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Gleeful Things » Blog Archive » Free Crochet Pattern: Gumdrop Slouchy Hat

Gleeful Things » Blog Archive » Free Crochet Pattern: Gumdrop Slouchy Hat
Merry Christmas everyone! My gift to you is a free slouchy hat crochet pattern! :D This is a really simple hat that even a beginner crocheter could handle! You can make it a solid color or change colors after every round to make stripes! I made a couple that are half and half. Scroll down for the free pattern! ● Size J crochet hook or size needed to obtain gauge ● Yarn needle ● “Chunky Yarn” in 1 or 2 colors I recommend Paton’s Shetland Chunky. ch – chain sc – single crochet dc – double crochet ea – each st – stitch rep – repeat rnd – round sc2tog – 2 single crochets together (decrease) dc2tog – 2 double crochets together (decrease) sl st – slip stitch FO – finish/fasten off CA – Color A CB – Color B This hat is crocheted in rounds. If you have any questions about this pattern, specifically rounds 3-5, please check out this post on how to read crochet patterns, where I explain those rounds. If you use this free pattern, please consider supporting me by purchasing a pattern from my shop. Related:  Couture

View Single Post - Sweetness Hat: Dot Matthews (bythehook) Sweetness Hat© 2/25/05 Dorothy “Dot” Matthews. All rights reserved.Originally published at This pattern is intended for personal use only. You may do what you want with the items you make, as long as you give Dot credit as the designer, with the following restrictions: you may not sell your items online and you may not sell to retail or wholesale stores or businesses. You are welcome to direct people to this pattern by posting a link to it. This pattern may not be posted on any other site or distributed in any other manner. MATERIALSJ hookBernat Super Value WW yarn, color Mountain Lake OmbreBlunt needlescissorsGAUGE 7 rows = 2 "6 scs = 2 "HAT SIZE 23"ABBREVIATIONS ch – chainea – each sc – single crochetscs – single crochetsst – stitchsts – stitchestr – treble crochetsl st – slip stitchdc – double crochetsk – skip NOTE 1: Do not join rounds unless told to do so. ROUND 14: ch 1, sc in same st as join, *1 sc in next st. Attached Thumbnails

FREE PATTERN: Basic Slouchy Hat **The color striping comes from using varigated yarn** Size J Hook (6.0 mm)Worsted Weight Yarn 1. 2. 3. 4. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. Fasten off. Easy Slouchy Unisex Beanie 18.8K Flares18.8K Flares × I have to admit, I’ve knit this hat countless times, but I don’t have one for myself. Without fail, every time I finish one, a friend or family member will try it on and I exclaim how good it looks on them and gift it. This is my most recent version. I wore it exactly once before it was stolen off my head and immediately given away. What you Need: Here’s the Pattern: Cast On enough stitches to fit the circumference of someone’s head from their hairline to the nape of their neck (for me, that was 120 on size 8 needles, 100 on size 10 needles and 80 on size 13 needles) just make sure you have an even number of stitches. Crown Shaping: Once you reach the appropriate amount of “slouchiness” start decreasing. This written version of the pattern has not been tested, and I’ve made this hat so many times that I don’t really count stitches and rows anymore, I just go until it looks right.

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SNOWY RIDGES MATERIALS:Lion Brand Wool-Ease White Frost, 2.5 ouncesJ (6.0 mm) crochet hookWorsted weight yarn, small amounts of red and greenG (4.05 mm) crochet hookYarn needle GAUGE: 6 dc = 2 inches SIZE: Women’s Small and averageNOTES:1. Read instructions all the way through before beginning.2. SPECIAL STITCH:Picot = Ch 3, slipstitch in 3rd ch from hook. CAP INSTRUCTIONS: With Wool-Ease and J hook. Round 1: Ch 3, doesn’t count as first st, 12 dc in 3rd ch from hook. Round 2: Ch 2, 2 dc in each st. Round 3: Ch 2, *dc in next st, 2 dc in next st, repeat from * around. Round 4: Ch 2, *dc in 2 sts, 2 dc in next st, repeat from * around. Round 5 average only: Ch 2, *dc in 3 sts, 2 dc in next st, repeat from * around. Round 5 small only: Ch 2, *dc in 7 sts, 2 dc in next st, repeat from * around. Rounds 6-14 average only: Ch 3, does count as first st, *fpdc around next st, dc in next st, repeat from * around. Rounds 14-16 small only: Ch 1, sc in each st. Finish off and weave in ends. NOTES:1.

SANDRA CROCHE Free crochet pattern – The Harper slouch Consider this the 12th pattern for the 12 days of Christmas DIY gifts. Because of time constraints, I never got around to the 12th pattern. But here is it is now. With this pattern I wanted to play around with colors, and the Red Heart Soft line gave me some fun colors to choose from. This pattern utilizes treble stitches as well as double crochet and single crochet. With this project you can expect to spend 4 or more hours creating this. If you want to use my pattern as is but bigger, then a go up a hook size if needed. Please do not post this pattern on your website or take it as your own. Materials: 2 Skeins of Red Heart Soft in Mid Blue and Grape. Or any worsted weight yarn of your choice. Size I hook (5.5 mm) Scissors Tapestry needle Stitches used: Single Crochet – sc Double Crochet – dc Treble Crochet – tc Back Post Double Crochet – bpdc Back Post Treble Crochet – bptc Back Loop Only – blo MC – Mid Blue CC - Grape With I hook and mc, chain 9. Band Rows 4-60 repeat row 2-3. Decrease rounds

Photo tutorial of how to create the daisy To beg - chain (ch) 5 and join to form a circle Round 1: ch 2, 11 double crochet (dc) into ring Round 2: change to new color with a slip st in any space between dc; ch2, * 3 treble (tc) in same space; remove crochet hook and insert it into the top of the first tc; hook and pull last tc through first loop - petal made - ch2 * and repeat * to *. make 11 more petals in this fashion Slip st into first petal and finish off. Sorry I didn't include the steps and photos side-by-side, but I thought by including some photos, you could at least have a gauge for how it should look! You can see photos of my finished blanket here. To see how to add rounds go here.