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Tyson Stelzer » The truth about champagne in Australia This article first appeared in, November 2014 by Tyson Stelzer Comments are off Australian champagne consumption is buoyant, but take a closer look at what we’re drinking and you might get a surprise. Western Balkans Conference – European Western Balkans PARIS – The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Nikola Poposki took part in the Third Summit for the Western Balkans which was held in Paris under the authority of the [...] Dafina Peci, National Youth Congress of Albania, [...] VIENNA – During the Civil Society Forum Paris on the 3rd and 4th of July 2016 in Paris, activists from the European Union and the Western Balkans Civil Society [...] SARAJEVO – The Western Balkan Leaders’ Summit, due to be held in Paris on July 4, will include discussions on two projects – a free flow of cargo across the [...] SARAJEVO – The Brdo-Brijuni Process Leaders’ Meeting ended in Sarajevo on Sunday, underlining the need for trust-building, understanding, reconciliation in the [...] SARAJEVO – The plenary meeting of the Brdo-Brijuni Process began at Bosnia-Herzegovina’s parliament building in Sarajevo on [...]

20 maps of India that explain the country What better way to start this series of maps of India than looking into the country’s population? Indians represent 17.6% of the human race, that’s right almost every 5th person in the world is Indian. There are so many people there that the entire population of countries match just individual states. Japanese Business Culture: Business Etiquette Japan What is Japanese Business Etiquette? Are you planning on doing business in Japan or are you working with a Japanese colleague? If so, you need to understand the Japanese business etiquette so that you can make sure you are working as effectively as possible and can reach your goals with the greatest efficiency.

Brain response to fat could determine future path in tackling obesity, study says Researchers from the University of Nottingham found that eating foods high in fat increased the gut peptide cholecystokinin (CCK), a hormone responsible for stimulating fat and protein digestion. They found this increase in CCK concentration controlled the blood oxygenation level–dependent (BOLD) signal in certain brain regions associated with reward and satiation. The findings add further understanding of current mechanisms involving oral fat satiation. If foods can be reformulated to mimic the brain’s response to high-fat counterparts, an intervention to tackle obesity may well become viable. Study details The high fat meal totalled 520 kcal and consisted of rapeseed oil, emulsifier, sucrose and flavour cocktail.

OEC - Products imported by the United Kingdom (2014) Share Short URL Embed Western Balkans Conference 30-31 May 2016, Paris In this perspective, the CFA, CIFE and IFRI will organise a forum for reflection on the Western Balkans in Paris on May, 30th and 31st 2016, in cooperation with Sciences Po CERI, SWP, EUISS, IAI, Oiip and Erste Foundation, and with the support of the MFA of France, Germany and Austria and the Austrian Embassy in Paris. The reflection forum, entitled “The Western Balkans in the European Union: new perspectives on integration?”, aims to discuss the relevance of a European dialogue of research and policy institutions on issues related to the Western Balkans and their European integration in the run-up to the Conference of Heads of State and Government from the Western Balkans countries hosted by President François Hollande on 4 July 2016. Venue:

Review: "Cartographic Grounds Projecting the Landscape Imaginary" - 40.7145° N, 74.0071° W, Herman Bollmann, New York, 1962. (© Bollmann-Bildkarten-Verlag, Braunschweig, Germany. Used with permission. (Courtesy of the Harvard Map Collection, Harvard Library, Harvard University.) 45.5547° N, 69.2466° W, The Appalachian Trail Conference, Guide to the Appalachian Trail in Maine (Washington, DC: The Appalachian Trail Conference, 1936). Japan - Japanese Business Etiquette, Vital Manners, Cross Cultural Communication, and Japan's Geert Hofstede analysis The word for toasting is kampai, pronounced 'kahm-pie'. When toasting the glass is never left unfilled. Drinking is an important part of Japanese culture. It is a way to relieve business stress. Never pour a drink yourself; always allow someone else to do it for you. Most business entertaining is done in restaurants or bars after business hours.

Poor regulation of powerful digital ads undermines childhood obesity work: WHO The experts found that children are “consistently … exposed to countless numbers of hidden digital marketing techniques promoting foods high in fat, sugar and salt [HFSS]” because of “markedly insufficient” laws on non-broadcast advertising. “…current restrictions are narrowly defined, patchy and often take a platform-specific approach,” they added. These failures also undermine action taken in other areas to tackle rising levels of childhood obesity. The “continuing lack of effective regulation of digital marketing threatens the efforts of policy-makers to halt the growing childhood obesity epidemic”, they said.

Boom time for Champagne in Australia, says Pernod Ricard Australians have parked their wine rivalry with France to drink record amounts of Champagne and the trend shows little sign of abating according to the latest results from drinks maker Pernod Ricard. But growers have reason to feel left out... Perrier-Jouët has proved a hit in Australia, says Pernod Ricard. Credit: Perrier-Jouët Afropop Worldwide In recent months, three Afropop Worldwide producers–Sean Barlow, Banning Eyre and Morgan Greenstreet–have been working in four different regions of Nigeria to gather material for the upcoming five-part Hip Deep in Nigeria series. In this program, the producers sit down to talk about their experiences, share favorite stories and tracks, and preview Afropop Worldwide’s most ambitious field project in our 30-year history. We’ll hear Naija pop, fuji, nanaye film songs and Hausa hip-hop from the north, and highlife from Edo and Rivers States. For more on this show: Exclusive Mix on SoundCloud

Why is Central Africa missing from so many maps? You’ve probably had the following experience: You are reading along when a map, shaded in a procession of pastels, interrupts the story. Your eyes travel first to your home country, then to the country where you spent a summer abroad, and then, finally, sweep around the map looking for the brightest or dimmest shades that mark a place is the most or least of something. Along the way you cross a vast colorless expanse where Central Africa should be. “No data,” the legend explains. This gap appears across a huge range of subjects that have inadequate source data for developing countries.

The World Factbook ShowIntroduction :: JAPAN Panel - Collapsed In 1603, after decades of civil warfare, the Tokugawa shogunate (a military-led, dynastic government) ushered in a long period of relative political stability and isolation from foreign influence. For more than two centuries this policy enabled Japan to enjoy a flowering of its indigenous culture. Japan opened its ports after signing the Treaty of Kanagawa with the US in 1854 and began to intensively modernize and industrialize.

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