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La messagerie avec espace de stockage gratuit de Google

La messagerie avec espace de stockage gratuit de Google

1-Ingredient Beauty Fixes If you are looking for seriously simple solutions to minor cosmetic problems, look no further than the kitchen cupboard. A number of basic kitchen ingredients offer nutrients and vitamins known to aid in the nourishment and care of our skin and hair. And, although all of these ingredients can be mixed into more complex beauty blends, they’re also powerful enough to use all by themselves. Forgo expensive hair or skin treatments and instead rely on the power of nature with these six basic kitchen ingredients that nourish skin, hair and nails.

“Raspberry Eye” Remote Servo Cam Webcams are a fun and useful tool. Being able to control where they’re looking remotely, though, takes their usefulness to a whole new level. Whether you’re watching your pets while you’re away or allowing friends to participate in an event from the other side of the world, a web-enabled camera puts the end user in control of the experience. Put a Pi on the Web The Raspberry Pi provides a perfect base platform for creating internet-connected devices. When researching how I was going to connect my device to the web, I ran into Make:’s very own Matt Richardson’s post describing how to use the Flask framework to easily create projects for the web on the Raspberry Pi. The Best Geography Sites For Beginning & Intermediate English Language Learners As I mentioned earlier this week, because of an unexpected substantial increase in our student enrollment and the resulting scheduling challenges, I volunteered to convert one period of my Beginning and Intermediate English Language Learner class into a Geography class. I think Geography is a great tool for language acquisition. I have a more expansive The Best Websites For Learning & Teaching Geographylist, but I thought readers might find it useful to see the sites I plan to primarily use in this class. I’ll be expanding the number of sites, but these are a good start: Let me know if you think I’m missing any…. If you’ve found this post useful, you might want to consider subscribing to this blog for free and checking out the 975 other “The Best” lists.

7 Reasons You Should Launch White Papers Like Products Product launches can be incredibly powerful tools for uniting an organization. Have you considered launching your white papers like products? Product launches: * touch most, if not all, media channels. * distribute a few core messages across different audiences. * educate on benefits and offer a strong call to action. * build momentum with sales, PR, marketing and support. If you replace the words product launch with white papers, you’ll see that white papers share the same powerful attributes as product launches. Add to this the many studies that show white papers are among the most powerful sales tools available, and you should be wondering: Why don’t I launch white papers like products?

The Poetic Express in Context: 1985 to 2015 It’s hard for me to believe that I’ve been doing The Poetic Express every month for 30 years. It’s a good body of work. When it started in April 1985 I was starting a job at Crowley’s Department store in Detroit’s New Center area. I’d bus there from the east side and hang out in the area after work. I was in my early 30’s.

A Guide To DIY Coconut Oil Beauty Products (Infographic) Coconut Oil beauty products are the most popular beauty products on the market. Coconut Oil can help fight bacteria and viruses that cause illness, along with fending off yeast, fungus and candida. Coconut oil rocks on its own, but combining it with other all-natural ingredients takes its uses to the next level. You can make everything from Deodorant to Sunscreen using Coconut Oil as the main ingredient. Luckily, our friends at Health Perch are making it easy in the infographic below. Coconut oil eyeliner, coconut oil sunscreen … the possibilities are (nearly) endless!

Adafruit Raspberry Pi Educational Linux Distro This is our second distro, Occidentalis v0.2. Rubus occidentalis is the black raspberry. It is derived from Raspbian Wheezy August 16 2012 We have made a few key changes to make it more hardware-hacker friendly! Version 0.2 updates (new!) The Global Religious Landscape Worldwide, more than eight-in-ten people identify with a religious group. A comprehensive demographic study of more than 230 countries and territories conducted by the Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion & Public Life estimates that there are 5.8 billion religiously affiliated adults and children around the globe, representing 84% of the 2010 world population of 6.9 billion. The demographic study – based on analysis of more than 2,500 censuses, surveys and population registers – finds 2.2 billion Christians (32% of the world’s population), 1.6 billion Muslims (23%), 1 billion Hindus (15%), nearly 500 million Buddhists (7%) and 14 million Jews (0.2%) around the world as of 2010.

News, Media - Libanet Back to ListingApril 2014 Libanet innovates with the CQMS, a new quality management system that brings efficiency to airports and aircrafts facilities management services April 28, 2014 – Libanet, the leading aviation industry services provider, announced it has launched a new innovative quality management technology, the Computerized Quality Management System (CQMS), with a main objective of customer and end-user satisfaction. The announcement comes at a time where the Middle East is considered to be one of the fastest growing region regarding travel and tourism. Indeed, the Middle East’s air passenger traffic is expected to grow at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.7% between 2012 and 2032, outpacing other traditional routes such as Europe and North America, according to a report by Alpen Capital This is due to the economic growth in the area, while some major Middle Eastern airports and airlines companies have announced expansion plans.

One couple's cool plans for Detroit's vacant Cooley High When Cooley High School was built in 1928, Detroit was racing toward its population peak and architects at the time were experimenting beyond traditional Victorian Gothic styles in favor of influences from other regions. The result was a massive, Mediterranean Revival-style behemoth that combined a then-trendy European exterior with local touches, like Pewabic tile and solid oak. The city is dotted with Mediterranean and Spanish Colonial structures, many of them schools or apartment buildings, but most of them are falling apart. The 322,000-square-foot Cooley — that number includes a 65,000-square-foot addition in the 1970s — is still standing, but potentially not for long without intervention.

Echinacea & Spearmint Herbal Toothpaste This toothpaste recipe comes courtesy Faith Rodgers, a certified herbalist and founder of The Little Herbal blog. It has been formulated and perfected over time—not only is it loaded with therapeutic herbs, but it has a great texture, taste and overall palatability. Ingredients • 4 tablespoons coconut oil • 5 tablespoons baking soda • 1⁄4 teaspoon kaolin clay (available at your local health-food store) • 2 teaspoons echinacea tincture • 1⁄4 teaspoon stevia liquid extract (optional) • 30 drops spearmint essential oil

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