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Planning: Halloween & Ff

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2012-13 Plan. 2013-14 Plan. Salt and Ice Experiment - Melting Halloween Hands Activity. Spooky treasures, water, salt and ice come together in this awesome Halloween activity for kids! We’re melting haunted halloween hands today, and the hooligans are having a blast! A salt and ice experiment is always a huge hit here in our daycare. You can see how we’ve done it before with our Ice Age Bin and our Dino Dig. We talk about how salt melts ice, and watching how quickly the erosion process takes place is pretty amazing, but I’m not sure how much the whole scientific aspect means to the hooligans.

It’s the digging that they remember from year to year. The task of freeing a bunch of treasures frozen in a block of ice always is so captivating that they always stay at it until every last goodie has been hacked, chopped or melted out of its icy tomb. Last week I thought to turn this simple kids’ science experiment into a Hallowe’en activity, using surgical gloves, food colouring and some hallowe’en craft items. To make our Haunted Hands we used: sprinkling and pouring… Halloween Gross (Motor) Fun. We can’t seem to stop playing Halloween games! Here are a few ways we got moving outside, putting a Halloween twist on our moves.

Cut out pumpkins or jack-o’-lanterns (poster board worked best for us)Make trails for jumpingFor toddlers: my little guy loved running down a straight or slightly curved path of pumpkins close togetherFor preschoolers: Jump down a path from pumpkin to pumpkinSpace out the pumpkins for a greater challengePlay hopscotchLet them create the pathLet them come up with new ways to play! Get on the ground and crawl like a spiderWe tried 2 ways- on all fours and walking like a crab. (My 4 1/2 year old definitely preferred the crawling version.)Bonus points if you set up a web with yarn or tape for your little spiders. Cut out the middle circle of an orange paper plate, and draw a jack-o-lantern face on it. SPIDER RING TOSS: Ok, this is more of a fine motor activity. Get a pumpkin bucket, and try to toss spider rings inside! Jack-o'-Lantern Collages Preschool Craft. My preschooler really looks forward to carving pumpkins every year.

Since it seems a little early for that, we made a jack-o'-lantern collage craft instead. It was a fun, easy craft that had the added bonus of him not begging me to use a "real knife" the entire time we were doing it. We raided our craft drawer for supplies. These little jack-o'-lanterns are a great way to get creative and use up odds and ends.The basic supplies we used were construction paper, scissors, and glue. I started by making pumpkins from construction paper. After the kids glued their pumpkins down, we started looking for things that would make good eyes, noses, and mouths.

Paper clips can make great glasses, an upside down heart sticker makes a cute nose, and pipe cleaners work nicely for making a mustache. We also searched through old magazines to find features for our jack-o'lanterns. The kids loved how silly the faces turned out. Best of all, no pumpkin guts. Candy Corn Halloween Craft | Thriving Home. For some reason I’ve been really excited about Halloween. It is a super fun holiday for kids (if you take the focus off the spooky stuff) and there are lots of great crafts little ones can do to celebrate. In light of my unexplainable excitement for Halloween, I’m kicking off a series of Halloween crafts you can do with your kiddos.

All of these crafts are going to be doable for young preschoolers but also fun for older kiddos. To start things off, I’m sharing a tutorial on a SUPER EASY candy corn craft. To make it even easier for you, I’ve included a free printable that you can find at the bottom of this post. Materials needed: Outline of candy corn (printable at the bottom)Glue stick or glueOrange, yellow and white paperImage of a candy corn (optional) I printed my candy corn image out on cardstock but regular paper should be fine. Set your crafting station up by tearing up little pieces of each color of paper.

Both this three year old and five year old enjoyed the project. Easy pumpkin craft for scissor skills. By Cathy James on September 16th, 2014 Here’s a cute and easy pumpkin craft for preschool that is great for practising scissor skills. Simple pumpkin craft for scissor skills We don’t often do follow-the-steps crafts around here as we prefer more child-led art projects, but sometimes a cute craft is just the thing – a fun way to work on a particular skill. This time the focus is on scissor skills, using this cute little pumpkin craft as a way to practise cutting along a straight line.

To make this little pumpkin, you’ll need a piece of orange card. Then let your child have a try cutting along the lines. Cutting out all eight strips gives you plenty of practice. Once cut out, place your card strips in this circular arrangement, and hold them together using a split pin. Then you need to repeat this threading, gathering together all the opposite ends of the strips of card to form your 3D pumpkin shape. More autumn activities. Fingerprint Bat Silhouette Craft for Kids. I always love fingerprint crafts for kids to make because they have so much fun getting their hands messy!

Try this awesome bat silhouette art project, it is easy and toddlers/preschoolers can do it (the painting part). It’s a fun and creative Halloween craft to make! Materials Needed: Yellow, orange, and white paintPrintable bat sheetScissorsPainters tape First print out this free printable bat sheet or make your own cutouts. Have them continue using the other color paints to make dots all over the paper but make sure they use a lot around the edges so the bats will show up more. This post may contain affiliate links, read our Disclosure Policy for more information. October Ideas! Welcome to my October pages! Feel free to take a look around by scrolling down.

You'll find a collection of some of my favorite activities to do during October! Giant Miss Spiders I did whole class a guided cutting. Later we wrote in small groups. The first line of this child's should say likes instead of is :) Chocolate spiders, melted chocolate chips, Chinese noodle legs m&m eyes. Bat facts for our Science Journal More Bat facts Spider parts Bats are nocturnal On the back is a toilet paper roll cut down the side to make a wrist band.

Great for flying our little bats! What we know and what we want to know about bats Going Batty for Colors! Made from painted paper bags! Miss Spider's tea party graph! We tasted a variety of teas (fruit punch) then graphed our favorites! The BBBB, BBBB, BBBB, Batbook! Going Batty take home bag. Bat poetry card Batty Cooking!

We made our bats with Oreo's, triangle shaped crackers, candy corn, and M and M's. This was an extra special treat! Yummy spider spaghetti! Who Are You? Clothespin Button Spiders.