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Tattoo Ideas Vol 1 Here’s a great collection of tattoo ideas for men, women, boys and girls! I’m a big fan of tattoos and always on the lookout for a great idea I can use for my next one, hopefully you might get inspired too! A great place to start searching for tattoo ideas is pinterest where you’ll find masses of weird & wonderful tattoos. Tattoo Ideas for Men & Women Tattoo Ideas for Men & Women
PRICK Magazine - Tattoos - Tattoo, Piercing, and Music Lifestyle Magazine
Inked Magazine : Tattoo Culture. Style. Art.
Tattoo Artist Magazine | The Trade Journal for the Professional Tattooer
Skin & Ink Magazine | Tattoos & Tradition Skin & Ink Magazine | Tattoos & Tradition By Sam Paul Photography by Dan Howell Walking through the New York City Tattoo Convention is like traveling through the city itself. Every few feet, you encounter a new culture, one wholly different from the last.