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Teen Beginners

Teen Beginners
Students who arrive in our country from other cultural backgrounds often have very limited abilities in English. They need materials at a beginner’s language level that present topics and ideas at a teenager’s interest level. All links presented here (except “courses”) suit the web author’s current practice with newly arrived immigrant students. “Courses” are mainly recommended for self-study.Click the category name and see the results listed below:

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14 Expressions with Crazy Origins that You Would Never Have Guessed Guest post by Anais John You probably use tons of expressions, idioms, and slang phrases every day that don’t make literal sense. If you ever thought long and hard about why you say something a certain way, you could probably make a guess. However, some English expressions are so crazy and unusual that it is impossible to guess where on earth it originated from — unless you know the history. In case you didn’t know, historical events, legends, important figures, religion, and even advertisements form the basis of many expressions used today. Here are the origins of some of the most interesting idioms! Basic Vocabulary The Alphabet The Hidden Alphabet The Alphabet in pictures of words in the alphabetical order.Alphabet Song A song to practise the AlphabetABC Rap A rap to practise the AlphabetSpelling your name Interviewing several people asking them to spell their names. Let the students listen first without the image and write down the names. Check during the second viewing. The Time and numbers Days of the WeekMonthsNumbersTelling TimeDaily routineWeather

Lesson Plan Ideas with Common Core Correlations We offer these lesson plan ideas to help teachers cover important skills in English/Language Arts and Social Studies. Each SKILLS-BASED IDEA and CONTENT-BASED IDEA suggests specific topics and resources that are particularly well-matched to the lesson and designed to help you meet multiple curriculum goals. Our lesson plan ideas were developed in partnership with Dr. Faith Rogow, award-winning curriculum developer ( and co-founder of the National Association for Media Literacy Education (NAMLE). All standards referenced are taken from the Common Core State Standards Initiative (CCSS) English Language Arts-Literacy Section ( We’d love to hear what you think. Tea Party Etiquette Following tea party etiquette rules will help your tea party to run smoothly and ensure that everyone enjoys themselves. It's not an up-tight thing, just a few simple guidelines. In the modern day, there are few rules really, for afternoon tea. But one remains crucial. Afternoon tea is a time for social chat, light-hearted conversation and a break from work and any serious topic of conversation.

Football Remembers Education Pack It also acts as preparation for a mass participation event in December 2014. Clubs from the Premier League, Football Association and Football League, as well as community clubs and schools, will all play matches to commemorate the Truce. The pack contains original accounts as well as activities for developing knowledge, skills and understanding across a number of curriculum areas. These can be used in individual lessons and assemblies or form part of larger cross curriculum projects over a number of subjects.

Stand Still. Stay Silent - webcomic, page 1 Page 1 1 Nov. 2013 Yessss! It has begun! With a rather non-postapocalyptic cover for the prologue of a postapocalyptic tale. On Monday I'll post a few pages at once, either three or four depending on where I feel is the best spot to cut the scene. Learning basic grammar PDF book 2 exercises free download Basic grammar book in PDF free download The second of learning English grammar books is slightly more advanced and will help students advanced from the first book basic grammar. The second books takes a more in-depth view of the following.

Student Fishbowl Student Fishbowl This activity requires 60-90 minutes. Purpose: Dipsticks: Efficient Ways to Check for Understanding What strategy can double student learning gains? According to 250 empirical studies, the answer is formative assessment, defined by Bill Younglove as "the frequent, interactive checking of student progress and understanding in order to identify learning needs and adjust teaching appropriately." Unlike summative assessment, which evaluates student learning according to a benchmark, formative assessment monitors student understanding so that kids are always aware of their academic strengths and learning gaps. Meanwhile, teachers can improve the effectiveness of their instruction, re-teaching if necessary. "When the cook tastes the soup," writes Robert E.