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Popsicle models

Stones from egg cartons. Victoria Miniland - BRICK (Page 2) *Life in Miniature*: Making aged slate roof shingles. This month we have another tutorial from Judy Kingsley of Chelsea, Quebec (check out her fabulous fireplace project that was previously featured.)

*Life in Miniature*: Making aged slate roof shingles

Here she shows us how to create a beautiful slate-shingled roof using textured cardboard. Click on the photos for a larger view. Materials: Textured pulp cardboard, such as that used in egg cartons or in wine boxes to separate rows of bottles (you can get them from a wine store)Acrylic paints in brown, burnt umber, dark burnt umber, orange, off white, grey, lead grey, lichen grey, etc.Ruler, pencil, scissors, paint brushesPaper for guttering Paint the cardboard in whatever base colour you want for your shingles. Let your cardboard dry completely. Once dry, cut out the shingles, varying the length and width. Once the shingles are cut, mix them all in a pile so that you will be picking them out randomly. Zaboobadidoo « Artistic Model Terrain and Dioramas « Page 3.

Tudor Style Row Houses – Part 1 « Zaboobadidoo. Tutorials « Zaboobadidoo. Making Slate Roofs « Zaboobadidoo. Victoria Miniland - BRICK (Page 1) Victoria Miniland - Classes Index. Victoria Miniland - Building. Victoria Miniland - 'Egg Carton' Stone Wall or Floor Class (Pg 1) Before applying stones to the wall, draw horizontal lines at various heights..perhaps one at 1 1/2", the next one at 2 1/4", the next at 2 3/4", 3 1/2".

Victoria Miniland - 'Egg Carton' Stone Wall or Floor Class (Pg 1)

This is to give you a guideline. Mark these lines similarly around the rest of the walls. READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE PROCEEDING so that you will understand the whole process. When applying the stone, Tacky Glue will work, but Grrrip or Fast Grab Tacky makes the job a little easier. Work in one section at a time, trying to make the stones match up to the first line, however, some being under or over doesn't matter and does give it interest. Use these lines as a guideline only. When you go to apply the second row of stones, stagger it just as one would when shingling a roof. Fold the cardboard around corners, so that when finished, it looks like a 'corner stone'...but again, have some stones larger than others so that the spaces between will be staggered. Pin by Mr Reid on Design & Manufacture. Creations & Collections. Here’s another crafts project that was made a few months ago.

Creations & Collections

Pins from on Pinterest. Pin by Bunnie Solo on Miniature Dollhouse Turorials. Cinderella Moments: Anthropologie Inspired Dollhouse. The Bees Knees Cousin: Clay Castles. Note: the beeskneescousin is in the process of moving to our new home, Thanks for your patience during the transition.

The Bees Knees Cousin: Clay Castles

StudioÉLAN: Medieval Times. By Eleanor Hendriks March Break Art Camp at StudioÉlan is going well so far this week and their project today was so successful that I thought I'd show it off!

StudioÉLAN: Medieval Times

We made castle towers and tricked them out with all kinds of medieval elements and details. The series of process photos and the Rapunzel tower are the one I made as an example. The last three pictures are the great work of Lydia, Heather, Madeleine, Ally, Garett and Tyas -way to go guys! Clay is done for the week -next we'll be working on mosaics, tin punching, printmaking and abstract paper cuttting. Studio E: Tutorials. I am currently hard at work on the Bedroom of 'the Arthur' dollhouse and if you are thinking "What about the Kitchen?

Studio E: Tutorials

", well I am working on that IN MY MIND, right now. I am seriously avoiding having to work on that staircase in the kitchen which has to be done first, before anything else in that room is started. For Whatever Reason, work on the stairs is scaring the pants off me! Glorious Twelfth: Tutorials. As our "tutorials" section has gotten rather large, I thought it would be fun to organize them by house part, and area.

Glorious Twelfth: Tutorials

I want to make... How To Make a Tudor Casement Window: Here, I demonstrate one way to create an historically accurate, appealing window using commonly available materials. Once you start making your own windows, you'll wonder why you ever settled for store bought! Creating building components from scratch can be a little intimidating at first, but, trust me, it's worth the effort to learn!

How To Make a Lead Paned Window: This tutorial introduces the basic notion of using lead golfer's tape and varnish to create an extremely realistic-looking window. Miniture house*外観 : natural色の生活~handmade家具. 今日は娘のボーイフレンドのJ君がひとりで遊びに きました(^-^)おままごとのお客さんとして(私も) 少し参加することはありますが、基本的にママは用なしです(笑) 2人仲良く遊んでいます(^-^) 子ども部屋から聞こえてくる、小さな声に癒されながら おやつの時間まで私もちょこっと、ひとり時間。

miniture house*外観 : natural色の生活~handmade家具

先日、娘に作ったミニチュアハウス★の外観が完成しました^^ 外観壁には、漆喰を塗り、その上から麦茶をかけて少し汚しました。 壁の色は色々と試しましたが、 紅茶は赤くなり× 、 コーヒーはジャンク過ぎで × 麦茶が一番自然な色が出ました(^-^) 一応、すべてホームセンターで売られている材料で作っています。 壁、柵、テラコッタ、小物、ガーデンプレート、木箱など ・・・いちから作ったハンドメイドになります(^^) 一番下にある 『More』に、ちょこっと作る過程を 記載しました(^^) 以前にも書きましたが、すべて独学の作り方ですので 参考になるかはわかりませんが(^^; ご興味がある方は、Moreをご覧下さい♪ Doll house stuff. Pin by Carrie Fletcher on Miniature Tutorials. Outside charm... Foam Board Model Making House Architectural Model Part 1.

Building Foam board Models Making House Scale Model PART 4. Youtube. Foam Board Model Making House Architectural Model Part 2. Architectural Model Time Lapse. Chapel Dolls House Kit - Building & Decorating. Bromley Craft Products - Decorating a Dolls House Kit - Mail Order - Online Shop. Hutch studio. ~ DIY Tulip Tea light ~ I'm always thinking of different ways to use these little battery operated tea lights around the shop.

hutch studio

3D Home Kit: Complete Materials To Design & Build a Model of Your Own Home Building Project. How to make a model Tudor house out of cardboard. Tudor-style house design guide. Striking in design and frequently copied, the Tudor style dates back to the 16th century where it shaped construction techniques in the UK.

Tudor-style house design guide

Homes were now built from timber and wattle and daub, where they had previously been made from cob or unbaked earth. The appearance of Tudor buildings reflects the way in which they were constructed, rather than being a result of the builders trying to impose a style. So, if you want your new home to have an authentic appearance, you must appreciate the limitations of the materials and technology used to create the originals. How Tudor homes were built Traditionally, oak was the main source of timber for construction. Unseasoned (green) timber was generally used for the main structure because it was softer, which with the tools available, was easier to work. A crucial part of the construction of a traditional frame is the way that the timbers join together.

Types of frame.