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Alternative Technology Association website

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Renewable Energy Sources Renewable energy, clean energy, green energy — all of these terms are becoming more and more common (good news for us here on CleanTechnica, since this is what we’re passionate about). I’m sure you are aware that wind energy and solar energy are renewable energy sources. But what else is on that list? Greece Could Seize Personal Assets; Portuguese banks gamble with government debt - ValueWalk Greeks have to declare all their wealth From January 2017, 8.5 million Greek citizens have to file a declaration of their belongings. The government is on the hunt for real estate, jewellery, art and even cash – outside the banking system. Texas A&M Forest Service - Trees of Texas - Eco-Regions TexasForestService Texas Eco-Regions Blackland Prairies Eastern Cross Timbers

GDES 4365W: November 2010 Archives Almost everyone these days is concerned about the environmental preservation, but it feels like we, as consumers, are not always willing to sacrifice convenience and change our habits or consumption to make a serious commitment to the environmental agenda. There are many fair reasons why we can't commit, the strongest being the lack of financial resources to purchase environmentally friendly products. There is also a lot of concern about "greenwashing," which drives people away from so-called green products because of potential unsubstantiated claims about their ecological benefits. It is easy to see that we have found ourselves in a situation in which there is a strong social need for environmental protection, but an inability to match that attitude with action. Hotels have found many green cleaning options actually save them money, or are at least are price neutral, compared to traditional cleaning products. Works Cited: Glanville Consultants.

High-altitude wind power Artist's view of high-altitude wind power High-altitude wind power (HAWP) is the harnessing of the power of winds high in the sky by use of tether and cable technology. An atlas of the high-altitude wind power resource has been prepared for all points on Earth.[1] A similar atlas of global assessment[2] was developed at Joby Energy. ZNet About 1,600 people have so far signed up on the We Stand Site. We need a great many more for this effort to sustain positive activity.Please Sign. Please take the statement to relatives, friends, schoolmates, and workmates. Please comment anywhere online, or in social media, or by blogging, or perhaps writing an article, or prodding alternative media to relate to the effort.Will you Sign? Will you seek other signers?

Average Weather For Lexington, Kentucky, USA The probability that precipitation will be observed at this location varies throughout the year. Precipitation is most likely around January 18, occurring in 60% of days. Precipitation is least likely around October 2, occurring in 35% of days. Probability of Precipitation at Some Point in the Day The fraction of days in which various types of precipitation are observed. If more than one type of precipitation is reported in a given day, the more severe precipitation is counted. Royal Wolf - Accommodation & Portable Buildings, Toilets & Shower Rooms Container Hire, Sales & Modifications Projects Division 1300 558 243 Royal Wolf’s Special Projects division can work to supply standard or customised accommodation units. Constructed from solid steel shipping containers, these accommodation units offer a strong & secure solution that can be promptly delivered & easily installed. Features & Benefits:

Harnessing the jet stream for wind turbines There's been a new term entering the lexicon as of late: "bimodal IT." You can thank Gartner for this new term, which defines bimodal IT as "the practice of managing two separate, coherent modes of IT delivery, one focused on stability and the other on agility. Mode 1 is traditional and sequential, emphasizing safety and accuracy. Mode 2 is exploratory and nonlinear, emphasizing agility and speed." So bimodal IT is conventional on-premises and deployment on one side, and the new-age cloud, API, mobile and digital on the other. That's the kind of split personality IT leaders now need to assume.

To protect the revolution, overcome the false secular-Islamist divide - Opinion It is impossible to exaggerate the significance of the momentous events that have drawn global attention to Egypt as its people continue to struggle with the unfolding drama of their revolution. There are two evidently opportunistic events that have come together to signal a dreadful attempt by the Muslim Brotherhood to claim the entirety of the Egyptian revolution for themselves, pretty much on the same model that the Shia clerics hijacked the Iranian revolution of 1977-1979 - with the crucial difference that Egyptians in their tens of thousands have poured into their streets and are far more alert and vigilant to protect the totality of their revolution than Iranians were more than thirty years ago. The first event revolves around President Morsi grabbing (and then rescinding) more power than he was granted by the free and fair election that - with a narrow margin - sent him to the presidential palace.

10 Websites That Help You Recycle Or Reuse Old Stuff & Protect Our Environment And the word is that although the web is contributing something to global warming, it’s also the loudest bugle playing in support of it. Even Greenpeace has a website after all. But this post is not about demerits of technology, but the meritorious ways it can be put to use for the environment. We Transform Disaster Debris Into Lego Building Blocks For A New Life We, The Mobile Factory from the Netherlands, have found a solution to make the world a better place. Starting in Haiti. Although the earthquake struck five years ago, there’s still 25 million tons of debris lying around. Many families affected by this terrible natural disaster are still living in grimy tents, on incomes below the poverty line. We – a small group of rich Dutchmen living in luxury and freedom – can’t and won’t just stand by and watch this any longer. That’s why we came up with The Mobile Factory: a smart solution to give debris a new purpose.