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Contenu inaccessible - Les fondamentaux

Contenu inaccessible - Les fondamentaux

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The State of Fine Dining - Lucky Peach We struggled from the beginning to define fine dining. Even the French, who essentially invented the thing, don’t really have a term for it. It’s much easier to make declarations about its condition—Fine dining is dead! Fine dining has changed! Fine dining is taking a nap! Index of /expo-db/www/CDEXPO/Electricite_fichiers Index of /expo-db/www/CDEXPO/Electricite_fichiers Name Last modified Size Description Parent Directory - 10 Great Flashcard Making Tools for Educators 1- FauxFlash FauxFlash is a great online application that takes the hassle out of flash cards and lets you easily get right to studying. 2- Flashcard DB FlashcardDB is another cool web tool that allows users to make , study and share flashcards online.

Making Learning Memorable With a title like Making Learning Memorable, what was the probability that Dan Levy would be able to deliver on his promise when he taught a 90-minute class at the Ed School as part of the Master Class series? Considering Levy has been teaching quantitative methods and program evaluation at the Harvard Kennedy School as a senior lecturer for the past 10 years, and has won several top teaching awards, the chances, statistically speaking, were probably pretty good. Based on the amount of laughter that happened during the Ed School session, which was meant to showcase craft from inspiring educators across Harvard, it looks like Levy did deliver. ACTIVITES ENFANTS Make a stone age necklace Fabulous jewellery has been found at stone age sites such as this one at Skara Brae, a Neolithic site in Orkney in Scotland. It is made from bone and tusks – they used many kinds of bones including tusks from wild boar which they would have hunted. Here is how to make your very own Stone Age Necklace:

Uncategorized Archives PowerPoint 2010 introduced the Merge Shapes toolset (trust me, it was hidden, but there). In PowerPoint 2013 the Merge Shapes toolset is much more accessible and refined. Here is an example we developed creating a much requested graphic element (download link below). Basic PDF Tips Every Teacher Using Mac Should Know about July 29, 2015 In an earlier post entitled ‘10 Mac Tips Every Teacher Should Know about’ we fleetingly touched on a quick hack on how to annotate your PDFs. We subsequently received few questions from teachers inquiring about PDF tips for Mac users so we decided to feature some of the basic yet overlooked things you can do with your PDFs on Mac. For any of these tips to work, make sure you open your PDF then click on ‘View’ in Mac’s menu bar and select ’Show markup toolbar’.

Smart Talk To help your baby develop a large vocabulary — to give her the tools she’ll need to read, comprehend, and make sense of the world — it’s not just talk that’s important. It’s conversation. To be sure, parental talk of any kind is a good thing; the number of words that a child hears in infancy and toddlerhood is strongly predictive of future vocabulary growth. (Educators and policymakers have tuned in, launching initiatives that encourage parents to spend more time talking with their babies.) But for Associate Professor Meredith Rowe, an educational psychologist at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, the amount of words a child hears is just one factor, and not the most significant, in predicting future vocabulary growth.

ACTIVITES ENFANTS Make stone age paint Cave Lions from Chauvet Cave [Disclaimer: OK this is a bit of a messy one! You have been warned. It might be a good idea to do it outside.]

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