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Boat Building Resins That Sink Into the Wood. FAQ - "Penetrating" Epoxy Preservatives that "Soak into" the wood. Generally the thinners based products were a precursor to the full high solids epoxy catastrophe (and I mean that in the most positive sense).

FAQ - "Penetrating" Epoxy Preservatives that "Soak into" the wood.

The most common in Oz is the dear old Epicraft Everdure which we all used to seal the insides and underdecks and often under the paint of our racing dinghies in the seventies and very early 80s. With racing dinghies weight is seen as somewhat critical - an extra pound or two is considered a catastrophe. Anyway, everdure was not particularly effective at keeping the water out of the timber - the boats would still put on weight - this could range from a pound or two up to about 5% of the hullweight. The reason as far as I have been able to gather is that the thinners are quite long complex molecules and as they come out of the epoxy matrix they leave holes behind. As the thinners content of Everdure is very high - about 70 percent from memory the holes are very extensive. The good quality epoxies are termed "high solids". CHARLES : N° 1 du Contreplaqué Hydro en France. Crbst_1. Plans du "solo bois MGM" Les photos et les plans du double sont ici Le guide de construction n'est peut être pas assez clair, toute aide est bienvenue.


Bois : Votre spécialiste en bois. Multiplex – Lochten & Germeau. Le multiplex, ou contre plaqué, est un panneau composé de plis de bois (placages) successifs croisés et collés de façon perpendiculaire de sorte a lui donner une très grande stabilité dimensionnelle.

Multiplex – Lochten & Germeau

Le multiplex est déterminé par l’espèce de bois utilisée pour les plis extérieurs, la colle et la qualité des placages. Brian Dixon's Tolman Jumbo Project - Albany, Oregon. If all the world were only metric ...sigh.

Brian Dixon's Tolman Jumbo Project - Albany, Oregon

Since Renn's boat measurements use Imperial units not the metric system, I had a choice of either measuring the offsets in metric (a good idea) and later converting to the English system for cross-checking against his data ...OR... measuring everything in the English system directly, which is harder and still requires some conversion work but is much quicker and easier when taking and writing offsets directly from the boat.

When developing a table of offsets for a boat, there are a LOT of measurements coming off the boat. If a fellow were to write in standard fractional notation, e.g. 1/8" instead of 0-0-1, he'd use up a lot of extra room in his notes and more paper to boot. Produits - Industrias Monzón. Les applications du contreplaqué de peuplier sont nombreuses, voici quelques applications avec lesquelles notre entreprise est familiarisée et qu'elle maîtrise grâce à son expérience: Pour marqueterie et bricolage.

Produits - Industrias Monzón

Pour l'élaboration d'emballages industriels. Pour des étuis de cadeaux, bouteilles et aliments. Row Wing Sliding Seat. Alden Piantedosi RowWing Sliding Seat (Row Wing Base Unit show without stanchions legs) The RowWing is a drop-in rigger designed to convert any canoe or skiff into a sliding seat sculling boat.

Row Wing Sliding Seat

Designed with fleets in mind, it can be used for either type of boat and will go in and out of a canoe much more quickly than the Scout Rig. The RowWing will also break down into a more transportable and smaller size than the Scout Rig – should you be moving things around. The greatest distinction between the two is that you can mount the RowWing rigger free and clear of the gunwale. Prices. Welcome to Salt Pond Rowing, Your Source for Skiffs, Rowboats, Shells and Rowing Accessories. Row Wing Sliding Rigger. Row Wing Sliding Rigger The sliding rigger concept is not new.

Row Wing Sliding Rigger

The primary advantage of this system is that it eliminates the effect of your torso weight shifting back and forth as it does with a sliding seat. This is particularly noticeable in shorter boats which will tend to "hobby-horse". The geometry of the sculling stroke is the same whether you have a sliding seat or a sliding rigger. One difference is the need to have a way to capture your lower back/butt for this is the point that connects the locomotion to the boat. We first developed our sliding rigger in 1984.

One drawback of the sliding rigger was determining how to install it as a canoe conversion. Click here for mounting options. Click here for assembly instructions. 4.- La construction de la coque du randonneur 980 - Les scarfs des… - La pose du 2ème… - La pose du 1er… - la pose du fond du… - Les scarfs - Les serre bauquières - Pas de bois pour… - La construction amateur d'un randonneur 980, voilier en CP époxy. Samedi 17 mars 6 17 /03 /Mars 19:31 Aujourd'hui, J'attaque le deuxième bouchain ... avec un peu d'appréhension car cette fois-ci, il va falloir lever les bras.

4.- La construction de la coque du randonneur 980 - Les scarfs des… - La pose du 2ème… - La pose du 1er… - la pose du fond du… - Les scarfs - Les serre bauquières - Pas de bois pour… - La construction amateur d'un randonneur 980, voilier en CP époxy

En une matinée, la première moitié est faite. Le premier panneau est volontairement plus court pour que les scarfs ne correspondent pas avec ceux du 1er bordé. En fin d'après midi (après une sieste d'une heure quand même ...), un côté est presque fini. Rowing Shells and Accessories from Chesapeake Rowing - The Row Wing.

Price: $695.00 with standard carbon/glass seat.

Rowing Shells and Accessories from Chesapeake Rowing - The Row Wing

Wooden seat: $95.00 additional. The Drop-in Row Wing is a device for converting any canoe or skiff into a sliding seat rowing boat. The basic machine utilizes a monorail track and tubular rigger. The monorail is formed of 6061 aluminum extruded from a custom die. Nos bateaux. Wayland Marine - Build it, Row it, Love it. Request a Free Color Catalog. Traditional Small Craft Association, Lost Coast Chapter. John's Cirrus LT Hybrid. ContentsPage 1: Cutting and Gluing Panels (You're here now!)

John's Cirrus LT Hybrid

Page 2: Fiberglassing Page 3: The Finished Kayak I am building a Cirrus LT kayak. It is 16 feet long, 21.5 inches wide, with a waterline width of 19.2 inches. It has an optimal load (kayaker and gear) of between 130 and 187 pounds. The Cirrus LT was designed by Vaclav Stejskal of One Ocean Kayaks. I chose this design because I wanted a hard chine kayak to play in. After carefully aligning the panels, tightening wires, and checking alignment again and again from every angle, the panels were fused together using silica-thickened epoxy. Strip the deck Fiberglass the deck Build coaming Fiberglass deck underside & build hatches Fillet and fiberglass hull interior Fiberglass hull exterior Join hull and deck Install bulkheads, footrests, seat, deck rigging, etc. For the deck, I am using strips left from earlier kayak projects, so my color choices are somewhat limited.

The deck is stripped, faired and sanded now. Boat Plans, Boat Kits, Boatbuilding Supplies, Boat Kit, Kayak Kit, Canoe Kit, Sailboat Kit.