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DIY Tutorial: Fabric Pumpkins. I am delighted to welcome back Andrea Pittam from Kiss the Frog to the blog today.

DIY Tutorial: Fabric Pumpkins

Andrea is a photographer as well as crafter and has already shown us how to make these cute Paper Birdcages as well as this Bubble Blower, and the ever popular bunting. As it is Halloween on Thursday Andrea is gong to show us how to make these super cute fabric pumpkins. These Pumpkins are easy to make and can be made in any colour you want to go alongside your Halloween decorations. Maybe you are having a Halloween themed wedding, or want to add some new ideas to your autumn themed wedding, well these pumpkins are simply perfect for you. The proportions for the fabric are twice the width of the height. STEP 1) Place the fabric wrong sides together and machine sew both the shorter sides. STEP 3) Sew running stitch, as before around the top of the pumpkin. STEP 4) Next thread the embroidery thread onto an embroidery needle and pass down the centre of the pumpkin coming out at the bottom.

Glitter Spider Web Shoes - Oh My Creative.


Mon makes things: Spider Pumpkins & a Giveaway! So if you follow me on Instagram, you may know that I am featured in All You magazine this month!

mon makes things: Spider Pumpkins & a Giveaway!

But I have a whole post planned about that, so more on that later. ;) Just over a week ago, I was contacted by All You about their Halloween Handbook, and was sent a copy to review. I'm sure you can guess how much I love craft books... They're like, pre-Pinterest inspiration, people. This is how my mom got all her great ideas back in the day. And who doesn't love the glossy pages of a new book, hmm? I flipped through the book plenty of times, dreaming of all the projects I wanted to make, before settling on the adorable spider pumpkins (at least partly because I had all the supplies on hand, am I right?).

The book is filled with clever ideas for Halloween, and not just crafts! The beauty of this too, is that All You is a women's magazine focused on saving money, a.k.a. affordable projects! I tweaked the spider pumpkin project a bit because, you know, gotta work with what you've got. Yellow Bliss Road: Canning Jar Ring Pumpkin (The Original Junkin' Pumpkin) Paper Pumpkins. Cut orange paper into 1-1/2” wide strips, using paper cutter.

Paper Pumpkins

Arrange seven strips in an asterisk shape with ends slightly overlapping in center, making sure they are even width apart. Apply Tacky Spray on one end at time and press together. Let dry. Pull up other ends to middle. Apply Tacky Spray on ends and place together. Miscellaneous Notes For the larger pumpkin we recommend propping up in the center with the dowel or straw, cut to size. DIY No-Sew Bat Wings » Little Inspiration. Halloween is getting closer and closer and we couldn’t be more excited because it is so fun to dress up!

DIY No-Sew Bat Wings » Little Inspiration

Ever since our little guy arrived, I have been creating cosplays costumes and sharing them on Instagram.


13 Days of Halloween- Doily Spiderweb Corbels. Hello everyone!

13 Days of Halloween- Doily Spiderweb Corbels

Welcome to day 4 of my 13 Days of Halloween. Today I am going to show you how to make cute little spiderweb corbels to decorate your doorways. This craft is really easy and fun, and it adds a fun vibe to your room. Glowing Eyes. So I found this idea on Pinterest, and it was too awesome (and easy!)

Glowing Eyes

Not to try. Cut some spooky eyes into empty paper towel or toilet paper rolls (I chopped up a long wrapping paper tube), insert glow sticks, and cover ends with duct tape. Then hide them around the yard for some spooky Halloween decor. Happy Friday + Candy Corn Bath Salts. A Fun and Simple Craft Idea: Tissue Box Gobble Monsters. Glowing Severed-Hand Halloween Punch Recipe. Ghoulish Illumination- Light Cover Ghosts. If you wander into any Habitat for Humanity ReStore, or really just about any thrift store, you’ll be sure to find a section of glass light covers.

Ghoulish Illumination- Light Cover Ghosts

They come in different shapes- globe, teardrop, flower- and a few will be vintage-y enough to be cute, but most just look outdated. So, what can one POSSIBLY do with them? Well, I picked up a few of them that were similarly shaped… almost bell-like…because they reminded me of a simple ghost costume, a la Charlie Brown. The ubiquitous glass shade. All they needed was a basic face- two eyes and a mouth (or not, for the latter). Sticky felt to the rescue! As you can tell, I did this quickly… and free-handed. More silly than spooky? Pop Art Makeup: A Halloween Tutorial. Hey there!

Pop Art Makeup: A Halloween Tutorial

Today, I uploaded my very first ever Halloween Tutorial! I love this Pop Art makeup look and think it's super cute and simple. This is an awesome idea for anyone who hasn't chosen a costume yet because you can just put on this makeup and wear any kind of clothes.