handyscope HS5 can be combined to other Handyscope HS5s only. Combining in hardware The measuring systems of the individual Handyscope HS5s are coupled to each other by means of TP-C50H Coupling cables which are placed on the AUX IO connectors of the instruments. Combining in software Combining Handyscope HS5s is done fully automatically. Adding an instrument to an existing combined instrument Extra instruments can be added to an existing combined instrument. Removing an instrument from a combined instrument All connected instruments are listed in the dialog.

Absorption properties of the noise barriers made of scrap tires In Search of..... - Narrarated by Leonard Nimoy, In search of was a 30 minute syndicated show that covered a wide range of paranormal topics. It pioneered a lot of the methodology that ... Search Engine - search engine free download - GSA Search Engine Ranker, Nomao - The personalized search engine, Zoom Search Engine, and many more programs Google Search - google search free download - Google Search, Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer, Google Search, and many more programs Star Search - Episode Guide - Star Search episode guides on Full List | 50 Best Android Apps for 2013

50 Must-Read Pro Audio Articles from 2013 Latest Popular Featured The Pro Audio Files 50 Must-Read Pro Audio Articles from 2013 By Dan Comerchero on 12/26/2013 · Articles Well here we are again. 2013 was fun. We’re also currently redesigning the site, and incredibly excited to share the new design with you. It’s become a tradition to do a year-end roundup. Production Advice: Sonic Scoop: Randy Coppinger: Recording Hacks: Mark Marshall: Kim Lajoie: Designing Sound: The Home Recording Show: Audio Geek Zine: Pro Sound Web: Mix Notes: WinkSound: Home Studio Corner: Audio Issues: Behind the Mixer: The Recording Revolution: You might also like: Dan Comerchero I'm Dan, Founder of The Pro Audio Files and Quiztones ear training apps. Recommended

Oscilloscope comparison Channels to Differential Yes No No preferenceSafeGround No Optional No preferenceSureConnect No Optional No preferenceSampling to Continuous sampling to Memory / Channel to Bandwidth to Accuracy to Resolution 8 bits 10 bits 12 bits 14 bitsSensitivity to Ranges min External trigger Yes No No preferenceAWG Yes No No preferenceFrequency min Amplitude min Resolution 14 bitsCMI combinable Yes No No preferenceInterface PXI USB 2.0 USB 3.0Power supply Bus ExternalPrice to Show all filters

Acoustics Abatement and Distance from Source The disruption of sound pressures waves which reduces the noise is called attenuation - Sound Pressure Level Calculator Acceptable Noise - dBA - Levels Acceptable noise - dBA - levels at some locations Acoustic Calculation of Ventilation Systems A procedure for acoustic noise calculation of ventilation systems Adding Decibels The logarithmic decibel scale is convenient calculating sound power levels and sound pressure levels for two or more sound sources Blade Dampers and Noise Generation Noise generated in blade dampers Blade Pass Frequency - BPF The fan Blade Pass Frequency noise can be very intense - vary with number of blades and rotation velocity Classification of Noise Reduction Silencers Eliminating noise with reactive silencers - diffuser type silencers - active silencers and/or dissipative silencers Comparing Noise Criteria Comparing Noise Criteria - Noise Criterion (NC), Noise Rating (NR) and dB(A) Daily Noise Dose Level Decibel Decibel A, B and C Sound Power

Top 25 Android apps: The best of the best The Android Market may not have as many apps as the iPhone App Store yet, but there are still enough to be overwhelmed, and it's growing at a breakneck pace. To help you sort through them all, here's my list of the best apps I've found on Android. Again, remember that this is a snapshot in time. The Android platform is developing so quickly right now that I guarantee my home screen look different a month from now. The best way to view my list of the top Android apps is in the screenshot gallery. The screenshots The list 1. Google Voice is a service that is so useful I consider it one of the top benefits of Android itself, especially since Apple rejected the Google Voice app for the iPhone. 2. One of the realities of having a multitasking mobile OS in Android is that you have to manage your apps so that they don't hurt performance or battery life. 3. Dropbox is a great cloud service that automatically syncs a folder of files between multiple computers (Windows, Mac, or Linux). 4. 5. 6. 7.