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Various Fog Machine Fixes

Halloween DIY finds 2014. Halloween on Pinterest. PinHalloween. Grave Guardians. For this year’s Haunt Forum prop challenge, when they announced that it had to be something to go in your Halloween graveyard but not a tombstone prop, I was stumped!

Grave Guardians

Then I thought, “Grave Flowers“! Then I thought, “That just wouldn’t be a spooky enough prop“! And Then I thought, “Yah but, what if the flowers were ferocious , carnivorous man eating plants“? Hmmmm… Now the home haunt frontal lobes were kicking in! Instructables Member: Halloween365KJ GOOD ADDED. Alice in Wonderland party decorations - All. Robert mcnutt’s favorites. Happy Halloween! Spider 1 – Corpsing a Cheap Plastic Spider. How to corpse a cheap plastic spider In this tutorial we take cheap plastic spiders then chop them up, glue them back together, corpse them and finish them to look way more realistic and spooky.

Spider 1 – Corpsing a Cheap Plastic Spider

An easy and cheap Halloween decoration using cheap and free materials. Viking Costume. So, as I mentioned, Baden is going to be a Viking for Halloween.

Viking Costume

I was trying to think of a cheap way to make a costume for him as I roamed through the aisles of Target. They had some sweet faux-fur vests in the girl department that would have been awesome, but they were $25 and I didn't plan on spending that much on the entire costume. Halloween 2012 by Vaughn May. Pinterest. Halloween Prep for 2008. Halloween 2008. Halloween Prep for 2008. Vintage Halloween, Halloween Prop and Halloween Decorations. Little ant design: beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Look at this winning piece of brass.

little ant design: beauty is in the eye of the beholder

You can say it's ugly - it won't hurt my feelings. I picked it up at my favorite store...Goodwill. Who needs a fancy party decor store when you have Goodwill a few miles away, not to mention 3 other thrift stores in the same area. Back to the project. I hit the candelabra with some black spray paint but didn't do full coverage - I just wanted to tone down the gold goodness. Realistic Eyeballs. Here's a quick tutorial on how to make some realistic eyeballs.

Realistic Eyeballs

After a while I won't be able to update this thread with lessons learned so please go to my album for the latest corrections and updates: Halloween Forum - Terra's Album: Tutorial: Realistic Eyeballs This all started because I needed an eye color that I couldn't find available on the web so I made my own. Since I was in Photoshop, I made 90 more. heh. Okay, here goes the tut.... get your wine out The Skeleton Store sells these nifty clear eyeballs. Halloween 365 Kate+J on Pinterest. Halloween 365 Kate+J on Pinterest. October Pun'kin on Pinterest. Discover and save creative ideas There’s more to see...

October Pun'kin on Pinterest

Haunted Houses, Halloween Prop and Vintage Halloween. Halloween Makeup, Halloween Makeup Tutorials and Skeleton Makeup. A Cultural History of Slutty Halloween Costumes. Let’s see here: We have a sexy witch, a sexy nurse, a sexy majorette, a sexy bumblebee, a sexy pirate, and a sexy detective wearing a sexy deerstalker.

A Cultural History of Slutty Halloween Costumes

There is a sexy Super Girl, a sexy Snow White, a sexy Strawberry Shortcake, and a sexy Little Bo Peep, not to mention a sexy Dorothy, a sexy Glinda, a sexy Scarecrow, and a sexy Cowardly Lion (imposerous!). Submarine Sally is a sexy sailor. Backdraft Babe is a sexy firefighter. Officer Tara U. Age a mirror using bleach. #H365. Villabarnes: Bleached Mirror. Ding, Ding, Ding.

villabarnes: Bleached Mirror

Revi guessed correctly. I used bleach to achieve that beautifully aged look on my mirror. When my youngest son was in Junior High School, I helped him with a science project on corrosives. Bleach was one of them. It will corrode the silver backing on mirrors. As always, be safe. You can use a spray bottle to spritz it, full strength, on the back of the mirror. Davis Graveyard 2013. Davis Graveyard 2013.

Davis Graveyard 2013

Pinterest. HOMEWARDfound Decor: Bonus Post: Faux Statuary! Paper Models: Page 3. Browsing Folding & Papercraft on DeviantArt. Roger's Gardens – Halloween 2015. How to Fix a Fog Machine Pump. Fogger Repair / Cleaning. Due to issues that developed with my fog machine after cleaning it the original way, I updated my process and changed a couple methods used.

Fogger Repair / Cleaning

I recreated my "How To" document and renamed it so it more accurately represents the actual process being described. If you find the information in the article useful, or have other suggestions and ideas how to improve it; please drop me a line using my CONTACT page. If I use your information, I will gladly give proper credit where it is due. Obtain "How To" Document. Fog machine revival - fixing foggers with little or no output - HauntForum. I've had an American DJ Fog Hog for 10 years. It has been perfect in every way, good output + reliable. I have never done any sort of cleaning and it has worked perfect... until last year. Haunted Houses, Halloween Prop and Haunted House Props. Halloween. Other Showcase your most recent craft! - Page 335. Britta Blvd. Halloween Recipes. My repertoire of recipes has acquired more and more body parts over the years, and since my Mad Scientist display has also grown recently, I have begun to arrange all the edible body parts together as a mad scientist experiment in process, complete with microscopes, notebooks, periodic tables, and lab coat hanging on the wall waiting for the doctor to return.

Not only does this enhance the mad scientist theme nicely, but it also frees space other tables for even more food, especially when guests bring their own revolting recipes! :) The Eerie Eyeballs, Bizarre Brain, and Haunted Human Heart are featured separately in this list. The bleeding hands are made in the same way as the Haunted Human Heart, just using peach gelatin with evaporated milk as the flesh, with the same raspberry blood syrup in a baggie bladder inside. The green substance in the large jar is an assortment of Gummy Body Parts purchased candies suspended in green "ectoplasm" soft-set lime gelatin. (back to top) HOMEWARDfound Decor: Tutorial: Faux Concrete Pumpkins. I was inspired by my recent trip to Roger's Gardens Nursery in Corona del Mar, California when I saw some HUGE, GINORMOUS concrete pumpkins at their store: One look at them, and I had a craft project in mind!

My versions would be smaller, naturally, and also lighter in color.... I wanted mine to be a bit more subtle and less scary than Roger's Gardens versions, so I went with lighter gray paint. Follow my tutorial below to transform some gaudy orange Dollar Tree pumpkins into concrete classics! Eerie Elegance: Painted Woodgrain. It's only one month left until Halloween, so I'm sure you will be building your projects soon if you haven't already started them! Do you have a project that needs to look like wood? Maybe some walls, doors, or perhaps even a giant steampunk device? You can try this simple and customizable Painted Woodgrain technique using standard brushes that is very convincing, especially for large scale projects! Episode 2: Gravestone Garnishes. Eerie Elegance: Glowing Mad Scientist Display. Eerie Elegance: Episode 2: Gravestone Garnishes. Witch, Skeletons and Vintage Halloween. Untitled-9copy-1.jpg Photo by Karin801.

Apothecaries, Haunted Mansion and Cemetery. Swimming with the Fishes Halloween Prop. Caution: Dave lit these ONLY for this photo! Silhouette Curtains. Pic 2. 2" wide garbage bag strips each hand stretched then touched up with paint. Halloween Decor and Haunted House Props. Crafty Lumberjacks: I'm walking in a spider web...of yarn! Arachnophobia Attack! This is an inexpensive way to give any room a huge eerie impact! We literally spent less than $3.00. What you need to weave your web:Yarn.Scissors. Scotch Tape.Spiders? Make your frame:Tape the ends of pieces of yarn to create an X.Tape other crisscrossing lines or "spokes". This is an inexpensive way to give any room a huge eerie impact! They spent less than $3.00. #Halloween #webs @halloween365.

Halloween on File.