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Gyproc. Gyproc Blade Runner - Plasterboard Cutting Tool / Plastering Tool. Gyproc corner roller. Australia's Automatic Plastering Tools. Pose de la bande en plafond. Flex WST 700 VV Giraffe. Bazooka Continuous Flow System by Ames Taping Tools. Drywall Tools-Sheetrock tools-Tapetech tools-drywall supplies,Fiberglass Joint Tape. Fractions rounded to 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64, 1/128. Location: Home page: [View without Frames] The formatted display of fractional measurements in Excel leaves a lot to be desired.

Fractions rounded to 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64, 1/128

This example and the formulas shown below were generously provided by Bernie Deitrick as a follow-up to a posting 2000-08-04 in the microsoft.public.excel.misc newsgroup. Bernie's formulas will be simplified after comments from Harlan Grove and corrections from by Ron Rosenberg on 2003-01-03 The corrections to be made will allow the numbers to be treated arithmetically, though they are being formatted strictly for display. I believe the formula on this page will need some revision based on the following advice by Ron Rosenberg on 2003-01-26 Disadvantage of # #/## formatting, A1: 26 B2: =MROUND(A1,1/32) formatted as # #/## -- MROUND is in Analysis Tookpak displays in B2 as 26 0/1 as would the non Analysis Toolpak Function version B2: =ROUND(A1*32,0)/32 formatted as # #/## for 8ths =ROUND(A1*8,0)/8 -- format as 0 #/## for 16ths =ROUND(A1*16,0)/16 -- format as 0 #/##

Outils. Panel and sheet rock mover. Handy Toolbox. Professional Tool Reviews for the Average Pro. Framing. Fabrication d'un mur ossature bois. Frame Master Stud Spacing Tools. Getting Organized for Fast Framing - JLC Online. It's a great feeling when everything clicks during a house-framing job — the work goes quickly and turns out right, and the crew has a good time doing it.

Getting Organized for Fast Framing - JLC Online

But smooth, glitch-free projects don't happen by accident. They require good organization, the right tools, and a production mindset. Our company builds 10 or more houses per year; we frame them in-house with a four-man crew that also does exterior finish. We can produce this amount of work because we've broken the framing process down into a series of tightly organized tasks. What follows is an explanation of how we squeeze maximum efficiency out of each step of our process. Prepping the Crew No matter how experienced the members of a crew are, only one person can be in charge. As chief of my crew, I want everyone to understand what we're going to build. We'll pay each framer for up to two hours of study time. Ordering Material You can't be productive unless materials and supplies arrive when you need them.

Scheduling. Cut station. Layout Square [KLS] - $23.00 : King Tool Online Store, Precision Hand Tools Made in the USA. Apple App. Magical Calculator Pro pour iPhone, iPod touch et iPad dans l’App Store sur iTunes. Carpenter's Helper Lite - Free Construction Calculator pour iPhone, iPod touch et iPad dans l’App Store sur iTunes. MyRadar Weather Radar pour iPhone, iPod touch et iPad dans l’App Store sur iTunes. Productivité. Agile and Lean Applied to Construction - Agile Software Development for Web and Mobile - Ennova.

Large scale construction projects suffer from cost and time overruns that are typically a symptom of productivity problems and directly affect overall industry profitability.

Agile and Lean Applied to Construction - Agile Software Development for Web and Mobile - Ennova

As a result, methodologies have been developed to reduce the risk of overruns and improve project outcomes. A number of these methods are based upon Lean production principles that focus on identifying value, eliminating waste and creating a smooth flow of materials, information and work. The application of Lean to construction is based upon treating the construction site as a temporary production line and is referred to as Lean Construction. Agile methods have been found to improve the reliability of project delivery in complex environments, by decomposing the scope into small manageable parts, then completing these parts in order of greatest value.

Construction Productivity Time and cost overruns in large scale construction are very common. As a result the construction industry is facing declining productivity. Construction Jobsite Productivity Improvement. K.E. O'Brien & Associates Inc. K.E.

Construction Jobsite Productivity Improvement. K.E. O'Brien & Associates Inc.

O'Brien and Associates Inc. Construction Productivity Consultants Mechanical, Electrical and General Contractors "We have implemented many of the new ideas from various sources, but Kerry O'Brien's ideas on improving on-site productivity are the most significant. Using his methods and systems has improved the bottom line on our projects by 10 to15%. " B.J. "Dollar for dollar, your seminar gave us the greatest immediate payback of any seminar we've ever put on. " Wayne Day, President John J. "The seminar's message is that management, especially project managers and foremen, can plan jobs a lot better, and handle materials and crew sizes in such ways as to dramatically improve productivity.

" Tom Knox, Manager NECA, SW Washington Tacoma, Washington.