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Making Decorative Bows. Handmade bows can be used in many craft projects, such as wreaths or as decoration on clothing.

Making Decorative Bows

This is a guide about making decorative bows. DIY Halloween Nevermore Wreath. Let everyone know you're in the Halloween spirit, and DIY a wreath that looks so spooky adorning your door.

DIY Halloween Nevermore Wreath

The extra plus? You can find most of these items at the dollar store, keeping the cost down to less than $10 total. Even if you aren't super crafty, this decoration is actually pretty easy to put together. And you can add a few personal touches to make it so unique. What You'll Need: 18-inch wire wreath frame2 packages of spooky fabric1 or 2 plastic spooky treesTwist tiesMini ravenFake spider webbingPlastic spidersHot glue gunCraft mossLength of rope or ribbon Directions: Halloween Raven Wreath. Over Christmas, I fell in love with a set of white feather wreaths from West Elm, and after purchasing them, I realized that they would have been really easy to make using feather boas.

Halloween Raven Wreath

Skeleton Halloween Wreath. Too early for Halloween stuff?

Skeleton Halloween Wreath

No way, right?! It’s kinda funny that I complain about stores putting out their Christmas stuff too early and yet, would have no problem if the same stores put out Halloween supplies out in the middle of Summer. Hell, put them out in May and I might just be able to complete 10% of all the Halloween crafts on my Pinterest list! So, I was walking through Dollar Tree a few weeks ago and I came upon an entire army of miniature complete skeletons. Of course, I had to buy a couple of them…ok, five of them. Halloween Skull Wreath. If you’ve been around Tried & True long enough, you’ve probably already realized how much I love to make Halloween Wreaths.

Halloween Skull Wreath

There’s just something about Halloween that makes me to hang skeleton parts off my door! This Halloween Skull Wreath is super easy and inexpensive to make. Halloween Gallery Wall. Happy Monday friends.

Halloween Gallery Wall

I had quite the weekend. Saturday I went to visit Sweet Clover Barn for the Hometalk Halloween Hunt and it didn't go as expected. I'm embarrassed to admit that I got horribly lost thanks to my iPhone GPS. Like 2 hours away kinda lost. Glittery Halloween Houses. Glittery Halloween Houses Hi all!

Glittery Halloween Houses

It’s another ‘Shelly Loves Halloween’ post for you! With fall just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to get a head start on some holiday decorations. DIY: halloween diorama eat, knit & diy. Halloween has never been my favorite holiday.

DIY: halloween diorama eat, knit & diy

I’m much more of a Christmas type of gal. Sure, it was fun as a kid when you got to stay out past dark and get a sugar buzz from all the candy. But as I got older, it lost its appeal. Part of that happened in college when I got into a feminist snit about costume options for women. Sexy nurse, sexy witch, sexy zombie…The lack of easily recognizable woman characters that don’t involve cleavage and fishnet stockings still irritates me. But my husband loves Halloween, and now so does my daughter. DIY Witch Hat. The Halloween decor isn't quite complete here at Casa de Potter, I've still got a few crafts up my sleeve.

DIY Witch Hat

This DIY Witch Hat was so fun and easy to create using an inexpensive paper mache form from a craft store, black Tulip Soft paint, black Tulip glitter and some ribbons, trims, feathers and bits I had in my studio. You will need: Paper Mache Witch Hat Orange Tulle Striped black and off-white ribbon Old book page Bottle cap. Shortie: Halloween Headband - Steampunk Style - tutorial :) Hi again friends!

Shortie: Halloween Headband - Steampunk Style - tutorial :)

Halloween is coming and some of you are probably already thinking about suitable costumes and decorations. I have to admit, I'm not very familiar with this celebration - mostly because of my nationality and different traditions celebrated in our country - but I'm very curious what will be going on here, in Ireland. Halloween Craft Tutorial - Play Trains! Spooky Pipe Cleaner Trees — Halloween Craft Tutorial Posted by Jessica Petersen on Oct 14, 2013 I love these spooky trees I came up with to go with the Little Engineer’s wooden trains, so perfect for a Halloween train set or small world. While they’re a little more complex than the evergreen pipe cleaner trees from last spring, they don’t take too long to make, and they look so cool in our train layouts! They’re definitely my new favorite Halloween craft. And they also can be made with brown pipe cleaners to go with a fall theme.

This post contains links to Halloween Mod Podge Crafts: Make a Cabinet of Curiosities. This is a sponsored post for Mod Podge about Halloween Mod Podge crafts. I was provided product and compensation, but opinions are my own. By now, you know I have an macabre fascination with Halloween. So, when Mod Podge asked me to create a Halloween craft using its outdoor waterbase sealer, glue and finish, I couldn’t say no. I decided to make a 3D Cabinet of Curiosities sign to showcase some macabre collections. Because it’s sealed with outdoor Mod Podge, I hung the cabinet of curiosities beside the door. This was such a fun project to make. Howling Fun Halloween Crafts for Kids Mini-Series Part 1. The month of October wouldn’t be as fun for kids if they didn’t get their weekly dose of Halloween Kids Crafts. Kids can get pretty wound up this time of year (at least mine do). There is nothing like a simple structured activity to keep them out of trouble.

Skeleton Crew. There is a serious sugar skull situation up in here. Despite the fact that my co–worker declared my creations closer to Mexican wrestler than Mexican skeleton, I went and made some more. Then I went and mixed them in with my Liberace pumpkins on a bookshelf. Now it looks like Liberace and Lucha Libre went to a Halloween party at that bilblioteca. You see how I worked in my Spanish skillz there? These skulls started out as $2 plastic decorations from Big Lots. Spooky Crystal Ball Halloween Candlesticks »Flamingo Toes. I have always been a huge fan of the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. It is definitely one of my favorite rides there! Iron Craft ’13 Challenge 19 – Snake Candleholders. Halloween Spool Creatures DIY. When Taylor was in town a few weeks ago we did a bit of Halloween themed crafting, one of the things we made were spool creatures.

I saw something like this on pinterest, but I'm not sure where the original source was. We have a ton of these vintage wooden spools, we keep them in a vase as decoration in our guest room so it's nice when I can use some in a project. My Mom is a quilter, so she is always going through plastic spools, which means we have a lot of those as well. I'm sharing a tutorial for the Frankenstien spool, The others are pretty much the same, just using different colors of yarn. Supplies: Wooden Spools, Yarn Scraps, Googly Eyes, Paper Scraps, Hot Glue 1. 2. Fuzzy Monster Snap Bracelets.