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Sebasol centre régionaux. The Premium Sustainable Shower. Pizza, pain, poterie : voici comment fabriquer votre four polyvalent. Nous avions découvert Barnabé Chaillot en mars dernier.

Pizza, pain, poterie : voici comment fabriquer votre four polyvalent

Un jardin luxuriant en recyclant mes eaux usées,fiche pratique N°8,YpyPyp,DIY.

Rangement intelligent

100 % autonome. FAKRO Dachfenster, Schwingfenster, Klappfenster, Niedrigenergiefenster, Notausstiegsfenster, Kniestockfenster. DigitalSTROM. Alliance 4 : Solutions en éco-construction. Construire une maison de Hobbit puis y vivre. Vous en rêvez ? Ce jeune père de famille l'a fait ! Vivre dans une maison Hobbit vous en rêviez, il l’a fait !

Construire une maison de Hobbit puis y vivre. Vous en rêvez ? Ce jeune père de famille l'a fait !

Simon Dale est un jeune père de famille gallois fan des romans de J.R.R. Tolkien qui a construit sa propre maison sur le style des habitations des Hobbits. Il s’appelle Simon Dale et il a décidé de franchir le pas. Ce fan de la saga du Seigneur des Anneaux a construit de ses propres mains une réplique parfaite et fonctionnelle des habitations des Hobbits. Pour se faire, il a réalisé sa construction sur des bases écologiques. Portail des énergies renouvelables. La maison de vacances idéale pour cet été. S'organiser, c'est facile.

Soleta est roumaine, écolo et ne manque pas de charme. Découvrez cette maison atypique. Venue de Roumanie, la Soleta zeroEnergy est la plus petite d’une gamme de maisons modulaires écologiques créée par la Fondation Justin Capra pour les Inventions et Technologies durables (FITS).

Soleta est roumaine, écolo et ne manque pas de charme. Découvrez cette maison atypique.

Un concept écologiquement intelligent mais également abordable ! Découverte. L’objectif de FITS : concevoir des maisons flexibles et abordables à la fois en terme de prix d’achat initial et de coûts d’exploitation permanents. Ces maisons combinent stratégies pratiques et technologies de pointe. Luxury Lotus Tent: Yurt-Like Shelter Packs Into Duffle Bag. Unless you’re the hardcore backpacking type, chances are you’ve had a camping experience in a squat, flimsy tent that left you wishing for the comfort of your bed and a shelter that’s at least tall enough to stand up in.

Luxury Lotus Tent: Yurt-Like Shelter Packs Into Duffle Bag

Minimalist tents have their time and place, but sometimes you want a shelter that offers more room – maybe even enough room to hold a yoga class or host a dinner party. But it still has to be easy to transport and set up. If you think that’s asking for too much, check this out. Not only is the Lotus Belle big enough for the aforementioned activities, you can fit entire bedrooms inside, including queen-sized beds, rugs, dressers and whatever else you can dream up (although those items, of course, are going to affect the portability factor.) Yet the smaller 13-foot-wide version packs down into a single duffle bag, while the 16-foot size, which is 56% larger, takes up just two bags. Tiny House Design & Construction Guide - Tiny Home Builders. Tiny House Building Checklist. On this page I hope to outline the majority of the steps that I have taken to build my Tiny House to help other people who are building Tiny Houses.

Tiny House Building Checklist

It will also serve as a working list for myself during the building process. This list is really only for a high level view of how to build a Tiny House, I will detail in depth everything on this page: Ryan’s Tiny House as I complete each aspect of the build. If you have ideas for improvements or feedback let me know through the contact us menu link. Before You Build Planning Determine Your True Needs: Info HereSelect SiteTalk with other Tiny House People: Info HereRough Floor PlanDetermine Major FeaturesDraw Up Or Purchase PlansCreate BudgetAddress Top 5 Barriers: Barriers, Solutions Part I, Solutions Part IISkills Building: Getting started Guide Sourcing Trailer – My TrailerWindows – Info hereLumberTools – Basic tools I usedAppliancesKnowledgeable FriendsProfessionals Consider Access.

Tiny RedTiny House Blog. By Lynne Hopwood I can tell you that there is nothing like owning your own place, and either having no debt or such a small debt that you don’t even feel it!!

Tiny RedTiny House Blog

When you are not chasing high-paying jobs to make ends meet, you can focus on any number of things: a new career, travel, relationships, getting healthy and growing a garden; getting outside and breathing the fresh air instead of the stale air of an office cubicle; or just spending more quality time with friends and family. Paying off a mortgage often consumes decades of your life. Then there are the unexpected jobs layoffs, medical emergencies, home and car repairs, and other emergency money drains that make choices FOR you.

Earning a non-profit wage and being in debt didn’t leave me much money after the mortgage was paid. How I stumbled upon the Tiny House Blog I don’t remember, but I became fixated with all the darling miniature houses and happy, free-spirited people living in them. Sol Haus Design. Vina’s Tiny House. I am a designer who always wanted to design and build my own house, but I couldn’t find a way to afford it.

Vina’s Tiny House

Chalets d’habitations. HemLoft, a Canadian Treehouse. Even with good knowledge of the woods it took Joel months to find just the right tree to carry the treehouse two architect friends helped him to design.

HemLoft, a Canadian Treehouse

The egg shaped bubble, wrapped around the trunk of the tree, is reminiscent of the Yellow treehouse in New Zealand. Joel's quest for the perfect tree was guided by a location that wasn't too arduous to reach and by aesthetics so that the proportions of the house would be in harmony with the land and its surroundings. This is a process all natural builders go through trying to find the right local materials and the right design for the right plot of land.

Joel has come to realise that building this tiny place in the trees was an expression of his personality, something all too often people don't get the opportunity to discover when they buy a home designed for an off-the-peg person which has never existed. The treehouse sits amongst Canadian Hemlock from which it takes its name, The HemLoft. Plans d'autres types de construction. Le financement - Le financement d’un… - Autoconstruction Maison Basse Energie (55) La maison autonome, ou comment vivre d’énergies renouvelables, d’amour et d’eau fraîche. Chercheurs en économie alternative, c’est ainsi que se définissent Patrick et Brigitte Baronnet.

La maison autonome, ou comment vivre d’énergies renouvelables, d’amour et d’eau fraîche

Installés en Loire-Atlantique, depuis plus de 30 ans, ce couple et leurs quatre enfants expérimentent un mode de vie autonome et solidaire. Dans lequel les consommations d’énergie sont divisées par quatre. Et les besoins en argent aussi. Rencontre avec des adeptes de la sobriété heureuse. Patrick et Brigitte ont fêté leur « débranchement EDF ».