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Wild Things: Free Software To Design & Print Patterns For Hats, Bags, Etc.

Wild Things: Free Software To Design & Print Patterns For Hats, Bags, Etc.
Free software to easily design and print patterns for hats, bags, footwear, and other fun stuff. Wild Things is now available on the iPad App store. FREE Wild Things Features Wild Things! is a fully functional FREE program for drafting patterns for hats, bags, wraps, footwear, and other accessories All of the patterns in Wild Things print to the dimensions you specify. It even has embroidery design planning tools to aid you in creating unique accessories for yourself and others.

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Tools Of The Trade: Sewing & Others For 1/12 Scale Today I am going to show you the Sewing Box. Within this sewing box I have the various sewing items based on the sewing I do most. Let's talk about the items and what I like about mine and you can decide about your own.

What I'm Working on Now. This is my documentation of a new project I just completed yesterday. It's my first attempt at T.R. pattern making which is a little known Japanese pattern making technique. T.R. stands for "Transformation Reconstruction" and is completely unlike traditional methods. It involves free-hand sketching on the muslin, & cutting up your own design (eep!)

Open Parasol Tutorial Step 1 Cut out the pattern using the fabric you have selected. Trim the top raw edge with lace or others fine trim. I have used lace for this sample. Tip: pull the slightly heavy thread in the header of the lace to gather. DIY Doll Wristwatch & Doll Props Here's how you can make a truly realistic looking wristwatch for any doll, no matter what the size or composition: Mini Wristwatch Supplies needed: . A picture of a watch face(s) cut out from a magazine or catalog in a size appropriate for your doll . Index card or scrap of cardstock . Free Clothes Patterns Posted on | October 9, 2008 | 7 Comments I originally became interested in patternless sewing, many years ago, because I had a hard time finding patterns in my size. Nowadays, patterns in large sizes abound. Nonetheless, I still love my pattern free sewing.

MY DOLL BEST FRIEND: Halloween Witchy Tutu Outfit At Poundworld I found these stripy leg warmers and a Halloween 'Terrifying Tutu Costume' which is really just a cute double layer net skirt and is not that terrifying at all! So here's what I made for witchy Gotz Julia for £2. What you will need: A Terrifying Tutu Costume (or another black tutu) Stripy leg warmers Needle Measuring & Fitting Doll Clothes Patterns NOTE: Book recommended for beginning sewers. It contains a lot of basic sewing/fitting techniques, terms, basic fabric/thread information, hints on buying a sewing machine/serger, etc. The book is: "Mother Pletsch's Painless Sewing - Fourth Edition" and can be ordered on the Palmer/Pletsch website (click here). These notes are primarily aimed at measuring and fitting dolls. However, I have put in some references to human (and human pattern) measurements for comparison and to use when working with a human pattern to create a doll pattern ---- (see Pattern Creation Page). *NOTE: I will not be covering how to make pattern alterations for individual body differences as it would take an entire book!

Make Your Own Damn Bras I got sick of waiting to go to Spotlight to buy a good bra pattern, I decided to DIY! This is good if you do not have a very large bust. I'm a 12C-ish, and this tutorial shows you how to make a basic padded bra. You can easily add underwiring, which - when I get some - I will add to this tute on how to put that in as well. I am going to buy a bra pattern, and give that a test run too, the most widely reviewed one that seems to be good is Kwik Sew 3300, so hopefully I can pick that up tonight as well as some bra-making supplies. You're probably wondering why on earth I am making my own damn bras?