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Free Crochet Pattern: Gumdrop Slouchy Hat

Free Crochet Pattern: Gumdrop Slouchy Hat
Merry Christmas everyone! My gift to you is a free slouchy hat crochet pattern! :D This is a really simple hat that even a beginner crocheter could handle! Scroll down for the free pattern! ● Size J crochet hook or size needed to obtain gauge ● Yarn needle ● “Chunky Yarn” in 1 or 2 colors I recommend Paton’s Shetland Chunky. ch – chain sc – single crochet dc – double crochet ea – each st – stitch rep – repeat rnd – round sc2tog – 2 single crochets together (decrease) dc2tog – 2 double crochets together (decrease) sl st – slip stitch FO – finish/fasten off CA – Color A CB – Color B This hat is crocheted in rounds. If you have any questions about this pattern, specifically rounds 3-5, please check out this post on how to read crochet patterns, where I explain those rounds. If you use this free pattern, please consider supporting me by purchasing a pattern from my shop. You are welcome and encouraged to sell any items you make using this pattern! Top Left: Soft Teal. Related:  Couture

Shell Brimmed Cloche - CAP's Crochet & Crafts © Cathy Phillips, April 2010 Crochet Hooks: H (5.0 mm); G (4.0mm) for final sc rnd 175 - 250 yds Light Weight Worsted (Village Caribbean Cotton, Red Heart Crème de la Crème) Gauge is relative for this project, the most important gauge for this pattern is determining your own head size before beginning as this will be the gauge as to how wide the crown circle for YOUR hat needs to be. Hat Sizing Tip: Measure around head just above eyebrows (keeping tape level) and divide that measurement by 3.1416. Crown Circle Ch 4, sl st in 1st ch to form ring. Rnd 1: Ch 2 (counts as dc this round), work 9 dc into ring, sl st in 2nd ch to join rnd. (10 dc) Rnd 2: Ch 2, dc in sl st, work 2 dc in each dc around, sl st in 2nd ch to join. (20 dc) Rnd 3: Ch 2, *work 2 dc in next dc, dc in next st, rep from * around, work 2 dc in last st, sl st in 2nd ch to join. (30 dc) Hat Body Rnds 9 – 14: Ch 2, dc in each dc around, sl to into 2nd ch to join. Shelled Brim Rnd 17. Rnd 19. Rnd 20: Repeat Rnd 18

Easy Slouchy Unisex Beanie 18.8K Flares18.8K Flares × I have to admit, I’ve knit this hat countless times, but I don’t have one for myself. Without fail, every time I finish one, a friend or family member will try it on and I exclaim how good it looks on them and gift it. This is my most recent version. I wore it exactly once before it was stolen off my head and immediately given away. They’re just so easy to make, I’m always telling myself I’ll make a new one to keep! What you Need: Here’s the Pattern: Cast On enough stitches to fit the circumference of someone’s head from their hairline to the nape of their neck (for me, that was 120 on size 8 needles, 100 on size 10 needles and 80 on size 13 needles) just make sure you have an even number of stitches. Crown Shaping: Once you reach the appropriate amount of “slouchiness” start decreasing. This written version of the pattern has not been tested, and I’ve made this hat so many times that I don’t really count stitches and rows anymore, I just go until it looks right.

Make A Hat Day! Today is Make A Hat Day! I thought it would be super cool to make a beret-style hat. I've made a lot of beanies in my day, and I've made some fun sun-hat type hats, but I had never crocheted a beret before now. You know what they say about the word assume... This has been a complete labor of love. I refused to give up on my perfect beret, so this time I used the wool to design my perfect (and not gigantic) beret. Now, crochet is cool, because it stretches. Since I had four different patterns to show me what I shouldn't do, this last pattern (lucky number 5!) Dynamite Beret! Weave the grosgrain ribbon between the dc bars of R26. **A note about yarns: I used 4 different colors of the same brand of wool yarn. So, what does this mean? Or, if you don't want to make it yourself, you can buy one at my new shop. xoxo

Free crochet pattern – The Harper slouch Consider this the 12th pattern for the 12 days of Christmas DIY gifts. Because of time constraints, I never got around to the 12th pattern. But here is it is now. With this pattern I wanted to play around with colors, and the Red Heart Soft line gave me some fun colors to choose from. This pattern utilizes treble stitches as well as double crochet and single crochet. With this project you can expect to spend 4 or more hours creating this. If you want to use my pattern as is but bigger, then a go up a hook size if needed. Please do not post this pattern on your website or take it as your own. Materials: 2 Skeins of Red Heart Soft in Mid Blue and Grape. Or any worsted weight yarn of your choice. Size I hook (5.5 mm) Scissors Tapestry needle Stitches used: Single Crochet – sc Double Crochet – dc Treble Crochet – tc Back Post Double Crochet – bpdc Back Post Treble Crochet – bptc Back Loop Only – blo MC – Mid Blue CC - Grape With I hook and mc, chain 9. Band Rows 4-60 repeat row 2-3. Decrease rounds

Slouch Hat Knitting Pattern - Where to Find Them! | Spinning Alpaca Yarns- Joan's Fiber Arts Blog Are you looking for a free slouch hat knitting pattern? You’ve come to the right place. Before Christmas, I did a blog entry on the slouch hat knitting pattern I was using to Slouch Hat Knitted Pattern by Simon Designs make my daughter a gift. One side note – I tried to find a slouch hat pattern for the knifty knitter, but I’m not sure you can make that type of hat on the circular loom. I checked out just about every Internet resource for slouch hat knitting patterns and most didn’t look like the style made popular in the movie, Twilight. Here are some of the links I did find for free slouch hat patterns for knitting: Slouch hat knitting pattern by Jimmy Beans Wools – This looks like a good one! Slouch Hat Pattern by PresentKnits@Blogspot . Slouchy ShortRow by Brittany Wilson Oversized Beret by Lion Brand – Site requires registration, which is free. Barrymore Slouch Hat on Knitting Daily . I think the “how to knit slouch hat secrets,” if there are any, are these:

Tuto de la Pochette Berlingot - Aiguille à l'Ouest. Pour la réalisation de la Pochette Berlingot, il vous faut: • 2 morceaux de tissus, un pour l'extérieur, un pour l'intérieur de 13cm x 23 cm• 1 fermeture éclair de 10 cm• un peu de ruban. 1ère étape : • Poser le tissu de la doublure face endroit sur le dessus, disposer sur le haut la fermeture éclair. • Ensuite mettre le tissu de l’extérieur à l’envers sur la fermeture éclair. • Coudre la fermeture éclair à 0,8 cm du bord. • Retourner, repasser soigneusement et surpiquer à 1mm. • Monter l’autre coté de la fermeture éclair de la même façon (étape plus délicate) pour cela: Ouvrir la pochette en 2, la face endroit devant vous: Plier la face endroit vers la fermeture éclair, glisser la fermeture éclair vers le haut de la face envers : Épingler le haut de la fermeture éclair en faisant bien correspondre les bord latéraux: Puis coudre la fermeture éclair. On obtient un « tube » avec la fermeture éclair. 2ième étape : • Mettre la pochette à l’endroit. • Coudre à 0,5 cm du bord. 3ième étape :

T Shirt Yarn - Recycle Tutorial | Craft Passion - Page 2 of 2 Recycle TutorialTools & Materials: 1. T-shirts (those without side-seam) 2. A pair of sharp scissors Place the T-shirt flat on the floor or working table. We only need the bottom-halve portion of the T-shirt. Fold the T-shirt from side to side, leaving an inch allowance as shown. Cut into strips as shown, remember not to cut the 1 inch allowance. Finish cutting the T-shirt from top to bottom evenly. Unfold the 1 inch allowance and it will look as shown below. The next process is to make a slant cut from strip 1 to strip 2, strip 2 to strip 3 and so on in order to create a continuous strip for the whole T-shirt. I purposely leave the first strip uncut until I have finished all. Now, I have a loooooooong strip of continuous T-shirt yarn waiting for the next process. Next is to turn the strip into a tubular yarn. See, the strip will curl and form a tubular shape after the tug. The strip has now turned into tubular yarn, from Fettuccine to Spaghetti ***wink***.

TUTO TROUSSE ZEN - Les projets de Miss Butterfly Voici les explications pour réaliser la petite trousse que je vous ai fait voir hier ...Je l'ai appelé "Trousse zen " car elle est très simple à faire et j'ai fait le montage avec la technique utilisée par les Japonaises qui je trouve donne un résultat bien propre...Elle est entièrement cousue à la main (moi perso ça me relaxe !!!) donc même pas besoin de sortir la MAC vous ne devriez avoir aucun soucis à poser le zip pour celles qui ont peur des méchants zips cette façon ... Dimentions : La base mesure 6 cm par 20 et la trousse mesure 9,5 cm au plus haut et 22 cm au plus large ce n'est pas au millimètre prés juste pour vous donner une idée . Pour info j'arrive à y ranger largement 24 feutres et 12 crayons de couleurs donc ça peut faire une trousse d'école sans soucis mais aussi trousse à maquillage ou autre ... Fournitures : Tissus extérieur carré de 25 cm entoilé si le tissus est trop fin Tissus intérieur carré de 25 cm Molleton carré de 25 cm Biais 70 cm Bonne couture !!!

Zipper Pencil Case Zipper Pencil CaseSewing Pattern: Download pdf sewing pattern here.To make: 1Materials: 1. Fabric – cotton or linen mixed, 15″x 17″ 2. Fabric – lining, 15″ x 17″ 3. Batting – 10″ x 17″ 4. Muslin – 10″ x 17″ 5. Download the pdf pattern and print them. Cut the body piece out form the main fabric slightly bigger than the pattern. Layer the body fabric with batting and muslin underneath it. Carefully stitch along the drawing lines. Pull the front thread to the back, tie a knot and trim the ends. After finish the quilting, spray some water to erase the quilting drawing lines. Prepare the rest of materials per above list. Make a few stitches near the top stop of the zipper. Place the zipper gusset lining on top of them with right side facing down. Flip the lining to the bottom of main zipper gusset, top stitch near the seam line. Repeat sewing another side of the zipper gusset. Trace the zipper gusset pattern on the right side of the lining. Sew the invisible side gusset: 1. Pages: 1 2