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4 Sites You Wish Were Around When You Were Applying To College. Www3.nd. Introduction Features of 4G Wireless Systems 3G Vs 4G Physical and MAC Layer issues in 4G Higher Layer Issues in 4G.


Creative Ways You Need to Try to Organize Your Bookmarks. Advertisement We all save websites, articles, and specific pages.

Creative Ways You Need to Try to Organize Your Bookmarks

We keep hilarious online videos, mark our favorite shopping sites, and hold onto reference materials. The list goes on and on for those things we bookmark and save, plus everyone organizes those bookmarks differently. It can easily get out of control unless you put your bookmarks where they belong as soon as you save them. How To Manage 17 Years Of Bookmarks How To Manage 17 Years Of Bookmarks Bookmarks seem to accumulate over time, growing into collections of hundreds or thousands over the years. 8 Key Questions You Must Ask When Buying A New Wireless Router. Buying a new wireless router can be overwhelming — there are hundreds of options, and new ones are released all the time.

8 Key Questions You Must Ask When Buying A New Wireless Router

Sorting through all of the information can take days. But if you know the right questions to ask, the process will be much easier and you’ll be happy with your purchase. Here are eight questions you should ask when buying a new wireless router. Social Media Definitions: The Ultimate Glossary of Terms You Should Know.

For many people, posting a tweet, hashtagging an Instagram caption, and sending out an invite for a Facebook event on Facebook has become common practice.

Social Media Definitions: The Ultimate Glossary of Terms You Should Know

5 Common Mistakes Beginners Make When They Share Photos Online. Header photo by jun pinzon I look at more photos online every single day than most people go through in a month.

5 Common Mistakes Beginners Make When They Share Photos Online

Things You Should Know About Redundancy and Backups. What if a software error corrupts a vital file on your computer?

Things You Should Know About Redundancy and Backups

What if your office catches fire, taking your servers with it? What if you suffer a catastrophic hardware failure and lose all your data? What if your ISP has technical issues, and you lose Internet access for a few days? Google Docs vs. Microsoft Word: The Death Match for Research Writing. A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, Microsoft Word ruled the roost when it came to word processing.

Google Docs vs. Microsoft Word: The Death Match for Research Writing

Ultimate Guide to Google Plus. I’ve seen quite a few people who don’t understand Google Plus or think Google Plus is some sort of wasteland with giant swaths of inactivity.

Ultimate Guide to Google Plus

I was one of these people until I decided to dive in and really explore the social network and become active on there to see what this G+ thing is all about. The end result is this guide, a complete Google Plus guide for the person who is just getting started, or quite simply, started but staring at a boring feed with zero activity. Take a look at the sections below and click any section that has your interest. The Google Plus Beginner Guide Sections When browsing this guide, you can click the below links to jump to the section you are interested in. The Foolhardiness of Mismanaging Your Twitter Streams.

Twitter is love.

The Foolhardiness of Mismanaging Your Twitter Streams

Twitter is hate. It depends upon whom you ask. Not surprisingly, Twitter continues to grow as new users, new features, and new investors discover its benefits. IFTTT Recipes That Help You Save Money. IFTTT is an essential, easy-to-use tool that lets you automate your tech life.

IFTTT Recipes That Help You Save Money

The Best VPN Services. Review: Puppet vs. Chef vs. Ansible vs. Salt. The proliferation of virtualization coupled with the increasing power of industry-standard servers and the availability of cloud computing has led to a significant uptick in the number of servers that need to be managed within and without an organization. Where we once made do with racks of physical servers that we could access in the data center down the hall, we now have to manage many more servers that could be spread all over the globe. Featured Resource Presented by PC Connection | EMC End User Computing solutions with XtremIO deliver massive, consistent I/O performance to ensure that Learn More This is where data center orchestration and configuration management tools come into play.

Top DoFollow Social Bookmarking Sites List 2015. United and Orbitz are suing a 22-year-old who exposed cheap airfare hack. United Airlines and Orbitz are suing a 22-year-old website founder who has made it easier for travelers to find "hidden city" tickets, which can offer big discounts on airfares. "Hidden city" ticketing is the practice of booking a one-way plane ticket from one city to another, and then getting off the plane on a layover before the final destination.

Get Started. SOLID (object-oriented design) In computer programming, SOLID (Single responsibility, Open-closed, Liskov substitution, Interface segregation and Dependency inversion) is a mnemonic acronym introduced by Michael Feathers for the "first five principles" named by Robert C. Martin[1][2] in the early 2000s[3] that stands for five basic principles of object-oriented programming and design.

Getting to Know Markdown. The Web has become enmeshed in all aspects of our lives. And whether we realize it or not, so has HTML, the language that’s used to format Web pages. JPEG, GIF, And PNG: When To Use Each Kind Of Image. Generally, when you see an image used on the Internet, it’s a JPEG, GIF, or PNG. Memory Sizes Explained - Gigabytes, Terabytes & Petabytes in Layman's Terms. Mosaic (web browser) Mosaic was developed at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA)[5] at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign beginning in late 1992. NCSA released the browser in 1993,[7] and officially discontinued development and support on January 7, 1997.[8] However, it can still be downloaded from NCSA.[9] What Is Moore's Law, And What Does It Have To Do With You? [MakeUseOf Explains] The Internet & The World Wide Web Are Not the Same Thing [MakeUseOf Explains] The two terms “Internet” and “World Wide Web” have been used interchangeably ever since the Internet itself became a household “utility” as common as electricity or cable TV.

The Best Web Hosting Services. Tips, Tools and How-tos for Safer Online Communications. aGupieWare: Online Learning: A Bachelor's Level Computer Science Program Curriculum (Updated) Introduction [Update: See also the follow-up post to this piece, An Intensive Bachelor's Level Computer Science Curriculum Program.] HowToGeek Screencasting guide. Confessions of a Hangouts on Air Host. How to Safely Download & Install Software. All of these programs that I recommend are hosted on other sites, which is very typical and is no reason for concern. However, it means I have hand you off to another website that I have no control over and hope everything works out there as you download and install the software.

Understanding MailTips: Exchange 2010 Help. Pixar Cofounder Ed Catmull on Failure and Why Fostering a Fearless Culture Is the Key to Groundbreaking Creative Work. Tips and Tricks to Hang a Photo. 2014 TD Ameritrade Review - Online Stock Trading. Why Minecraft's Creator Really Quit. Best VPNs for File Sharing, 2014. Keyboard Shortcuts that Will Make You Look Pro. Forrester's 2015 cloud predictions: Docker rises, storage pricing war claims lives.