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Welcome to the HyperGraph homepage. HyperGraph is an open source project which provides java code to work with hyperbolic geometry and especially with hyperbolic trees. It provides a very extensible api to visualize hyperbolic geometry, to handle graphs and to layout hyperbolic trees. Hypergraph - Hyperbolic graphs and trees : Home


Available translations: Romanian, Russian, Russian (more natural?) Serbo-Croation What is Graphviz? Graphviz is open source graph visualization software.
FlowingData | Data Visualization, Infographics, and Statistics

FlowingData | Data Visualization, Infographics, and Statistics

Pantheon, a project from the Macro Connections group at The MIT Media Lab, explores cultural influences across countries and domains. To make our efforts tractable, Pantheon will not focus on culture, as it is understood in its broadest sense, but on cultural production. In a broad sense, culture can be understood as all of the information that humans—or animals [1]—generate and transmit through non-genetic means [2]. At Pantheon, however, we do not focus on the entire range of cultural information, but in a subset of this information that we define narrowly as cultural production. That is, we do not focus on cultural information such as passed on family values or societal trust [3], but on cultural production as proxied by the biographies of notable historical characters.
Datavisualization Interactively Explore the YOLO Flip 12 Feb 2014 Showcases Animation, Interactive, Process, Sports In preparation of the Winter Olympic Games 2014 in Sochi, we helped the Swiss newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung publish a long-form article about Iouri Podladtchikov, a professional snowboarder and – since yesterday – freshly baked Olympic gold medalist. To help readers better understand the sport, we created a series of illustrations and an interactive animation. Read more


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TNS Digital Life | Internet Statistics & Social Media Usage | Online Behavior & Trends Click here to go to the latest Digital Life website, The largest global study into people's attitudes and behaviours online. Click here to watch our new animation about the 6 Digital Lifestyles. Do you have a question about Digital Life? Why not tweet us it. @tns_global How this study is defined (caveats)

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Data Visualization Definition: Tools that help users discern patterns in data--dynamic graphs, charts, maps, plots, etc. Tools: Chartle: Create simple interactive charts.
We build custom interactive maps. Each map is made of: Data Every map begins with data - the raw material to be transformed into meaningful information for your audience. Whether it's a global historical narrative or rankings of local hospitals, your data is the foundation for the entire project. ▶ How we handle data Axis Maps LLC - Cartography. Visualization. Design. Axis Maps LLC - Cartography. Visualization. Design.
by David Heyman on January 5, 2012 With the start of 2012, we’ve decided to make indiemapper free to use. Since indiemapper launched in 2010, our business has grown and changed to where supporting and maintaining indiemapper is no longer a major part of what we do at Axis Maps every day. We’re making indiemapper free so that it can continue to exist as a useful tool for map-makers while freeing us up to be as awesome as possible at our custom cartography business. indiemapper is free - Axis Maps Blog indiemapper is free - Axis Maps Blog
make your own infographics

make your own infographics

Infographics (or Information Graphics) are graphic visual representations of data or information, presented in a way to make it easier to consume information. Infographics gained popularity in the mid-2000′s with the advent of sites like Digg and Reddit, and have quickly become one of the most popular methods to display researched data. There are three main types of infographics – where data is presented in a timeline, where statistical data is presented in graphs or with icons, or where data is presented on a map.
Power of Data Visualization - An infographic inspiration site. The man behind the Norway bombings and shootings wrote a link-filled manifesto. To show the vast spread of websites he cites, and how they linked to each other, Guardian News turned to French visualisers Linkfluence. This map shows those relationships between sites. To appear on it does not make anyone responsible for Breivik's actions. Rather it shows how a conspiracist mind can twist perfectly normal stories into a threatening and dangerous pattern. For each site on the map, you click the dot to go there directly - and it then illuminates all links to other sites.

Power of Data Visualization - An infographic inspiration site.

Last week, in London, I had the pleasure to meet Liam Hughes, co-founder of Biggerplate, the famous MindMap Library. I asked him 7 questions about Biggerplate, its beginnings, some key numbers, new projects, trends in mind mapping software and some advice for new mind mapping software users. Here is the complete interview.

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For his book The Visual Miscellaneum, David McCandless, along with Lee Byron, had a look at breakups on Facebook, according to status updates. They looked for the phrase "we broke up because" in status updates, and then graphed the frequencies over time. Why they couldn't just look at updates to relationship status, I'm not sure.

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The beauty of information aesthetics: Visual Poetry 06 by Boris Müller. " Boris Müller's newest 'visual theme' for a annual international German literature festival. 2006 the theme consisted of beautiful visualizations of the poetry texts themselves. Each word corresponded to a numerical code by adding the alphabetical values of its letters together. This number was mapped onto the position on a circle, and marked by a red dot. Gray lines connect the dots in the sequence the words appear in the poem. Infosthetics: the beauty of data visualization
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