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Embroidered DIY Merit Badges. While my Girl Scout career was brief, I still carry a love for those iconic little badges I earned way back when.

Embroidered DIY Merit Badges

For this week’s How-Tuesday post, I’ve cooked up a DIY twist on classic scout badges. Make your own version to honor an accomplishment, good deed, skill earned, or just for fun. DIY Peter Pan Collar. We almost lost our marbles when we first spotted these scalloped white Louis Vuitton collars on the runway.

DIY Peter Pan Collar

And so when Lucky Magazine asked us to create a tutorial for their November issue, DIYing Peter Pan collars was an absolute no-brainer. Crisp, feminine, and perfect for fall, who would have thought Neverland could look so chic? You’ll need:2 scalloped edged collar pieces cut from white felt or rubber flannel (pattern downloadable here)a single hole punch or leather rotary hole punch1 yard of white ribbona needle and threadhot glue gunbutton Using the pattern template, cut out the two collar pieces. Create small holes between each scallop, using the hole punch. Overlap the two wider end pieces and push a button through the last two aligning holes. How To Make a Bow Tie. Do It Yourself Converse.

Dans chaque « shoesing » trône au minimum une paire de Converse usée.

Do It Yourself Converse

20 doll + toy patterns to sew. DIY : des sweats brodés. 9 janvier 2013 Un tuto simplissime (si vous n’avez jamais brodé, ne fuyez pas !)

DIY : des sweats brodés

DIY Moccasins for Children. Finding cute shoes for babies and toddlers can be hard sometimes.

DIY Moccasins for Children

DIY party dress for New Year’s Eve ! Machine à coudre : Les premiers pas. DIY « Louis Vuitton » + CONCOURS! C’est avec une émotion à peine contenue que je vous écris ce billet… 2057 likes ce matin sur facebook donc c’est décidé, tous les 1000 ( vous vous rendez compte!?) Je vous ferai gagner un DIY… je me doute bien que ce rythme va se calmer mais profitons en! DIY COL CIRCUS. Le jeudi, c’est broderie!


Un petit DIY de rentrée, histoire de reprendre doucement et puis de quoi vous faire dédramatiser la broderie… L’autre jour je me rendais je ne sais plus où, mais j’ai croisé une jeune femme qui portait un tee shirt blanc tout bête avec un col à pailettes dorées encadré par deux bandes noires… Etait- ce de la sérigraphie? Le headband de Make my Lemonade. Lisa propose régulièrement des projets créatifs originaux et bien pensés sur son blog, Make My Lemonade (si vous ne connaissez pas encore, prévoyez de longues heures devant vous, pour découvrir toutes les idées qu’elle vous propose, vous n’allez plus savoir où donner de la tête).

Le headband de Make my Lemonade

Aujourd’hui, elle nous fait le plaisir de partager l’un d’entre eux sur Un Beau Jour. Cette couronne en pompons de tulle qui nous donne immédiatement des envie de mariage en hiver dans la neige et les belles lumières des mois de froid. C’est tout simple à faire et l’effet est tout simplement grandiose. Field of Flowers Costume. Oct 1.

Field of Flowers Costume

Make Your Own Tassel Scarf. I love a pop of color in my outfits!

Make Your Own Tassel Scarf

This tassel scarf is the perfect way to spice up a neutral outfit. I will wear this scarf with jeans, dresses and over light jackets. Here's how you can make your own: How To Make Tassels: 1. Collect embroidery thread in colors you love. My scarf is a 24x24-inch square of lace fabric that has been hemmed around each side. Strawberry Reusable Grocery Bag. The first time I saw this strawberry reusable grocery bag was when I visited Taiwan end of last year.

Strawberry Reusable Grocery Bag

I did so much shopping that I didn’t have enough grocery bag to use. Luckily my friend borrowed her strawberry grocery bag to me when I needed it the most. It is so cute and the folding to keep the grocery bag into a tiny cute little strawberry drawstring bag really amazed me. My daughter liked it so much…. cut the story short **fast forward**, the bag ended up come home with us. ★ Les lundis téléchargeables ! - Ernest est céleste. On est mercredi ?! Canoe Ridge Creations: hexagon coaster tutorial. Hey there -- i'm megan and welcome to my stop on the Festival of Hexagons blog hop hosted by Ali of a squared w!

If you are new to Canoe Ridge Creations, i hope you take a second to look around and find some inspiration to create something wonderful yourself. sharing my creations + inspiring others to create is what it's all about! Today i've got a fun + fast tutorial to share with you all -- the hexagon coaster tutorial. this diy project is beginner friendly and a great scrap buster too. let's get started! Fabric requirements: scraps! Zipper Pencil Case. Zipper Pencil CaseSewing Pattern: Download pdf sewing pattern here.To make: 1Materials: 1. Fabric – cotton or linen mixed, 15″x 17″ 2. Fabric – lining, 15″ x 17″ 3. Batting – 10″ x 17″ 4. Muslin – 10″ x 17″ 5. Interfacing – medium/thick, 9″ x 17″ 6. Download the pdf pattern and print them.

Cut the body piece out form the main fabric slightly bigger than the pattern. Layer the body fabric with batting and muslin underneath it. Carefully stitch along the drawing lines. Pull the front thread to the back, tie a knot and trim the ends. Puff paint onesies. By now you should know that I am a BIG fan of puff paint (otherwise known as 3-D paint or dimensional paint) see here, here, here and here. I always like using it to create pattern on the surface of many different things.

And when faced with the challenge of starting to collect baby clothes for our new addition (all the info here), I decided I would rather make or alter things for the first few weeks instead of spending money on expensive clothing- there will be enough time for that in the future :) So I decided to use dimensional paint to alter a handful of white cotton onesies. ummmm.... are babies really this small?!?! Oh how wonderful I have another puff paint product to add to my stash of materials.

Hand Stamped D.I.Y. Pony Print Dress. Hi there! I made a hand stamped pony print dress this week. It was so much fun and something that you can do on any skill level! The best part is that the end result is a custom dress that's one of a kind! To stamp my dress I used this method. If you've never made a foam stamp read this how-to. And yet another clothes hanger tutorial... You might start wondering if all is well with me... Another clothes hanger tutorial?!

Really!? Creative with espadrilles. I have this love hate relationship with espadrilles. I always loved them because they stand for summer. Whenever they show up you know summer's around the corner. Summer. Sun. The beach. However, I didn't wear espadrilles for the longest time because of the squeaky sound the rope of my last pair made.

Flower petal shoes. It's like the past couple of weeks all I've been doing is packing and unpacking. First for the move. Then big girl M. left on a trip with school (which was great, by the way!). Yesterday little H. left with her class for a trip until the end of the week. And today, before dawn, K. set off on a business trip. Packing. Chaussons d'enfant en tissu, Patron couture gratuit. Cravate : son tutorial. Kelli Murray's Blog » Blog Archive » DIY JERSEY BABY HEADBAND. This tutorial is easy peasy! And it only takes about 15 minutes to make! Here’s what you will need to get started: -An old t-shirt you don’t mind cutting up (or any jersey fabric). I suggest finding a jersey knit with a bit more “give”.

It’s a little harder to handle, but will make for a more comfy fit on your baby’s head. -a needle and some thread -fabric scissors -hot glue gun 1. DIY Denim + Lace Shirt. DIY projects made from everyday objects. Wool Camera Wrap. Have & Make: Graphic Triangle Pillow. It’s a little known fact, that you can buy transfer paper to feed through your printer.