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JADE HELM splinters globally colliding with Cremation of Care

JADE HELM splinters globally colliding with Cremation of Care
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Forget the Plastic, MasterCard Wants You To Pay By Facial Recognition By SM Gibson Don’t you hate trying to purchase a last--minute gift on Amazon for your 2nd cousin’s kid? You don’t have a clue what to buy in the first place and when you finally settle on some toy you’ve never heard of, you inevitably can’t locate your credit card. Ugh! The last place you remember having it was definitely in your wallet—no, wait, you got it out to order that pizza. It’s not on the table either. Your mind starts racing and you start throwing couch cushions. But worry not! Forget the creepy notion of having your fingerprints stored in a database to make purchases in the future. “The new generation, which is into selfies … I think they’ll find it cool. The credit card company believes that this new technology will assist in cutting down on fraud. Major corporations like Apple, Samsung, Google, Microsoft and BlackBerry are reportedly already on board, as are two major banks. “I understand why they’d want that data, but no, I do not like it,” said Robert M.

Who Needs a Billboard? Ads of the Future Will Be Beamed Directly into Your Head By Melissa Dykes Have you ever wondered what it would be like to randomly come down with a touch of schizophrenia? Probably not. Well now, with the help of a little futuristic technology, companies who just can’t get over themselves long enough to respect your privacy for one second can make your worst nightmares come true. Check this out: In the future, no one will be able to nap quietly for five minutes on a train without being sold some $#%&! From the video’s description: A silent, vibrating window is turned into a completely new audio medium. That’s right. Talk about “targeted” ads… This is reminiscent of that sonic billboard the show Paranormal State put up a few years back: People walking underneath it would suddenly hear what sounded like a voice whispering to them “It’s not your imagination,” and “What’s that? This kind of technology isn’t new; it’s just that, until recently, only the military was wielding it. Go back a few years. Is it possible? These are just a few examples.

Is Ukraine The Next In Line For Default? By Brandon Turbeville As Greece concludes its vote to reject IMF austerity measures and impossible “debt repayment mechanisms” and as the Puerto Rican debt cauldron bubbles off the shores of the United States, there is yet another country whose debts to private bankers, the IMF, and other “creditors” is about to come due – Ukraine. Around the end of July, approximately $15.3 billion dollars of bonds will be due to be paid to a wide variety of creditors – government, IMF, and private holders. On July 26, however, Ukraine will be unable to pay the money it owes to those creditors. Interestingly enough, when the Greek default hung in the air along with the possibility of the continued rejection of IMF austerity measures, compounded with the likelihood that the Greeks would begin to pursue a new policy of independence, sovereignty, and dirigism, the result was media and financier panic. Regardless, Ukraine is in serious trouble. As Jackson Diehl of the Washington Post writes,

Want Cash? ATMs to Demand Biometric Verification: "Smartphone and Eye Scan To Dispense Money" By Mac Slavo Some of the longest standing fears have been based around the idea that once cash is fully banned, the last remaining vestiges of freedom will go with it. While that remains to be seen in total, it is clear that a digital matrix of computer-based spending, surveillance and control is taking over more and more of our lives. Now that system wants to scan your iris and even talk with your smartphone in order to allow you to access your own hard-earned money. Sadly, this eerie new world order scenario is closer to reality than ever before. While cash will still be around for now, it is about to become more tightly controlled than ever before. Meanwhile, he next generation of ATMs – while still spitting out bills – will focus more on technological verification of patrons, and even biometric verification. With growing concerns over digital security and authentication, privacy is all but dead. Easiest way to get your first bitcoin (Ad) Image Credit

UN Reports at Least 15,000 Civilians Killed in Iraq War Since 2014 By SM Gibson A report released by the United Nations on Monday reveals a sobering reality of the ongoing war in Iraq: civilians are being targeted en masse. The data shows that the Iraqi conflict has resulted in at least 15,000 civilian deaths and 30,000 injuries since January 2014. The Report on the Protection of Civilians in the Armed Conflict in Iraq was compiled by the U.N. Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR). The report specifically examines the time period between December 11, 2014 to April 30, 2015, where 3,345 persons were killed and another 7,423 were wounded. Those fortunate enough to evade death or injury have been subject to mass human rights violations as well as displacement. The findings also determined that Accusations of war crimes, crimes against humanity, and possible genocide are also being levied against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

Growing up in the CIA, Clandestine Groups That Control Governments, Kris Millegan - Leak Project Menu Buy Our Merch Login Register Search Close Facebook-f Twitter Youtube Patreon Donate Us November 22, 2020 Host: Rex Bear Growing up in the CIA, Clandestine Groups That Control Governments, Kris Millegan Download or Watch Full Episode ads free! Deep conversation with Kris Millegan about Secret Societies, Intelligence Groups & Key Gamers behind the Scenes, Full Podcast is available on our website, Under the Live Section Check out this Huge Library of Suppressed Books, the Main Stream Publishers won’t touch. Please Subscribe to our new YouTube Channel where we focus on uncovering ancient mysteries thru ancient cuneiform tablets, suppressed scriptures, books that didn’t make the Bible, symbols and other higher consciousness teachings. Check Out Our Exclusive Content on Pa Ultimate EMF Radiation Protection, Blocks potentially harmful EMF radiation. Be the change you want to see! Share on facebook

Nuclear Deal With Iran Prelude to War, Not "Breakthrough" The Arabian Peninsula has been trapped in a time warp for nearly a century, thanks to the House of Saud and indomitable Western support.July 15, 2015 (Tony Cartalucci - NEO) - Some may find it curious, browsing the US State Department's National Endowment for Democracy (NED) website, .... July 14, 2015 (Tony Cartalucci - LD) - Originally posted in November of 2013, the article, "Nuclear Deal With Iran Prelude to War, Not "Breakthrough,"" warned of a premeditated, documented conspiracy to use a monumental "deal" with Iran as a pretext not for peace, but in fact, for war and regime .... July 12, 2015 (Tony Cartalucci - NEO) - Late last year, Germany’s broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW) investigated what turned out to be hundreds of trucks a day carrying billions of dollars in supplies, flowing across the Turkish border into Syria and directly into the hands of the so-called “Islamic .... US policymakers sign and date paper calling for the division, destruction, and US occupation of Syria.

New Search Engine Filters Out CIA's Mainstream Media By Bernie Suarez A new search engine is now available for the average truth seeker and critical thinker to enjoy a clean, unbiased search of a topic without interference and contamination with CIA's mainstream media, mental junk food, propaganda "news". This fresh new approach to searching online for information will now catch news infected with mainstream media and purge it out of the search engine system to keep your news options clear and focused on what actually happened. If successful, this move takes the concept of online information searching and the information war in a new direction. I believe is an example of a way to start moving in that direction if you haven't started yet. What I like in particular about this search engine is how mainstream media news is separated from other independent news. Another important thing you can do to help humanity in this technological information war is to stop using "Google" as a verb.

5 Holistic Health Doctors Found Dead In 4 Weeks, 5 More Go Missing – After Run-Ins with Feds Over the past months, five natural health doctors have either mysteriously died or been intentionally killed, with another five having gone missing under unexplained circumstances. As we previously reported, the curious deaths began on June 19, when Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, a renowned autism researcher from Florida, now practicing in Georgia, was found with a gunshot wound to his chest. Police were quick to claim that the gunshot wound was self-inflicted, ruling the death a suicide almost immediately. The doctor’s family suspects foul play with family members setting up a donation page in an effort “To find the answers to the many questions leading up to the death of Dr Bradstreet, including an exhaustive investigation into the possibility of foul play.” The next suspicious death came only days later, on Father’s Day, June 21, when Dr. On the same day that Hedendal’s body was found, Dr. Co-workers have said that she was known as the “Mother Teresa of South Florida.” June 26th, Dr.

s Kepler Mission Discovers Bigger, Older Cousin to Earth A newly discovered exoplanet, Kepler-452b, comes the closest of any found so far to matching our Earth-sun system. This artist’s conception of a planetary lineup shows habitable-zone planets with similarities to Earth: from left, Kepler-22b, Kepler-69c, the just announced Kepler-452b, Kepler-62f and Kepler-186f. Last in line is Earth itself. Credits: NASA/Ames/JPL-Caltech Of the 1,030 confirmed planets from Kepler, a dozen are less than twice the size of Earth and reside in the habitable zone of their host stars. The discovery of a super-Earth-sized planet orbiting a sun-like star brings us closer than ever to finding a twin of our own watery world. To take a brief tour of the more prominent contenders, it helps to zero in on the “habitable zone” around their stars. The zone can be a wide band or a narrow one, and nearer the star or farther, depending on the star’s size and energy output. Kepler-452b is more similar to Earth than any system previously discovered. Deduct two points.

Stephen Hawking announces $100 million hunt for alien life Stephen Hawking explains "Breakthrough Listen," a new initiative aimed at discovering intelligent extraterrestrial life. (Breakthrough Initiatives) On Monday, famed physicist Stephen Hawking and Russian tycoon Yuri Milner held a news conference in London to announce their new project: injecting $100 million and a whole lot of brain power into the search for intelligent extraterrestrial life, an endeavor they're calling Breakthrough Listen. "We believe that life arose spontaneously on Earth," Hawking said at Monday's news conference, "So in an infinite universe, there must be other occurrences of life." [Do we really want to know if we’re not alone in the universe?] An introductory video set up the announcement by Yuri Milner and Stephen Hawking of "Breakthrough Listen," a new initiative aimed at discovering intelligent extraterrestrial life. "The universe is apparently bulging at the seams with the ingredients of biology," Marcy explained. Frank Drake, the founder of SETI. Read More:

Total Collapse: Greece Reverts To Barter Economy For First Time Since Nazi Occupation By Tyler Durden Months ago, when Alexis Tsipras, Yanis Varoufakis, and their Syriza compatriots had just swept to power behind an ambitious anti-austerity platform and bold promises about a brighter future for the beleaguered Greek state, we warned that Greece was one or two vacuous threats away from being "digitally bombed back to barter status." Subsequently, the Greek economy began to deteriorate in the face of increasingly fraught negotiations between Athens and creditors, with Brussels blaming the economic slide on Syriza’s unwillingness to implement reforms, while analysts and commentators noted that relentless deposit flight and the weakened state of the Greek banking sector was contributing to a liquidity crisis and severe credit contraction. As of May, 60 businesses were closed and 613 jobs were lost for each business day that the crisis persisted without a resolution. Now, the situation has gotten so bad that our prediction from February has come true.

Why Is The EU Forcing European Nations To Adopt ''Bail-In'' Legislation By The End Of The Summer? By Michael Snyder Are they expecting something to happen? As you will read about below, the European Union says that any nation within the EU that does not enact “bail-in” legislation within the next two months will face legal action. The countries that are being threatened in this manner include Italy and France. We all remember what happened when major banks were “bailed out” during the last financial crisis. Well, when the next great financial crisis hits Europe, banks are not going to get “bailed out” this time. So precisely what is a “bail-in”? Essentially, what happens is that wealth is transferred from the “stakeholders” in the bank to the bank itself in order to keep it solvent. The bottom line is that not a single bank account in the European Union will ever be truly safe again. By this time, everyone in the EU was already supposed to have enacted “bail-in” legislation, but some countries in Europe have been dragging their feet. So which countries are being threatened?

How To See Through The Smoke And Mirrors 4th June 2015 By Christina Lavers Guest Writer for Wake Up World Waking up, for the average person, isn’t something that happens in a day or a moment. In the mainstream ‘they’ hold a lot of power. Shifting our attention from the mainstream to the fringes can be both exciting and daunting. There are two key streams in the alternative worldview, the spiritual and the conspiracy and upon close examination it appears they two are inextricably linked. The first that I will examine is conspiracy; it is the most troubling. In a sense there is nothing surprising about any of this. Ok, now I am going to pull back a bit for a moment to discuss the other key alternative stream: spirituality. It appears that not only is there a group of self-serving sociopaths at, or near, the top of the hierarchy, but this group is deeply aware of, and actively using, aspects of the occult to maintain their control. In order to achieve the position this group holds, they have become masters of manipulation.