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Scott Eaton's Bodies in Motion. PureRef - Free Download. The Digital Morgue. Pose - 絵の練習用ポーズモデル. Gesture/Figure Drawing. Animation Reference Sites - Thinking Animation. Animation Reference Sites - Thinking Animation. Living Lines Library. AniRef on Vimeo. ARKive - Discover the world's most endangered species.

Screen style & identity. Endlessreference. Tim's Animation Mentor Blog. I’ve heard so many differing opinions on the importance of drawing by great CG animators, writing my own opinion seems almost pointless.

Tim's Animation Mentor Blog

It is however the number 1 skill I’m working to improve on for this year. I have a few books on drawing (mentioned below) but I find there’s enough online to work with, it’s more a matter of sitting down and doing it regularly. New Masters Academy has some great over the shoulder videos of Glen Vilppu and Steve Huston drawing poses (both artists have taught at Disney and Dreamworks). Even if you have no intention of picking up a pencil they’re great to watch as they both talk about the essence and movement within a pose, a great way of thinking when analysing your video reference. New Masters Academy offers 26 youtube videos of models posing, but On Air Video also offers a great library. Reeview. Frame by Frame for YouTube™ Kyle Kenworthy on Vimeo.

Sakugabooru. Karrtoon Studies on Pinterest. Sollus. Royalty Free Stock Video, Music, Photos, Illustrations, Sound Effects, After Effects and 3D Models. Kyle Kenworthy. P8ronella (p8ronella) on Pinterest. ARTNATOMY/ARTNATOMIA. From the Archives: College Fashion in Vogue. Art References Tumblr Accounts! - Fuck Yeah Art Tips! Amanda Elsbree (amandaelsbree) on Pinterest. P8ronella (p8ronella) on Pinterest.

Character Design References (characterdesigh) on Pinterest. Exactitudes - costume design inspiration. Expressions. Fantastico!, Art References Tumblr Accounts! Blog Archive » m4_3dpose_boxing_fightingpose_02/h0_v30. Reference Images for Artists. Videos in "AniRef" UltraSlo slow motion video. Videos in "Acting Reference" On Animation » Blog Archive - Inspiration for the Animation Masses. I first watched this documentary when I began my journey to become an animator.

On Animation » Blog Archive - Inspiration for the Animation Masses

It’s such an awesome look at life and how we behave towards one another. It’s a must watch for animators, and I’m so happy someone has finally put it online. BBC – The Human Face ep.1 – Face to Face <p>JavaScript required to play <a hreflang="en" type="video/mp4" href=" &#8211; The Human Face ep.1 &#8211; Face to Face</a>. </p> BBC – The Human Face ep.2 Heres Looking at you <p>JavaScript required to play <a hreflang="en" type="video/mp4" href=" &#8211; The Human Face ep.2 Heres Looking at you</a>.

BBC – The Human Face ep.3 Beauty. Acting Reference. Frame a frame. P a m e l a (pammyanne2b) on Pinterest. Jane Love (jrlah) on Pinterest. Bethany Roullett (ladysonnet) on Pinterest. Anatomy reference pinterest. A history of fashion and costume. Comedy for Animators - Part 5. A note about “Gravity” Here is an inter­est­ing quote about the new film “Grav­ity” In an inter­view with Rene Rodriquez of the Miami Her­ald, direc­tor Alphonso Cuaron referred to a silent film comedian.

Comedy for Animators - Part 5

I was chan­nel­ing Buster Keaton when we made Grav­ity — the sin­gle through-line story in which there is a lot of human­ity and emo­tion, but every­thing is con­veyed through phys­i­cal action. We just wanted to put on a really good show. I haven’t seen Grav­ity yet, but the more I hear about it the more inter­est­ing it becomes. I’m always glad to know film mak­ers are still learn­ing from Buster and the other greats of early cinema. This song makes everything funny Or maybe not. The song is “Yakety Sax” and is most famous from it’s use by Benny Hill. Youtube users have done exhaus­tive test­ing of the the­ory that it makes every­thing funny.

“Sav­ing Pri­vate Ryan” with “Yakety Sax” is not funny. It has to be scenes with a chase or at least lots of run­ning. And it has to be sped up. The Sartorialist. Evan E. Richards. The Cinematography of “Gravity” (2013) Cinematographer: Emmanuel Lubezki Nominated for the 2014 Academy Award for Best Cinematography Nominated for the 2014 Academy Award for Best Picture Read More» The Cinematography of “L.A.

Evan E. Richards

Confidential” (1997) Cinematographer: Dante Spinotti Nominated for the 1998 Academy Award for Best Cinematography Nominated for the 1998 Academy Award for Best Picture The Cinematography of “Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead” (2007) Cinematographer: Ron Fortunato The Cinematography of “Killing Them Softly” (2012) Cinematographer: Greig Fraser Nominated for the Palme d’Or at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival The Cinematography of “The Proposition” (2005) Cinematographer: Benoît Delhomme Won the 2005 Australian Film Institute Award for Best Cinematography. Reference! Reference! - free database for animation. Sakugabooru.